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One way to make money in real estate is to buy a property that no one else wants and turn it into a property that’s in high demand.其中一个方法赚钱,在房地产是购买的财产,没有其他人想要把它变成财产的很高的需求。 Although the plan is simple, finding the right property in the right location and then buying it at the right price takes time, patience and expertise.虽然该计划很简单,找到正确的财产在正确的位置,然后购买它在合适的价格,需要时间,耐性和专业知识。

Finding a property can be a real challenge, particularly if you’re looking in a market that’s low on inventory.找到物业,可以是一个真正的挑战,特别是如果您正在寻找在市场的低库存上。 When the listing inventory is low, and buyer demand is high, you can find yourself competing even for a run-down fixer-upper.当上市的库存是低的,和买家的需求,是高,您可以找到自己的竞争,即使是运行式固定上。

The combination of a low asking price and perceived potential is a big draw.结合低的要价和知觉的潜力是很大的借鉴。 You need to guard against paying too much in this situation.您需要防范支付太多在这种情况下。

Years ago, a developer bought a property that was sold to settle the estate of the deceased owner.年前,一位开发商买了财产被出售给解决死者的遗产所有者。 The house was in a wonderful location and had a spectacular view, but it needed a lot of work.众议院是在一个美好的位置,并已壮观的景色,但它需要大量的工作。 The developer ended up in competition with another buyer and paid way over the asking price.发展商结束了在竞争中与另一买主和支付方式,超过要价。

He put the property back on the market a year later after he’d completed the renovations.他把财产重返市场的1年后,他要完成翻修工作。 During that time, the market changed from a seller’s to a buyer’s market.在这段时间内,市场改变了从卖方市场向买方市场。 The developer had trouble selling the property.开发了麻烦,出售财产。 After calculating the money invested and the cost of carrying the property, the developer actually lost money.后计算的金钱投资和成本进行物业,发展商实际上失去了金钱。

Market conditions have a big effect on how much money you’ll make on a fixer project.市场条件有很大的影响多少钱,您会作出一个固定项目。 The ideal time to buy is at the end of a down cycle in the market, when there are few buyers and a lot of listings.理想的时间去购买,是在去年底下降周期,在市场上,当有几个买家和大量的物品。 This is when you might actually find a good deal.这是当你实际上可能会找到一个很好的协议。 If the market turns upward while you’re renovating the property, you’ll realize appreciation in addition to the added value you create through renovations.如果市场转折向上,而您翻新的财产,您将实现赞赏,除了向附加值您创建通过了翻修。

Financing a fixer-upper can be a challenge.资助一个固定器上可能是一项挑战。 If the deferred maintenance is obvious, a lender might not be willing to lend unless some of the problems are corrected before the loan is funded.如果推迟维修是显而易见的,贷款人未必愿意出借,除非一些问题得到纠正之前,贷款资助的。

House Hunting Tip: Major fixers are best left to buyers who have experience in contracting and renovation.内务狩猎提示:主要工人,最好是留给谁的买家有经验的订约和翻修。 However, cosmetic fixers can offer great opportunities for buyers who are interested in increasing their net worth through renovation.不过,化妆品工人可以提供巨大的机遇,为买家谁有兴趣在增加他们的资产净值,透过翻新。 A cosmetic fixer is a listing that lacks appeal, but that’s structurally sound.化妆品固定器是一个上市缺乏吸引力,但的结构合理。

In order to maximize the return on your investment, make sure that the improvements you make to the property are in sync with current buyer preferences in your area.为了最大限度地您的投资回报率,确保改善您作出的财产是在同步与目前的买方偏好在您的地区。 Your real estate agent may be able to provide you with this information.您的地产代理可以为您提供这方面的资料。 You may want to consult with a local designer to find out which finishes and colors are popular.您可能会想要谘询与当地的一个设计师,以找出哪个饰面和颜色很受欢迎。

Before diving into a rehab project, become an expert on your local real estate market.之前,跳水成为一个康复计划,成为一个专家对您当地的房地产市场。 You need to know local values in order to keep from over-improving for the neighborhood.你必须知道当地的价值观,以保持从过度提高,为居委会。

Here’sa fix-up strategy that works well for some buyers.以下是修正后续的策略,运作良好,一些买家。 Buy a cosmetic fixer and occupy it.买化妆品的固定和占领。 Buyers who occupy the property get a better interest rate on their mortgage than they would if they didn’t occupy the property.买家谁占有的财产得到较好的利息就其按揭比他们会如果他们不占有该财产。 This will save you money.这将您节省金钱。

Fix up the property and sell it if the market is good when you finish the project.修复了财产和卖掉它,如果市场是好的,当您完成该项目。 If it’s not, enjoy living in the property and sell when the market is right.如果不是的话,享受生活在物业和出售时,市场是正确的。 The current tax law allows homeowners $250,000 of tax -free gain when they sell ($500,000 for married couples who file jointly).现行税法允许业主二十五点零零万美元的是免税的增益时,他们出售(五零零零零零美元为已婚夫妇谁共同文件) 。

The Closing: Tax-wise, you can repeat this strategy once every two years if you can find good projects and can stand living in a construction zone.截止:税务明智的,您可以重复这一战略每两年一次,如果你可以找到好的项目和立场,可以生活在一个建筑区。
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