by Stuart Amyes 由斯圖爾特amyes

The other day I listened to the conversation Anthony Treas had with Bob Doyle from Anthony’s 12 Week Life Transformation Series, Bob was discussing his experience using the Law Of Attraction and his cameo appearance in the movie, The另一天,我聽到的談話,張炳良treas曾與Bob的杜可風,從安東尼的12週的生活轉型系列,鮑勃是討論他的經驗用法律的吸引力和他的鏡頭出現在影片中, 個人發展 Secret.秘密。 Bob said, “…..The law of attraction explains how our experience is our experience.鮑勃說, “ … …法律的吸引力,說明如何根據我們的經驗是我們的經驗。 It is the reason that everything is around us.它的原因是,一切在我們身邊。 That is our life, it’s everything that is around us and is our life.”這是我們的生命,它的一切,就是在我們身邊,是我們的生命“ 。

For years I have been wanting to make significant changes to my life, to get it working again after a series of disasters in my financials and relationships where I seemed to be absolutely stuck at the bottom.為多年來,我一直想作出重大改變我的生活,得到它的工作再經過一系列的災害在我的財務狀況和關係,我似乎是絕對滯留在底部。 Those words definitely got my attention.這些話,肯定了我的注意。

But, my inner critic quickly came into voice, “Just another ploy to get you separated from your limited money.但是,我的內心評論家迅速生效的聲音, “只是另一個伎倆,讓你脫離你的有限的金錢。 Been there, done that and it won’t work any better than the others.”一直在那裡,這樣做,並且不會有任何更好的工作比別人“ 。

I guess we have all been there and in my case I really wanted that Law Of Attraction to be working for me!我猜我們都被有,並以我的情況,我真的希望該法的吸引力,以工作為我!

“The Law Of Attraction explains how our experience is our experience,” kept ring in my mind. “法律的吸引力,說明如何根據我們的經驗是我們的經驗, ”不斷響在我心目中。

Damn the voice!可惡的聲音! I just kept listening!我只是不斷聽!

“….But if you can get just the vibrational resonance part (right), every thought that we have, every feeling that we have, is putting out a vibration and the universe is bringing (responding) toward it, It’sa vibrational match.” “ … …但如果你能得到公正的振動共振的一部分, (右) ,每以為我們有,每一個感覺,我們已經是把振動和宇宙是使(回應)對,這是振動匹配“ 。

So what is happening when we talk about the Law Of Attraction?因此,發生什麼事,當我們談論法律的吸引力?

Here it is: The world you experience, the things that happen to you, the way people treat you, badly as well as the good, the amount of money you have at any given time, etc., etc., etc., is directly the result of the type of thoughts you have about those things.在這裡,它是:世界上你的經驗,事情發生在你身上,人的方式對待你,嚴重以及為好,這筆錢你有在任何特定時間,等等,等等,是直接的結果類型的思考你有關於這些的事情。

The same idea put another way: If you want to change something in your life - anything at all - no exceptions, no “ifs or buts” - you first have to change the way you think about that “something” - consciously.同樣的想法付諸表決,另一種方式:如果您想改變的東西,在你的生活-什麼都-沒有例外,沒有“如果或b u ts”-你首先要改變你想想, “有所為”-自覺。

A very simply proposal, but the most difficult thing to actually do in my experience.一個很簡單的建議,但最困難的事,其實在我的經驗。

And there is more!並有更多的! The thoughts you have about that “something” lead to how you feel about that “something.” The feeling you have establishes the resonance with the Universe to line up with you and deliver what you ask for.思考你有關於“有所為”如何帶領你的感受, “東西”的感覺,您已確立了共振,與宇宙線與您和您提供什麼要求。

The confusion about action: “I am thinking, I am feeling good, so where is my stuff?” I hear you ask.混亂的行動: “我想,我感覺很好,所以那裡是我的東西呢? ”我聽到你問。 And it is here that I got myself stuck with only minimal results, for years!和正是在這裡,我得到自己堅持,只有最低限度的成果,為年!

Clearly, there was a major mismatch between what I thought I wanted and the resonance (Where is it?) I was sending out.顯然,是一個重大的錯配是什麼,我以為我想和共振(在哪裡? )我是發出了。 I needed a guided process that would move me from the “knowledge” of the Law Of Attraction to the effective manifestation of my desires into my physical experience.我需要引導的過程,會提出把我從“知識”國際法的吸引力,有效地體現了我的慾望,到我的身體經驗。

These are the Three Simple Steps I use:這是三個簡單的步驟我使用:

Step 1: Accept what you are experiencing now is the result of:第1步:接受您所遇到的是現在的結果:
a) Your emotional response to your perception (a thought) of the circumstances as only you can see it. a )您的情緒反應,您的看法(一思想)的情況下,只有你可以看到它。
b) The circumstance is directly happening as a result of your previous thinking patterns coming to fruition; ie The Law Of Attraction in action. b )在這種情況下,是直接發生的事情,由於您先前的思維模式來的成果,即法律的吸引力,在行動上。
This acceptance step is vital in my experience and often overlooked.接受這一步驟是非常重要的,在我的經驗和往往被忽視。 It is sometimes referred to as the “Gratitude” step.它有時被稱為“感謝”的一步。 Be grateful for what you have now.感謝你,現在。 The Law Of Attraction indicates that all and every circumstance you deal with is directly the result of previous thinking patterns.法律的吸引力表明,所有和每一個的情況下,你處理的是直接的結果,以往的思維模式。 Therefore you need to recognise that you are actually experiencing the results of past thought.因此,你必須認識到,你其實是經歷的結果,過去的思想。 What you do next, consciously, in the Now, becomes your future; which basically means that you can’t actually do (in the physical sense) a lot about changing right now what has already happened except how you choose to react to it.你做未來,自覺地,在現在,成為您的未來;基本上意味著你不能這樣做,其實(在物理意義上)有很多改變的權利,現在已經發生,除了您選擇如何作出反應。

Step 2: Decide (not easy at first) exactly how you would like it to be.第2步:決定(不容易在第一)究竟如何,你想它。

This is actually easier to understand than Step 1, because that step is simply an acknowledgment of The Facts of the situation and this second step is the part where you actually get to do something.其實,這是比較容易理解,比第1步,因為這一步簡直是承認的事實情況,這第二個步驟是部分地方你實際上得到做點事。 Most people are more focused on doing something and that makes this one easier to understand.大多數人都更集中於做一些和,使這一更易於理解。 So, simply do it.所以,簡單地這樣做。

Before we go further I want to discuss what is meant by “emotional response” to give you an idea of what that means and how you identify it.之前,我們更進一步,我想討論的含義是什麼“情緒反應” ,讓您的想法是什麼意思,以及如何識別它。

I want you to notice (think about it now) how you generally respond when someone tells you what great work you do or how great you look.我要你的通知(想想現在)你如何普遍回應,當有人告訴你是什麼了不起的工作,你這樣做,或如何偉大,你看看。 Notice how you most frequently want to minimize these generous comments about yourself, even to the point of arguing against them.通知你如何最常見的要盡量減少這些慷慨的意見,關於您自己,甚至到了一點爭論,對他們的。 Can you see that by so doing, you say to yourself that you are not very good at all?你能看到,這樣做,你自己說你是不太好,在所有? This includes how you see yourself in the mirror.這包括如何你看到自己在鏡子裡。 Every imperfection, body shape, hair colour/length.每一個缺陷,身體形態,頭髮顏色/長度。 etc., etc., etc. you would want to change and all ideas of where you could be, or do better; all that negatively comparing yourself to others, who are always better than you are, is the main game in your mind.等等,等等,你會想改變和所有的想法您在哪裡可以,或做的更好;所有負面的比較,自己對他人的人,總比你,主要是遊戲,在您的想法。 Simply notice how you do it to yourself.簡單地通知你如何做給自己。

By saying these things to yourself almost constantly you start to believe them and then you unconsciously act that out and all sorts of funny, unwanted events and things begin to occur in your life directly as a consequence of your own thoughts.說這些東西給自己幾乎不斷,你開始相信他們,然後你在不知不覺中的行為和各種有趣的,有害的活動和事情開始發生在你的生活作為一個直接的後果,你自己的想法。

Most people I have met do this to themselves, including myself.大多數人我見過這樣做是為了自己,包括我自己在內。 It is often referred to as the Inner Critic and we need to recognize how devastating that constant self criticism can be in undermining our genuine efforts to become a better person in all of the ways we wish that to be.它往往被稱為黨內評論家和我們需要認識到如何毀滅性的不斷自我批評的,可以在破壞我們的真誠努力成為一名更優秀的人在所有的方法,我們希望如此。 The point is: Constant thoughts along a single, general line become beliefs, which then operate non-consciously to give us what we consciously say we don’t want.這點是:不斷的思考沿一個單一的,一般線,成為信仰,然後運作,非自覺地給我們什麼,我們自覺地說,我們不想。

Happily, we can use this very process to structure the automatic, non-conscious thoughts that we do want to give yourself the life experience you do want.令人高興的是,我們可以利用這個非常的過程中的結構,自動,非自覺的思考,我們不想給自己的生活經驗,你想。

You simply decide what you do want (Step 2.) and only think about yourself as if you already have it.您只需將決定什麼您想(第2步。 ) ,只有想想自己如果您已經有它。 This can be a fun game as it seems you are telling yourself lies; when you look, what you do want is not actually there at all; but you say to yourself that it is.這可能是一個有趣的遊戲,因為它似乎是告訴你自己的謊言;當你看到,你想要做的其實不是有在所有;但你對自己說,這是。 This process can be proved scientifically in Quantum Physics, but all you need to accept is that it is a very important conscious thought process and is the only way you can replace the old thoughts and beliefs that reside within your non-conscious now.這個過程可以證明,科學在量子物理學,但所有您需要接受的是,這是一個非常重要的思想,自覺進程,並是唯一的出路,您可以取代舊的思想和信仰居住在您的非自覺現在。

Step 3: Picture and feel the way you would like it to be.第3步:圖片和感覺的方式,你想它。

You simply imagine how you would like the new situation to feel (being happy and complete is a good one to use here); and you do this as often as you can remember to during your waking hours.您只需想想你想在新的形勢感覺(快樂和完整是一個很好的一個使用在這裡) ;和您這樣做,因為往往你可以記得在你醒來小時。 I am talking about doing this at least 20 times throughout every day!我所說的這樣做至少20倍,全國各地的每一天! Writing something short and sweet on a sheet that you can have with you and read as often as possible is a good way to do this.寫作一些短期和甜對表,您可以有與你和閱讀盡可能經常是一個很好的方式做到這一點。 And then you do it, do it, do it and do it some more.然後你這樣做,這樣做,這樣做和做一些更多的。 The minimum time is scientifically known to be 28 days before any new, permanent structures appear in the brain to show that a new belief has developed.最低的時間是科學已知是28天前,任何新的,永久性的結構出現在大腦中顯示,一個新的信仰的發展。 However, if you are dealing with a long held old belief, that time can run to months and sometimes years.不過,如果你正在處理一個長期舉行舊的信念,時間可以運行幾個月,有時年。

The “Link” Step: When in doubt, feeling frustrated, feeling depressed, less than, or any negative about your “current” circumstances, refer to Step 1! “鏈接”步驟:有疑問時,感到沮喪,情緒低落,不及,或任何負面的關於您的“當前”的情況下,請參閱第1步!

And it really works: I have been without a car for the past few months and it was getting to me that I had not manifest a new one in a timely manner.它真的工程:我一直沒有一個車在過去幾個月,這是獲得我認為我並沒有表現出一個新的,在及時。 For the last 4/5 weeks I have been (dare I say?) religiously using these Three Steps.在過去的4 / 5星期,我已(我敢說? )宗教使用這三個步驟。 Yesterday I became the proud owner of my new motor car.昨天,我成為引以自豪的擁有我的新汽車。

Yes.是。 it really works, but it takes some guts and determination that had been missing for me up until one month ago.是否真的工程,但它需要一些膽量和決心,已失踪了我,直到一個月前。

The best idea is to have fun with it.最好的想法是有樂趣。 It is real, it is the natural way of the universe and you get the hang of using it, eventually!它是真實的,這是自然的方式對宇宙的你會得到坑的使用它,最終! We are doing it all the time; we just don’t know how we are doing it, but we can learn and have a wonderful, prosperous, loving life as a consequence.我們正在做這一切的時候,我們只是不知道我們做得如何,但我們可以學習和擁有美好的,繁榮,熱愛生活的作為一個後果。

Have fun, Stuart Amyes有樂趣,斯圖爾特amyes

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