by Lance Winslow作者: Lance温思劳
As an innovator, one realizes that you cannot produce a project to build or make every idea or concept you come up with.作为一个革新者,一认识到,你不能产生一个项目,以建立或尽一切的想法或概念,你来了。 There just is not any time to do that.有刚才是不是任何时候这样做。 Does this mean you should stop thinking, brain storming, conceptualizing or participate in forums, dialogues or other venues to get ideas?这是否意味着您应该停止思维,脑攻坚,概念化或参与的论坛,对话或其他场地取得的想法呢? […] [ … … ]

By Dr. Sharon House博士沙龙内务
Recently, Dr. Phil McGraw, the author of “Life Strategies” sat down with four women on Oprah to talk about why they haven’t been able to take their excess weight off.最近,菲尔麦格劳博士,作者的“生命策略”坐下来,与4名妇女对奥普拉谈谈为什么他们仍未能采取多余的重量起飞。 It was music to my ears… here, finally, was someone talking about what I have said for years… to manage your life, […]这是音乐我的耳朵…在这里,最后,当时有人谈到我刚才所说的为年…来管理您的生活, [ … … ]

How to Get over Bad Moods如何摆脱不良情绪

By Farouk Radwan由法鲁克拉德万
Are you feeling down?你的感觉呢? Do you want to get over this bad mood?你想不想得到这个心情不好? If you want to get rid of something, you should first understand it.如果你想摆脱的东西,你应该先了解它。 Most people experience bad moods without even knowing why.大多数人的经验,坏的情绪,甚至不知道为什么。 They just tend to relate these feelings to the first thing they find in their way, like a […]他们只是往往涉及这些感情来的第一件事,他们觉得在他们的方式,就像一个[ … … ]

by DailyOM由dailyom
Sometimes we find it difficult to see the good in people, places, or situations that aren’t to our liking.有时候,我们很难看到在良好的人,地,或情况不属于我们的喜好。 We focus on the things we don’t like in our lives as a way of fueling our efforts to create change.我们把重点放在对的事情,我们不喜欢在我们的生活中的一种方式,带动了我们的努力创造改变。 There is nothing inherently wrong with this, and it is one way we make […]有没有什么本质上是错误的这一点,这是方法之一,我们[ … … ]

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