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What would Warren Buffett say was the greatest investment that he ever made?會有什麼巴菲特說是最大的投資,他以往任何時候都作出了呢? What would Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey say was the greatest investment they ever made?會有什麼比爾蓋茨或歐普拉溫芙蕾說是最大的投資,他們都作出了呢? How about Mary Kay Ash?如何玫琳凱灰?

What would the most admired person you know say was the greatest investment that they ever made?什麼會最令人敬佩的人你也知道說是最大的投資,他們都作出了呢? How would your answer to that question compare to theirs?如何將您的問題的答案比較他們的呢?

Their answers would not be the food they ate, the home they live in, the investments that they made, the friends that they made, or the luck that befell them.他們的答案不會食物,吃的,民政他們住在,投資,他們提出的,朋友說,他們作出的,或好運降臨他們。 They know that the best and greatest investment that they made was the investment they made in themselves.他們知道最好的和最大的投資,他們提出的是,他們的投資取得了自己。 What investments did they make in themselves?什麼投資,使他們在自己呢?

Every outrageously successful person has made these investments.每一個成功的人,竟然作出了這些投資。 They became motivated by wanting something better in their lives than what they had experienced in the past.他們成為動機想要的東西更好地在他們的生活比他們過去所經歷的。 They were determined to take unwavering and tireless action to create the life they wanted and envisioned to live.他們決心採取堅定和不懈的行動,創造生活,他們希望和設想的生活。

They did whatever it took to achieve the results that they desired.他們沒有什麼了實現的結果,他們想要的。 They settled for nothing less.他們解決什麼不足。

They proactively sought and learned what they needed to learn to become the person that they needed to become.他們積極主動地尋求和教訓是什麼,他們需要學習如何成為人,他們需要成為。 They sought wisdom through study, meditation, and spiritual development.他們尋求的智慧,通過學習,冥想,和精神方面的發展。 They never became content with their life but always sought to develop more of their unlimited potential and unleash more of their greatness.他們從來沒有成為內容與他們的生活,但一直尋求發展更多的潛力無限,並釋放出更多的偉大。

Every person reading this message can do exactly the same as Warren, Bill, Oprah, Mary, and your most admired person.每個人讀這訊息,可以做的完全一樣,沃倫,條例草案,奧普拉,瑪麗,你最佩服的人。 It’sa matter of how you make your investments.這件事您如何使您的投資。

Make your investments in your own learning, growth, and development and you will acquire the wisdom to generate and acquire great wealth not only for yourself but for all those who help you and for the advancement of mankind.使您的投資在自己的學習,成長和發展,您將獲得的智慧,創造和獲取巨大財富,不僅為自己,但所有這些誰幫你和提高人類的。 You will acquire the resources you need to serve and uplift your family, friends, coworkers, and peoples of the world.您將獲得的資源,您需要提供服務和隆起您的家人,朋友,同事,和世界各國人民。

What is your decision?什麼是您的決定呢? Maintain the status quo or move out and claim the great riches that are yours?維持現狀或遷出,並要求大的財富是你的?

Yes it will require effort and struggle, work and toil, motivation and resilience.是的,它將需要的努力和鬥爭,工作和辛勞,動機和毅力。 It’s worth it.這是值得的。 What is your choice?你有什麼選擇呢?

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Joe Farcht is the founder and president of Leadership Advantage, Inc. He develops and coaches leaders, executives, managers, supervisors and individuals to new levels of performance, competency, and success in their work and life.喬farcht是創始人和主席的領導優勢,公司的發展,他和教練的領導人,主管,經理,主管和個人向新水平的性能,能力,並成功在他們的工作和生活。 Joe is the author of the book Building Personal Leadership: Inspirational Tools & Techniques for Work & Life.喬是本書的作者建立個人的領導:靈感的工具和技術的工作與生活。 He is also a certified executive coach, popular speaker, and master at leadership skill building with individuals and groups.他亦是認證的執行教練,流行的發言者,掌握領導技能的建設與個人和團體。 You may learn more about him and his services at http://www.leadershipadvantageinc.com.你可以了解更多關於他和他的服務http://www.leadershipadvantageinc.com 。 Please contact Joe at joefarcht@cox.net or call 602 996-1802.請聯繫喬在joefarcht@cox.net或致電602 996-1802 。