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I came across this great site that goes over the Myers Briggs Personality test.我偶然看到這個偉大的網站去比邁爾斯布里格斯性格測試。 This is a very powerful test that will give you valuable insight into your personality and what makes you tick.這是一個非常強大的測試將會給你有價值的洞察你的個性是什麼讓你剔。 This will also tell you some of the people throughout history that also have the same characteristics as you.這也將告訴你,有些人在整個歷史上也有相同的特點,正如你。

So, please feel free to spend 10 minutes on the test, and leave a comment describing your personality type, and how this information might affect you moving forward.所以,請隨時用10分鐘就試驗,並留下評論描述你的個性類型,以及相關信息如何,可能會影響你前進的。

Here is the Carl Jung test這裡是卡爾戎測試

For me, I am an ENTP (Extroverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving) is one of the sixteen personality types from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.對於我來說,我是一個entp (外向直覺思維感知)就是其中的十六種個性類型,從邁爾斯-布里格斯類型指標( mbti ) ,以及keirsey氣質分揀機。

The ENTP has been described variously as the innovator,[1] the originator,[2] the lawyer,[3] the inventor,[4] the explorer,[5] and the visionary.[3] They also fall into the general categories of thinkers, rationals, and engineers.[6] Through their primary function-attitude of extraverted intuition (Ne), ENTPs are quick to see complex interrelationships between people, things, and ideas.該entp已被描述種種作為革新者, [ 1 ]發端, [ 2 ]律師, [ 3 ]發明人, [ 4 ] IE瀏覽器, [ 5 ]和有遠見的。 [ 3 ] ,他們也落入一般類別的思想家, rationals ,工程師。 [ 6 ]通過它們的主要功能-的態度extraverted直覺( NE )的, entps很快見到之間複雜的相互關係的人,事物和理念。 These interrelationships are analyzed in profound detail through the ENTPs auxiliary function, introverted thinking (Ti).這些相互關係的分析,深刻的細節是通過entps輔助功能,內向的思維,德州儀器( TI ) 。 The result is an in-depth understanding of the way things and relationships work, and how they can be improved.其結果是,在深入了解了事情的方式和工作的關係,以及它們如何能夠加以改善。

The following blockquote describes me pretty accurately.以下blockquote形容我相當準確。 It is interesting to me to find out that the following people share the characteristics with me.有趣的是,我發覺原來以下的人民有一個共同的特點,我的看法。 Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, Ray Kurtzweil, Buckminster Fuller, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Alexander the Great, Lewis Carrol, George Carlin, Weird Al Yankovic, Alfred Hitchcock, Tom Hanks, and Steve Jobs.華特迪士尼,本傑明富蘭克林,射線kurtzweil , buckminster更充分,托馬斯愛迪生,尼古拉特斯拉,亞歷山大大帝,劉易斯carrol ,喬治卡林,怪異基地新知,希區柯克,湯姆漢克斯,以及史蒂夫喬布斯。

I can deal with that.我可以應付這種局面。

With Extraverted Intuition dominating their personality, the ENTP’s primary interest in life is understanding the world that they live in. They are constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations they are presented in their lives.與extraverted直覺主宰自己的個性, entp的主要興趣在生活,是了解世界,他們安居樂業,他們不斷吸收意念和圖像有關的情況,他們都是在自己的生活。 Using their intuition to process this information, they are usually extremely quick and accurate in their ability to size up a situation.用自己的直覺來處理這方面的資料,他們通常是非常快速和準確,他們也有能力大小了局面。 With the exception of their ENFP cousin, the ENTP has a deeper understanding of their environment than any of the other types.除與他們enfp表姐, entp有更深入的了解他們的環境比其他任何一種類型。

This ability to intuitively understand people and situations puts the ENTP at a distinct advantage in their lives.這種能力,能夠直觀地了解人的情況,並把entp處於一種明顯的優勢,在他們的生命。 They generally understand things quickly and with great depth.他們普遍認識事物很快,並進行深入討論。 Accordingly, they are quite flexible and adapt well to a wide range of tasks.因此,他們有一定的彈性和適應良好,以範圍廣泛的任務。 They are good at most anything that interests them.他們擅長什麼最感興趣。 As they grow and further develop their intuitive abilities and insights, they become very aware of possibilities, and this makes them quite resourceful when solving problems.因為他們成長和進一步發展自己的直覺能力和洞察力,他們也成為十分了解的可能性,這使得它們相當一批足智多謀,當解決問題。

ENTPs are idea people. entps是理念的人。 Their perceptive abilities cause them to see possibilities everywhere.他們的感知能力,促使他們看到的可能性無處不在。 They get excited and enthusiastic about their ideas, and are able to spread their enthusiasm to others.他們興奮,並熱衷於自己的想法,並能以傳播他們的積極性,給別人。 In this way, they get the support that they need to fulfill their visions.這樣,他們獲得的支持,他們必須履行其願景。

ENTPs are less interested in developing plans of actions or making decisions than they are in generating possibilities and ideas. entps不太感興趣,在制定計劃的行動或作出決定時,比他們在發電的可能性和設想。 Following through on the implementation of an idea is usually a chore to the ENTP.以下是通過對執行情況的一個想法,通常是苦事向entp 。 For some ENTPs, this results in the habit of never finishing what they start.一些entps ,這一成果的習慣,從來沒有整理什麼,他們的開始。 The ENTP who has not developed their Thinking process will have problems with jumping enthusiastically from idea to idea, without following through on their plans.該entp那些沒有發展自己的思維過程,將有問題,跳躍滿腔熱情地從理念到理念,如果沒有通過後,對他們的計劃。 The ENTP needs to take care to think through their ideas fully in order to take advantage of them.該entp需要,要照顧到想透過他們的想法完全是為了利用他們。

The ENTP’s auxiliary process of Introverted Thinking drives their decision making process.該entp的輔助進程的內向思維驅動器及其決策過程。 Although the ENTP is more interested in absorbing information than in making decisions, they are quite rational and logical in reaching conclusions.雖然entp更有興趣在吸收信息比在作出決定時,他們是有相當的理性和邏輯中得出結論。 When they apply Thinking to their Intuitive perceptions, the outcome can be very powerful indeed.當他們提出申請思想,以自己的直觀感受,結果可以是很強大。 A well-developed ENTP is extremely visionary, inventive, and enterprising.一個很發達的entp是極有遠見,有發明,並積極進取。

ENTPs are fluent conversationalists, mentally quick, and enjoy verbal sparring with others. entps精通conversationalists ,弱智快,而且享受唇槍舌戰給別人。 They love to debate issues, and may even switch sides sometimes just for the love of the debate.他們還喜歡辯論的問題,甚至可能是開關雙方有時只為愛的辯論。 When they express their underlying principles, however, they may feel awkward and speak abruptly and intensely.當他們表達自己的基本原則,不過,他們可能會覺得突兀和發言突然緊鑼密鼓。

The ENTP personality type is sometimes referred to the “Lawyer” type.該entp人格類型是有時被稱為"律師"的類型。 The ENTP “lawyer” quickly and accurately understands a situation, and objectively and logically acts upon the situation.該entp "律師"迅速和準確地理解的情況下,客觀上和邏輯上的行為,一經局勢。 Their Thinking side makes their actions and decisions based on an objective list of rules or laws.他們的思想方面,使他們的行動和決定是基於一個客觀的名單上的規則或法律。 If the ENTP was defending someone who had actually committed a crime, they are likely to take advantage of quirks in the law that will get their client off the hook.如果entp捍衛的人,其實是犯了罪,他們可能會利用怪癖,在法律上,將得到其客戶擺脫困境。 If they were to actually win the case, they would see their actions as completely fair and proper to the situation, because their actions were lawful.如果他們要真正贏得官司,他們會看到自己的行動完全公平和恰當的情況,因為他們的行動是合法的。 The guilt or innocence of their client would not be as relevant.有罪還是無罪,他們的客戶將不會因為相關的。 If this type of reasoning goes uncompletely unchecked by the ENTP, it could result in a character that is perceived by others as unethical or even dishonest.如果這種類型的推理雲uncompletely聽之任之,由entp ,它可以產生一種性格被認為是他人不道德的,甚至是不誠實的。 The ENTP, who does not naturally consider the more personal or human element in decision making, should take care to notice the subjective, personal side of situations.該entp ,誰不自然考慮更多的個人或人的因素在決策中,要照顧他們看到了主觀的,個人方面的情況。 This is a potential problem are for ENTPs.這是一個潛在的問題是,為entps 。 Although their logical abilities lend strength and purpose to the ENTP, they may also isolate them from their feelings and from other people.雖然他們的邏輯能力借給實力和宗旨,向entp ,它們也可能分離出來,從他們的感受和從其他人。

The least developed area for the ENTP is the Sensing-Feeling arena.最不發達的地區,為entp是傳感感覺舞台。 If the Sensing areas are neglected, the ENTP may tend to not take care of details in their life.如果傳感領域受到忽視, entp可能傾向於不照顧細節,在他們的生活。 If the Feeling part of themself is neglected, the ENTP may not value other people’s input enough, or may become overly harsh and aggressive.如果感覺的一部分themself是忽略了, entp可能沒有價值,其他人的投入還不夠,也可能變得過於苛刻和侵略性。

Under stress, the ENTP may lose their ability to generate possibilities, and become obsessed with minor details.在壓力下, entp可能會失去他們的能力產生的可能性,並成為痴迷小節。 These details may seem to be extremely important to the ENTP, but in reality are usually not important to the big picture.這些細節看起來可能是非常重要的entp ,但在現實中往往並不重要,以全局的大事。

In general, ENTPs are upbeat visionaries.一般來說, entps是樂觀的展望等方面。 They highly value knowledge, and spend much of their lives seeking a higher understanding.他們高度價值的知識,並花很多他們的生活追求更高的認識。 They live in the world of possibilities, and become excited about concepts, challenges and difficulties.他們住在世界的可能性,並成為興奮的概念,面臨的挑戰和困難。 When presented with a problem, they’re good at improvising and quickly come up with a creative solution.當同一個問題,他們善於即興,並很快想出了一個創造性的解決辦法。 Creative, clever, curious, and theoretical, ENTPs have a broad range of possibilities in their lives.創意,聰明,好奇,理論性,實踐性, entps有範圍廣泛的各種可能性,在他們的生命。