Our communications coach breaks down the ace presenter’s latest Macworld keynote. 我们的通讯教练休息下来,王牌主持人的最新Macworld的基调。 The result? 结果如何? A 10-part framework you can use to wow your own audience 10框架的一部分,您可以使用哇自己的观众

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by Carmine Gallo 由胭脂红盖洛

When Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs kicked off this year’s Macworld Conference & Expo, he once again raised the bar on presentation skills.当苹果电脑( AAPL )执行长Steve Jobs正式开锣,今年的Macworld的研讨暨博览会,他再次提出酒吧就演讲技巧。 While most presenters simply convey information, Jobs also inspires.虽然大部分主持人只是传达信息,就业岗位也激励。 He sells the steak and the sizzle at the same time, as one reader commented a few years ago.他出售牛排和sizzle在同一时间内,作为一位读者评论说,几年前。

I analyzed his latest presentation and extracted the 10 elements that you can combine to dazzle your own audience. i ,分析了他的最新介绍和提取的10个要素,您可以结合起来,以炫目奇景自己的观众。 Bear in mind that Jobs has been refining his skills for years.紧记,工作已精炼他的技能,为年。 I broke down his 2007 Macworld keynote in a previous column (BusinessWeek.com, 7/6/07) and in a chapter in my latest book.我违反他的2007年Macworld的基调,在以前的专栏( businessweek.com , 7/6/07 )和一章,在我最新的书。 Still, how he actually arrives at what appear to be effortless presentations bears expanding on and explaining again.尽管如此,他实际上如何到达什么,似乎毫不费力介绍熊扩大,并再次解释。

1. 1 。 Set the theme. “There is something in the air today.” With those words, Jobs opened Macworld. 设置主题“有一些东西在空中的今天, ”这些话,职位开放,苹果。 By doing so, he set the theme for his presentation (BusinessWeek.com, 1/15/08) and hinted at the key product announcement—the ultrathin MacBook Air laptop.这样做,他设定的主题为他的介绍( businessweek.com , 1/15/08 ) ,并暗示在关键产品公告超薄的MacBook笔记本电脑的空气。 Every presentation needs a theme, but you don’t have to deliver it at the start.每一个介绍的需要,一个主题,但你没有提供它在开始。 Last year, Jobs delivered the theme about 20 minutes into his presentation: “Today Apple reinvents the phone.” Once you identify your theme, make sure you deliver it several times throughout your presentation.去年,乔布斯发表主题约20分钟到他的介绍: “今天,苹果reinvents电话。 ”一旦你确定你的主题,请务必提供,它多次在整个演示文稿。

2. 2 。 Demonstrate enthusiasm. Jobs shows his passion for computer design. 显示的积极性。职位,显示他的热情,为电脑设计。 During his presentation he used words like “extraordinary,” “amazing,” and “cool.” When demonstrating a new location feature for the iPhone, Jobs said, “It works pretty doggone well.” Most speakers have room to add some flair to their presentations.在他的介绍,他使用的字眼如“不平凡” , “让人惊讶, ”和“酷”时,展示了一个新的位置,功能,这款iPhone ,乔布斯说, “它的工程相当doggone以及”大多数发言者都已经要加入的房间有些天赋,以他们的发言。 Remember, your audience wants to be wowed, not put to sleep.请记住,您的观众希望得到wowed ,而不是向睡眠。 Next time you’re crafting or delivering a presentation, think about injecting your own personality into it.下一次您工艺或提供简报,想一想,注入自己的个性。 If you think a particular feature of your product is “awesome,” say it.如果你认为某个特定功能,您的产品是“可怕” ,说它。 Most speakers get into presentation mode and feel as though they have to strip the talk of any fun.大多数发言者都进入演示模式和感受,虽然他们要带的话题,任何乐趣。 If you are not enthusiastic about your own products or services, how do you expect your audience to be?如果你不热衷于自己的产品或服务,你怎么期待您的观众呢?

3. 3 。 Provide an outline. Jobs outlined the presentation by saying, “There are four things I want to talk about today. 提供一个纲要。职位概述介绍说, “有四件事我想谈谈今天。 So let’s get started…” Jobs followed his outline by verbally opening and closing each of the four sections and making clear transitions in between.因此,让我们开始吧… … “随后,他的工作纲要,由口头的开幕和闭幕的每一项四个章节,并作出明确的过渡之间。 For example, after revealing several new iPhone features, he said, “The iPhone is not standing still.举例来说,暴露后,一些新的拥有的功能,他说: “我们拥有的不是停滞不前。 We keep making it better and better and better.我们不断,使政策更和越办越好。 That was the second thing I wanted to talk about today.这是第二件事我想谈谈今天。 No. 3 is about iTunes.” Make lists and provide your audience with guideposts along the way.第3号是有关的iTunes 。 “名单,并提供您的观众与路标前进的道路上。

4. 4 。 Make numbers meaningful. When Jobs announced that Apple had sold 4 million iPhones to date, he didn’t simply leave the number out of context. 作出有意义的号码,当Jobs宣布,苹果公司已售出4000000 iphones迄今为止,他并没有简单地离开的人数断章取义。 Instead, he put it in perspective by adding, “That’s 20,000 iPhones every day, on average.” Jobs went on to say, “What does that mean to the overall market?” Jobs detailed the breakdown of the US smartphone market and Apple’s share of it to demonstrate just how impressive the number actually is.相反,他把它放在角度加入, “这是20000 iphones每一天,平均”的工作接着说, “是什么意思,以整体市场? ”职位的详细分类的美国智能手机市场和苹果公司的份额,这表明只是如何可观的数目,实际上是。 Jobs also pointed out that Apple’s market share equals the share of its top three competitors combined.乔布斯还指出,苹果的市场份额,平等的份额,其顶端三个竞争对手的总和。 Numbers don’t mean much unless they are placed in context.号码不多大的意义,除非他们是放置在上下文中。 Connect the dots for your listeners.连接这些点为您的听众。

5. 5 。 Try for an unforgettable moment. This is the moment in your presentation that everyone will be talking about. 尝试为一个难忘的时刻,这是目前在演示文稿中指出,大家都会谈论。 Every Steve Jobs presentation builds up to one big scene.每乔布斯介绍,建立了一个大舞台。 In this year’s Macworld keynote, it was the announcement of MacBook Air.在今年的Macworld上的基调,这是公布的MacBook空气。 To demonstrate just how thin it is, Jobs said it would fit in an envelope.证明只是如何薄,这是乔布斯表示,它将适合在一个信封里。 Jobs drew cheers by opening a manila interoffice envelope and holding the laptop for everyone to see.职位提请的欢呼声中开启马尼拉间的信封及控股笔记型电脑,让大家看到的。 What is the one memorable moment of your presentation?什么是一个值得纪念的时刻,您的简报呢? Identify it ahead of time and build up to it.确定它未来的时间,并建立它。

6. 6 。 Create visual slides. While most speakers fill their slides with data, text, and charts, Jobs does the opposite. 创造视觉幻灯片的同时,大多数发言者填写他们的幻灯片资料,文字,图表,工作是否相反。 There is very little text on a Steve Jobs slide.是很少的文字,一乔布斯幻灯片。 Most of the slides simply show one image.大部分的幻灯片,简单地显示一个图像。 For example, his phrase “The first thing I want to talk to you about today…” was accompanied by a slide with the numeral 1.举例来说,他“一语的第一件事,我想谈一谈你今天… … ”伴随着幻灯片与数字1 。 That’s it.就是这样。 Just the number.刚才的数目。 When Jobs discussed a specific product like the iPhone, the audience saw a slide with an image of the product.当工作,讨论了具体的产品一样,我们拥有的,观众看到一个幻灯片形象的产品。 When text was introduced, it was often revealed as short sentences (three or four words) to the right of the image.当文字介绍,这是常常显示,作为短期徒刑( 3或4个字)图片的右侧。 Sometimes, there were no images at all on the slide but a sentence that Jobs had delivered such as “There is something in the air.” There is a trend in public speaking to paint a picture for audiences by creating more visual graphics.有时,有没有图像就在所有的幻灯片,但判决的工作发表,如“有一些东西在空气中。 ”有一种趋势,在公开演讲画图片为观众创造更多的视觉图形。 Inspiring presenters are short on bullet points and big on graphics.鼓舞人心的主持人都很短,对子弹点和大的图形。

7. 7 。 Give ‘em a show. A Jobs presentation has ebbs and flows, themes and transitions. 让'在表演。职位介绍了低潮和流动的,主题和过渡。 Since he’s giving his audience a show instead of simply delivering information, Jobs includes video clips, demonstrations, and guests he shares the stage with.因为他的给他的观众表演而不是仅仅提供信息,就业机会,包括视频剪辑,示威,和嘉宾,他的股份的阶段。 In his latest keynote, the audience heard from Jim Gianopulos, CEO and chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, and Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel ((INTC). Enhance your presentations by incorporating multimedia, product demonstrations, or giving others the chance to say a few words.在他的最新的基调,观众听到吉姆gianopulos ,首席执行官兼主席福克斯电影娱乐,和保罗欧德宁,英特尔公司总裁兼首席执行官(公司( INTC ) 。提高您的介绍,把多媒体,产品演示,或给予其他的机会,说几句话。

8. 8 。 Don’t sweat the small stuff. Despite your best preparation, something might go wrong as it did during the keynote. 不流汗的小东西,虽然你最好的准备,一些可能会出乱子,因为这期间所做的基调。 Jobs was about to show some photographs from a live Web site, and the screen went black while Jobs waited for the image to appear.就业机会约,以显示一些照片,从一个活生生的网站,并在屏幕上了黑色,而就业机会在等待的形象出现。 It never did.它从来没有。 Jobs smiled and said, “Well, I guess Flickr isn’t serving up the photos today.” He then recapped the new features he had just introduced.职位笑着说, “好吧,我猜Flickr也是不在职了照片,今天”然后,他扼要重述,新特点,他刚刚推出。 That’s it.就是这样。 It was no big deal.这是没有什么大不了。 I have seen presenters get flustered over minor glitches.我所看到的主持人得到心慌超过轻微故障。 Don’t sweat minor mishaps.不汗水轻微的事故。 Have fun.有乐趣。 Few will remember a glitch unless you call attention to it.很少人会记得故障,除非你请注意。

9. 9 。 Sell the benefit. While most presenters promote product features, Jobs sells benefits. 出售受益。虽然大部分主持人,促进产品的功能,销售工作的好处。 When introducing iTunes movie rentals, Jobs said, “We think there is a better way to deliver movie content to our customers.” Jobs explained the benefit by saying, “We’ve never offered a rental model in music because people want to own their music.当引进的iTunes电影租金,乔布斯说, “我们认为有一个更好的方式来提供电影内容,以我们的顾客” 。解释工作,造福说, “我们以前从来没有提供租赁的模式,在音乐,因为人们希望拥有自己的音乐。 You listen to your favorite song thousands of times in your life.你听您最喜爱的歌曲数千次在你的生活。 But most of us watch movies once, maybe a few times.但我们大多数人看电影一次,也许几倍。 And renting is a great way to do it.和租赁是一个伟大的方式去做。 It’s less expensive, doesn’t take up space on our hard drive…” Your listeners are always asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?” Answer the question.它的成本较低,不采取行动的空间,我们的硬盘驱动器… … “你的听众总是问自己, ”什么的,在它为我“ ?回答这个问题。 Don’t make them guess.不使他们的猜测。 Clearly state the benefit of every service, feature, or product.显然,国家的利益,每一项服务,功能,或产品。

10. 10 。 Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Steve Jobs cannot pull off an intricate presentation with video clips, demonstrations, and outside speakers without hours of rehearsal. 排练,排练,排练。乔布斯不能施展了错综复杂的介绍与视频剪辑,示威,和外界的发言没有时间排练。 I have spoken to people within Apple who tell me that Jobs rehearses the entire presentation aloud for many hours.我有发言的人,苹果的人告诉我,工作rehearses整个演示出许多小时。 Nothing is taken for granted.什么是所采取的是理所当然的事。 You can see he rehearsed the Macworld presentation because his words were often perfectly synchronized with the images and text on the slides.你可以看到他排练开幕的Macworld大会上介绍,因为他的话往往是完全同步与图片和文字的幻灯片。 When Jobs was showing examples of the films that are available on the new iTunes movie rental service, one poster of a particular film appeared at the exact moment he began to talk about it.当工作表现出的例子,该电影可在新的iTunes电影租赁服务, 1海报某一电影出现在确切的时刻,他开始谈论它。 The entire presentation was coordinated.整个陈述的协调。 A Steve Jobs presentation looks effortless because it is well-rehearsed. 1乔布斯介绍看起来轻而易举,因为它是良好的排练。

Try to use all of the techniques I describe above in your next presentation.尝试使用所有的技术我说以上的在您下一次的演示文稿。 Then let me know how it goes.然后让我知道如何这是不言而喻的。 You can e-mail me at carmine@gallocommunications.com with your feedback or post a comment below.您可以以电子邮件通知我在carmine@gallocommunications.com与您的反馈意见或张贴评论如下。

Carmine Gallo, a business communications coach and Emmy-Award winning former TV journalist, is the author of Fire Them Up! 胭脂红盖洛,商业通讯教练和艾美奖获奖的前电视记者,是作者的消防他们了! and 10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators. 和10个简单的秘密世界上最伟大的业务沟通。 He writes his communications column every week. 他写道,他的通讯栏每星期。