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Entrepreneurship is the art of finding profitable solutions to problems.創業是藝術尋找有利可圖的解決問題。 Every successful entrepreneur, every successful businessperson has been a person who has been able to identify a problem and come up with a solution to it before somebody else did.每一個成功的企業家,每一個成功的商人一直一個人誰已經能夠找出一個問題,並想出了一個解決辦法之前,別人沒有。 Here are the five rules for entrepreneurship.這裡是五規則企業家精神。

Find A Need And Fill It 找到一個需要填寫
First, find a need and fill it.首先,找到一個需要和填補它。 Ross Perot, when he was working for IBM, saw that his customers who were buying IBM computers, needed help in processing their data.羅斯佩羅特,當他的工作為IBM ,看到他的顧客在誰被收購IBM電腦,需要幫助,在處理他們的個人資料。 He went to IBM with this idea and they said they weren’t interested, so he started his own business.他去IBM的這一想法,他們說他們沒有興趣,於是他開始自己的生意。 He eventually sold it out for $2.8 billion dollars.他最終出售,這為28億美元美元。 He found a need and he filled it.他找到了他需要和填補它。

Find A Problem And Solve It 找到問題和解決問題
The second rule is to find a problem and solve it.第二個規則是要找出問題和解決這個問題。 A secretary working for a small company began mixing flour with nail varnish in order to white out the mistakes she was making in her typing.秘書工作的一家小公司,開始攪拌麵粉釘研磨劑在以白皮書指出她的錯誤決策在她的打字。 Pretty soon, her friends in the same office asked if she could make some for them.用不了多久,她的朋友在同一辦公室詢問,如果她可以再作一些給他們。 So she began mixing it on her kitchen table.因此,她開始混合對她的餐桌。 Then, people in other offices started asking for it, and she eventually quit her business and worked full time creating what is today called Liquid Paper.然後,人們在其他辦事處開始要求它,她最終退出她的生意和工作的全職創造什麼是今天的所謂液體的文件。 A few years ago, she sold her company to Gillette Corporation for 47 million dollars.幾年前,她賣了公司,吉列公司為47億美元。

Customers for Life 顧客生命
The highest paid salespeople and the most profitable companies have the best reputation for customer service.薪資最高的銷售人員和最有利可圖的公司有最好的聲譽,為客戶服務。 You learn a series of low-cost, no-cost ways to get customers to buy from you, buy again, and tell their friends.您了解了一系列低成本,無成本的方法來得到客戶向您購買,再次購買的,並告訴他們的朋友。 A satisfied customer is 10x easier to sell to than a new customer.滿意的客戶是10倍的更容易出售給比了新的客戶。 A referral from a satisfied customer is 15x easier to sell to than a cold call.轉介從一個滿意的顧客是15倍更容易出售給比冷戰通話。

Look For Solutions 尋找解決辦法
Find a problem and solve it.找到問題並解決它。 Find a problem that everybody’s got and see if you can’t come up with a solution for it.找到一個問題,大家的了,看看如果你不能拿出一個解決方案。 Find a way to supply a product or a service better, cheaper, faster or easier.找到一種方法,供應的產品或服務更好,更便宜,更快或更容易。 Clemmons Wilson saw that there was a need for hotels that could accommodate families that were traveling, and he started Holiday Inns. clemmons威爾遜看到有需要的酒店,可容納的家庭,被旅遊,和他開始假日旅館。 And Holiday Inns has now become one of the most successful hotel chains in the world.和假日旅館現在已經成為一個最成功的連鎖酒店在世界上。

Focus On Your Customer 重點放在你的客戶
Here’s the key to success in business.這裡的關鍵業務成功與否。 Become obsessed with your customer.成為痴迷與您的客戶。 Fixated on your customer.盯著你的客戶。 Think of the customer.想客戶。 Think of what the customer wants, what the customer needs.認為什麼樣的客戶想要什麼顧客的需求。 What the customer will pay for, what the customer’s problems are.什麼客戶將支付,什麼客戶的問題。 Thomas J. Watson, Senior, the founder of IBM, taught his people and built his company on this principle.托馬斯j.沃森,高級, IBM公司的創始人,教導他的人民和他的公司建立了這個原則。 See yourself as working for the customer.看到自己的工作為客戶。 Once you’ve come up with a product or an idea, then start to invest your time, talent and energy instead of your money, to get started.一旦您想出了一個產品或一個想法,然後開始投資您的時間,人才和能源而不是你的錢,即可開始使用。

The Source of Most Great Fortunes來源的最偉大的財富
Remember this, most great fortunes in America were started with an idea and with personal efforts.記住這一點,最偉大的財富在美國開始與一個想法,並與個人的努力。 Most great fortunes were started with the sale of personal services.最偉大的財富,開始了與出售個人服務。 This is called sweat equity.這就是所謂的汗水的公平性。 In other words, instead of cash equity, put in sweat equity.在其他換句話說,代替現金的股本,把在汗水的公平性。 Put in the sweat of your brow to begin your business.在付諸表決的汗水你的眉,開始對您的業務。 You can learn valuable lessons operating on a small scale.你可以學得寶貴的教訓經營的是小規模的。

Action Exercises 行動演習
Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action:這裡有兩件事,你可以做的,立即把這些想法轉化為行動:

First, find a need and fill it.首先,找到一個需要和填補它。 Look around you and search for needs that people have for products or services that are not being met.環顧四周,你和搜索的需要,人們對產品或服務,未得到滿足。 One small idea is enough to start you on the way to business success.一個小的想法是不夠的開始,你就未來路向商業上的成功。

Second, find a problem and solve it.第二,找到問題和解決這個問題。 Look around you for problems that you or other people have that are not yet being solved.環顧四周,你的問題,你或其他人有尚未得到解決。 Look for solutions that nobody has thought of and give them a try.尋找解決辦法,沒有人有思想,並給他們一個嘗試。 One good solution could change the whole direction of your life.一個好的解決辦法可以改變整個的方向,您的生活。