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Ok, I have a 2.5 year old baby girl and a 6.5 year old son.確定,我有一個二點五年歲的女嬰和6.5歲的兒子。 They are constantly telling me what they want.他們不斷告訴我他們想要的。 “I want this, daddy! “我想這一點,爸爸! I want that, daddy!” What they don’t realize is that wanting, hoping and wishing for things, just don’t work.我想,爸爸! “是什麼,他們並沒有意識到,就是希望,希望,祝福的事情,只是不工作。 It would seem that most adults don’t realize this either, so it inspired this blog post.這似乎是大多數成年人都沒有意識到,這不是,因此它的啟發,這博客帖子。

When you want, wish or hope for anything, what happens is the universe listens… and you receive the feeling of “wanting, wishing or hoping”… you DON’T actually GET what you are wishing, wanting and hoping for.當你想,想或希望的話,會發生什麼是宇宙聽… …和您收到的感覺, “要,希望或希望” … …你不得到什麼,其實你是希望,希望和期待。 Instead you get the feeling and experience of wanting.不是你的感覺和經驗,希望。

“So, Travis”, you say… “How are we to manifest our desires then?” “所以,特拉維斯” ,你說… … “我們如何體現我們的願望,然後” ?

Well, this is tricky… Instead of wanting, wishing and hoping… you DECIDE in advance the outcome you desire.那麼,這是微妙的…不是想,希望和希望… …你在預先決定的結果,你的願望。 You CHOOSE for things to be.您選擇的事情。 When you focus on your decision and your choices, then the universe and God work in a different way.當您專注於自己的決定,和您的選擇,那麼,宇宙和上帝的工作在不同的方式。 It combines effort with your subconscious mind to help you FIND the way to make your desire occur.它結合了努力,與您的潛意識的態度幫助您找到方法,使您的願望發生。

It is better to give your mind decisions and choices, as it can work FOR you, instead of AGAINST you as it does when you are wanting, wishing and hoping.最好是讓你記住的決定和選擇,因為它可以為您工作,而不是對你,因為它沒有當您想,希望和希望。

Does this make sense?這是否合理?

This is truly “The Secret” to making things happen for you in this life.這是真正的“秘密”使事情發生,為您在這方面的生活。 Decide in advance.決定在前進。 Create the pathway and then walk down the pathway you created.建立通路,然後往下走的途徑您創建的。 Everything starts in the mind as a thought.一切開始在心中作為一個思想。 When we then desire something, instead of wanting, wishing and hoping… you MUST DECIDE IN ADVANCE YOUR OUTCOME.當我們的願望,然後東西,而不是希望,希望,希望… …你必須決定在推進您的結果。 If you remember this, you will be successful beyond your expectations.如果您記住這一點,你一定會成功超越您的期望。 No Wanting.沒有希望。 No Wishing.沒有希望。 No Hoping.沒有希望。 Just deciding.僅僅是在決定。

It’s that simple.它就是這麼簡單。 Now all I need to do is to get my kids to understand this principle.現在我需要做的就是讓我的孩子們明白了這個原則。


Travis Wright特拉維斯賴特

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