Travis enjoying a Cruise in the Caribbean.特拉维斯享受邮轮在加勒比地区。

Cultivate Greatness is a venture combining the efforts of Travis Wright and the submissions of many talented authors from around the world.培育的伟大是一个创业的努力结合起来的Travis Wright和意见书,许多人才,作者来自世界各地。 This site was originally set upon a journey to author my first book, Cultivate Greatness… this blog will showcase the most inspiring, motivating, educating articles on the web from other authors, and showcase my own success writings as we morph them into chapters of our book.这个网站本来是订定后,旅作者,我的第一本书,培育的伟大…此博客将展示最鼓舞人心,激励,教育的文章在网路上从其他作者,并展示我自己的成功的著作,作为我们变身成章节我们书。

Travis Wright has been an online entrepreneur since 1996.特拉维斯赖特一直是网上企业家自1996年以来。 He got first got online in a computer lab at the School of Journalism at the University of Kansas in July 1996, and had built his first website within the next couple days.他首先得到在线在一个计算机实验室在新闻学院在堪萨斯大学在1996年7月,并已建立了他的第一个网站内部在未来数天内。 This internet thing intrigued Travis, as he continued to explore the realms of worldwide infinite possibilities.这件事在互联网推出的查维斯,因为他继续探索领域的全球无限的可能性。

In the past 10 years, Travis went on to co-develop a site dedicated to independent musicians, artists, filmmakers and designers called在过去10年中,特拉维斯接着就合作,发展一个网站,专责独立的音乐家,艺术家,电影工作者和设计师的所谓 MethodLaboratories methodlaboratories with the talented Shaun Cruther Utz.与人才肖恩cruther utz 。 They went on to also develop a customized t-shirt and apparel store in a local Kansas City mall, called DNA Customs.他们接着就也发展一个自订的T恤和服装商店在当地的堪萨斯城购物中心,所谓的DNA海关。

Travis Wright then set up a new business entity with Alexander Petrides, called MediaThinkLab LLC.特拉维斯赖特,然后成立一个新的商业实体与亚历山大彼得里德斯,所谓mediathinklab LLC公司。 MediaThinkLab mediathinklab is a web development company that has created websites for several Fortune 1000 companies.是一个网上发展的公司,创造了网站的几个财富1000公司。

Through this venture, they created通过这次创业,他们创造 VoteCapture Technologies votecapture技术 , which aids political candiates in the process of organizing their campaigns more effeciently and effectively. ,其中艾滋病的政治candiates在这个过程中的组织活动,更有效率和更有效。 They also created他们还创造了 TimeCheeze.com timecheeze.com which is an online tshirt store that showcases a BETA video search engine to find funny media throughout the web.这是一个在线tshirt存储展示了试用版的视频搜索引擎来寻找有趣的媒体在整个网络。

Travis was a top salesman for a couple of organizations, and has co-developed特拉维斯是一个顶端的推销员,为一对夫妇的组织,并已共同开发的 SalesMotivation.net salesmotivation.net with the inspirational, Dr. Gary Jones.与灵感,博士加里琼斯。 He isn’t really a Phd.他是不是一个真正的博士。 doctor, but to me, he is “the Docta”.医生,但对我来说,他是“ docta ” 。 Gary has been a successful sales professional, at the top of his game since I was but a wee-lad.程介南已成为成功的销售专业,在最上方,他的游戏,因为我只是凌晨-法援署。 Check out the site, he has done amazing things there.签出的网站,他的所作所为,了不起的事情。

Travis is also working on developing a system to educate Online Entrepreneurs with the查维斯还正在努力制定一个系统的教育在线企业家与 Marketing Mastery System掌握市场营销系统 , via online information and offline Seminars, which will be released early 2007. ,通过网上信息和离线研讨会,将公布2007年年初。


Doing a bit of standup… inspirin’, knowledgizin’ & speakin’ truths.做了一点standup … inspirin ' , knowledgizin ' & speakin '的真理。 .

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