The Quiet Millionaire Wins the Financial Game寂静的百万富翁赢金融游戏

Book by Brett Wilder本书由Brett狂放
Being a millionaire is a realistic aspiration if you are knowledgeable and diligent about becoming one.作为一个富翁,是一个现实的愿望,如果你是知识渊博,勤奋约成为一。 Today, people are required to accumulate greater amounts of money to fund their lifetime goals and objectives than was necessary by previous generations.今天,人们需要积累更大数额的金钱来资助其一生的目标和目的比是必要的,由先前的几代人。 This book covers what should be included in a comprehensive financial management program […]这本书涵盖的内容应包括什么,在一个全面的财务管理计划[ … … ]

If Nobody Loves You, Create the Demand - Podcast CG018 with Dr. Joel Freeman如果没有人爱你,创造需求-播客c g018与博士的J oel弗里曼

According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (an organization that promotes entrepreneurship & education) there are approximately 10 million Americans involved in starting a new business at any given time.据该尤文马里恩考夫曼基金会(该组织促进企业家精神与教育) ,有大约10万美国人参与在开始一项新的业务在任何特定时间。 With that reality in mind, millions of people will take their first courageous steps on the road to self-employment—only to lose their footing when […]这一现实出发,以百万计的人会考虑他们首先勇敢的道路上前进的步伐,以自我就业,只有失去立足点的时候, [ … … ]

Today’s Phone Conversation with Dr. John C. Maxwell.今天的电话交谈,与专家约翰三麦克斯韦。

Dr. John Maxwell is an amazing individual who lives his life to teach and grow leaders.专家约翰麦克斯韦是一个了不起的个别人的生命他的生命,教导和成长的领导人。 He has sold over 13 million books on leadership and has written over 50 books total.他已售出超过13万本书对领导,并已致函50多个图书总。 He speaks to thousands of people a year in seminars and with keynote speeches.他的讲话给成千上万的人每年在研讨会和与主题演讲嘉宾。 And in August, he was […]并在今年8月,他被[ … … ] Podcast #013: Identify the Personal Constaints Holding you Back; Interview with Flip Flippen cg.com播客编号013 :识别个人的限制阻碍了您的面试倒装弗里潘

Wow.哇。 All that I can say about educator, psychotherapist, and author Flip Flippen, is that he is truly cultivating greatness.据我所知,可以说教育工作者,精神治疗医师,以及作者倒装里潘的是,他是真正培育的伟大。 I had the honor of interviewing this brilliant man yesterday.我曾有幸采访了这部煌煌巨男子昨天。 This podcast is full of wisdom!这个播客是充满智慧! Leadership Podcast #013 - Interview with Flip Flippen cg.com领导播客编号013 -访倒装弗里潘

Flip Flippen is the head of The […]倒装弗里潘是一家之主[ … … ]

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