In 1986, Dan Harrison (see picture left) was on holiday in Kenya after graduating from Northwestern University.在1986年,丹哈里森(见图片左起) ,是度假,在肯尼亚毕业后,由西北大学。 On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air.就健行穿越丛林,他遇见一个年轻的公牛大象站在同一条腿提出了在空中。 The elephant seemed distressed, so Dan approached it very carefully.大象似乎痛心,所以丹走近,它非常小心。
He got down on one knee and inspected […]他对一个膝关节,并考察[ … … ]

by Tim Brownson由Tim brownson
I’m sorry to say this but you are a complete imbecile.我很抱歉地说,但你是一个完整的白痴。 I know you probably don’t like hearing it but the truth will out and that’s just the way it is so you may as well accept it我知道你可能不喜欢听这些话,但是事实将出来,这仅仅只是一个方法,它的确是那么你可能以及接受
I’d also like to tell you that you are too fat or too thin, your hair […]我还要告诉你,你是太胖或过瘦,你的头发[ … … ]

Be Your Real True Self是你的真实真实的自我

by Yehuda Berg由耶胡达伯格
Most of us aren’t 100% real.我们大多数人不是百分之一百真实的。 We are too afraid to show our true colors, to unfurl the flag of our true thoughts and emotions.我们太害怕让别人看见我们的真面目,打出的旗帜是我们的真正想法和情绪。 We think people would run away screaming if they saw what we really looked like.我们认为人们会跑掉大喊大叫的,如果他们看到了什么,我们真的看上去像。 Or we think they would fire us, drop us, hate us, judge us, […]或者,我们认为他们会火我们,辍学,我们恨我们,评判我们, [ … … ]

Research has shown that public speaking is the number one fear.研究表明,在公众场合演讲,是最大宗的恐惧。 If you have seen poor performances, you can understand why!如果你已经看到穷人表演,你能明白为什么! Matt Eventoff can help you overcome this fear.马特eventoff可以帮你克服这种恐惧。 Numerous CEO’s and corporate chairmen; local, state and federal candidates; and leaders throughout the country have trusted Matt Eventoff as their strategic advisor.众多的CEO和公司主席;地方,州和联邦的候选人;领导人和该国各地的信任马特eventoff作为自己的战略顾问。 Matt specializes […]马特擅长[ … … ]

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