March 28, 2023 · Julio Diaz has a daily routine. 2008年3月28日胡里奥迪亚兹有一个日常工作。 Every night, the 31-year-old social worker ends his hour-long subway commute to the Bronx one stop early, just so he can eat at his favorite diner.每天晚上, 31岁的社会工作者完他的长达一小时的地铁通勤,以布朗克斯一站式早日得到公正,这样他就可以吃他最喜爱的晚餐。 But one night last month, as Diaz stepped off the No. 6 train and onto a nearly empty […]不过,有一天晚上在上个月,由于迪亚斯走出机舱6号列车,并走上了持续近空[ … … ]

In 1986, Dan Harrison (see picture left) was on holiday in Kenya after graduating from Northwestern University.在1986年,丹哈里森(见图片左起) ,是度假,在肯尼亚毕业后,由西北大学。 On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air.就健行穿越丛林,他遇见一个年轻的公牛大象站在同一条腿提出了在空中。 The elephant seemed distressed, so Dan approached it very carefully.大象似乎痛心,所以丹走近,它非常小心。
He got down on one knee and inspected […]他对一个膝关节,并考察[ … … ]

by Andrew Galasetti of Lyved由郑家富galasetti的lyved
How many times have you heard someone say, “Hindsight is always 20/20″?您有多少次听到有人说, "回想起来,是永远20/20 " ? If you are like me, you hear it a lot and think it a lot more.如果你喜欢我,你听到了许多,并认为还有很多。 Last year Jay wrote an article listing things he wished he’d known earlier.去年杰伊写了一篇上市的事情,他希望他'd已知较早。 It got me thinking that the most crucial lessons in […]它让我觉得最关键的教训[ … … ]

flickr image by Dalydose Flickr图像由dalydose
by John Hoff @ eVentureBiz.com约翰
A short time ago I received an email from a young entrepreneur asking me how he was suppose to compete in a marketplace where the competition was high and more established companies had big advertising bucks.在短短的时间内,我收到一个电子邮件从一个年轻企业家向我询问他是如何被假设竞争,在市场环境下,竞争是高更成立了公司,拥有庞大的广告雄鹿。 I mentioned a few ideas to him but the one that concerned […]我所说的几点想法,以他的,但一涉及到[ … … ]

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