The history of Henry Ford and the Model T illustrates a fundamental truth about leadership: leaders never outgrow the need to change.历史亨利福特和示范吨说明了一个基本的真相的领导:领导人从来没有outgrow需要改变。
On his way to dominating the automotive market with the Model T, Henry Ford embodied innovation and progress.他的方式主宰汽车市场与模型吨,亨利福特,体现了创新和进步。 By pioneering the assembly line, Ford slashed the amount of time needed to manufacture an automobile.由创业装配线,福特削减的数额所需的时间制造汽车。 […] [ … … ]

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by John Hoff @ eVentureBiz.com由约翰
A short time ago I received an email from a young entrepreneur asking me how he was suppose to compete in a marketplace where the competition was high and more established companies had big advertising bucks.短的时间前,我收到一封电子邮件从一个青年企业家问我他是如何被假设在竞争的市场环境下,竞争是高更成立的公司拥有庞大的广告雄鹿。 I mentioned a few ideas to him but the one that concerned […]我提到的几点意见向他,但一涉及到[ … … ]

by Aaron Simmons由Aaron西蒙斯
The best “mistake” of my life taught me a lot about how not to run a business.最好的“错误”我的生活教导我很多关于如何不执行业务。 You see, I have a confession to make: I’ma Dot-Bomb CEO.你看,我有一个不打自招:我是斑点炸弹的CEO 。 Here’s the story of Midwestern Cybertising, and the lessons I’ve learned:在这里的故事,中西部cybertising ,和教训,我已经学会:
Prior to 1994, the Internet existed as pages and pages of text, with hyperlink […] 1994年以前,在互联网上存在的页面和页面文字,超链接[ … … ]

I came across this great site that goes over the Myers Briggs Personality test.我碰到这个伟大的网站去超过迈尔斯布里格斯性格测试。 This is a very powerful test that will give you valuable insight into your personality and what makes you tick.这是一个非常强大的测试会给你宝贵的见解到您的个性和有什么让你剔。 This will also tell you some of the people throughout history that also have the same characteristics as you.这也将告诉你的一些人在整个历史上也有相同的特点,正如你。
So, […]因此, [ … … ]

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