To Be Successful in Life, Eliminate the F–Words要取得成功,在生活中,消除殲字

By William Arruda由威廉arruda

If you want to get ahead in your career, you have to stop using four–letter words that begin with the letter ‘F’.如果你想在事業上取得成功,你必須停止使用四信字開頭的信' F '等。 No, I’m not talking about cleaning your mouth out with soap.不,我不是談論清潔你的口出用肥皂洗手。 Of course, cursing your boss is probably not going to get you very far.當然,罵你的老闆大概不會讓你很遠。 But the F–words I share […]但殲話,我亦有同感[ … … ]

Cultivate Greatness, Success & Passion Blog Carnival #018培育偉大,成功與激情博客嘉年華編號018

Extra!課外! Extra!課外! Read all about it!閱讀所有關於它! Here we are with the 18th edition of the semi-frequent Personal Development Carnival at Cultivate Greatness!我們在這裡與第18版的半頻密的個人發展嘉年華培育偉大! A great amount of wisdom to share within this edition of our Blog Carnival… many, many golden nuggets of wisdom to share… [ over 250 submissions!大量的智慧,分享在這一版我們的博客嘉年華…很多很多的黃金金塊智慧的分享… … [超過250份意見書! ]

If this is your first […]如果這是您第一次[ … … ]

4 Success Myths Debunked四成功的神話打破

By Terence Channon由樂庭channon
“Look before you leap.” When you think about this common idiom, remember that it is not so much intended to keep you from getting into something too fast, but to help you understand what exactly you will be surrounded with when you make the leap. "你看你面前的飛躍, "當你想到這個共同的成語,還記得的話並不是那麼打算使你難以進入的東西太快了,但為了幫助您了解究竟你將四周的時候,您做出的飛躍。 For instance, if you want to take a […]例如,如果你想要採取[ … … ]

Research now shows that the lack of natural talent is irrelevant to great success.現在研究表明,缺乏天然的人才是風馬牛不相及的巨大成功。 The secret?秘訣嗎? Painful and demanding practice and hard work痛苦的,並要求實踐和辛勤工作
By Geoffrey Colvin由杰弗裡colvin
What makes Tiger Woods great?是什麼使得老虎伍茲大? What made Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett the world’s premier investor?是什麼驅使的Berkshire Hathaway董事長沃倫巴菲特全球首屈一指的投資者? We think we know: Each was a natural who came into the world with a […]我們認為我們知道:每一次,是一個自然的人進入世界同一個[ … … ]

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