22 Ways to Never Feel Tired Again 22途径从来没有感到疲倦再次

by Nancy Rones由南希rones
Every day, 2.2 million Americans complain of being tired.每天,有220万美国人抱怨自己受到累了。 Most of us chalk it up to having too much to do and not enough time to do it in, especially during extra-busy periods.我们大多数人粉笔起来,以过很多事要做,并没有足够的时间去做,尤其是在课外繁忙时段。 But often the true culprits are our everyday habits: what we eat, how we sleep, and how we cope emotionally.但通常是真正的罪魁祸首是我们的日常生活习惯:什么吃的,我们如何睡眠,以及我们如何应付情绪。 […] [ … … ]

CG.com Podcast #016: Dr. Zhi Gang Sha - Soul Wisdom | Soul Mind Body Medicine | Power Healing cg.com播客编号016 :叶文志钢沙-心灵智慧|魂记机构医药|电源愈合

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is an MD in China and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in Canada and China.叶文志钢沙是一个海事处,在中国和一名医生的传统中医药在加拿大和中国。 He is an extraordinary divine healer, teacher and spiritual master.他是一个不平凡的神的医治,教师和精神主宰。 Dr. Sha is a grandmaster of many Eastern disciplines including Tai Chi, Qigong, Kung Fu, Feng Shui and I Ching.叶文沙是一个grandmaster许多东部学科,包括太极,气功,武术,风水和易经。 He has authored the New […]他已撰写了新的[ … … ]

Shedding Light On Ourselves - Parts That Don’t Want To Heal揭示自己-部分不想医治

by DailyOM由dailyom

In almost every case, we know what is best for us in our lives, from the relationships we create to the food we eat.几乎在所有情况下,我们知道什么是最好的,我们在我们的生活中,从关系我们创造了以食品,我们吃。 Still, somewhat mysteriously, it is often difficult to make the right choices for ourselves.不过,有点神秘,它是往往难以作出正确的选择,为我们自己。 We find ourselves hanging out with someone who leaves us feeling drained or choosing to eat […]我们发现自己挂出的人,留给我们的感觉流失或选择吃[ … … ]

Finding the Technique for Perfect Breathing寻找技术完美呼吸

by Travis Wright由查维斯赖特
Back in 1995, I noticed that I was breathing incorrectly.早在1995年,我发现我错了呼吸。 The more I noticed it, the more that, it seemed, it got worse.我就更加注意到它,越说,它似乎是,它越变越糟糕。 Little did I know, the Law of Attraction was in full effect.没想到,我知道,吸引定律,是在充分发挥作用。 Energy flows where attention goes.能源流动的注意力不仁。 My breathing got worse.我的呼吸越变越糟糕。 Then stress began to […]然后应力开始[ … … ]

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