8 Reasons to Have Good Posture

August 3, 2023

Your parents were right - Posture is Important!


“Sit up straight!” “Don’t slouch!” -

I’m sure we’ve all heard those admonishing words more than once from our mother when we were growing up. And most of us begrudgingly complied with her command having no concept of the anatomical and biomechanical rationale behind her persistent prodding. In fact she probably wasn’t aware of all the implications of poor posture herself! But somehow, some way your mother always seemed to know best.

Think about it. The first thing you notice about people is not their eyes, not their hair, not even their clothes. It’s their posture. And it screams messages about who they are. Someone who stands erect gives off an aura of pride and self-confidence, while someone who slumps and stoops looks like he’s ashamed to be taking up space.

Yet looks aren’t the best reason to improve your posture. Health is. What begins as merely an unsightly stance or carriage can lead to authentic health problems if not corrected.
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The 2 Essentials For Finding Your ‘Real’ Voice

July 21, 2023

life hacks
By Nancy Daniels

Most people are unaware that they can improve their speaking voice, that they probably should improve their voice, and that the techniques for doing so are simple and basic. And while good voice training will actually improve many other aspects of your life, not all those who teach voice understand the two essentials.

Many of us who teach voice are classically-trained singers. While I don’t teach singing anymore, I use similar principles in teaching others how to find their ‘real’ speaking voice.

Good voice training involves teaching you, first and foremost, how to breathe with the support of your diaphragm because your ‘real’ voice must be powered or amplified from the chest.
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Make a Binding Agreement with Yourself for the Life of Your Dreams

May 13, 2023

life hacksDate: May 13th, 2008

I, the undersigned, commit and agree to furnish all materials and labor necessary to design and create the LIFE OF MY DREAMS.

I hereby commit to doing whatever it takes while being honest and truthful to achieve the greatness that I know is within me.

I will pay the price that is necessary to reach my life’s dream and destiny, because I know that not fulfilling my destiny will leave me feeling short-changed in my life. And I deserve to achieve and cultivate greatness!

I understand that my life’s design plan is going to be reached one step at a time, with each step, bringing me closer to the LIFE OF MY DREAMS.

I will only settle for achieving the LIFE OF MY DREAMS.

I have the power, I have the knowledge, and I have what it takes to make my dreams come true.

Enjoy each moment. Be here now. With Love, Joy, and Gratitude.

Signature of Commitment

Inspired by John Assaraf’s The Foundation, Self-Study Program

Top 10 Healthy Foods We Never Eat

May 3, 2023

There are many healthy foods that never see the inside of a shopping cart or in your fridge. Some you’ve never heard of, and others you’ve simply forgotten about. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch. Make a place for them on your kitchen and you’ll instantly upgrade your health with no a prescription.

1. Cabbage - Cabbage is a vegetable few people really appreciate, but it’s truly a dieter’scabbage friend. It’s strong-flavored, but it’s this feature that makes it enjoyable in certain dishes.
This leafy vegetable ranks right up there with broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts with a reputation for fighting cancer. It’s also a good source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and other nutrients. Cabbage also offers a major payoff — the fewest calories and least fat of any vegetable. This powerful veggie is a must for dieters trying to lose weight. From green cabbage you’ll enjoy a fiber boost and a respectable amount of vitamin C. Two types of cabbage, savoy and bok choy, provide beta-carotene — an antioxidant that battles cancer and heart disease. For those who don’t eat dairy products, bok choy is an important source of calcium, which may help prevent osteoporosis and aid in controlling blood pressure.

2. Blueberrys - are the best fruit because they contain the most antioxidants, significantlyblueberryys less pesticides are used in their cultivation, and they are the least perishable of all berries. They are high in vitamins A, C, and E, and contain significant amounts of potassium, manganese and magnesium. Recent studies have shown that eating blueberries may improve memory, intelligence, and coordination.
Consuming blueberries au naturel is a good idea, since heat diminishes the benefits of the phytonutrients they contain. (Health experts agree that eating cooked berries, fresh or frozen, still provides significant benefits.)

3. Spinach. There are many reasons to enjoy the dark green leafy vegetable known asspinach spinach. For many years spinach has been touted as a health food, and this superfood certainly lives up to its reputation. Spinach is a rich source of many important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, iron, calcium and beta-carotene.
Spinach is also a rich source of dietary fiber, thought to play an important role in protecting the body from many forms of cancer. As a matter of fact, the compounds contained in spinach are being studied for their possible role in preventing many forms of cancer, including such major killers as lung cancer. One reason may be the high concentration of vitamin K found in spinach. Vitamin K has long been associated with cancer prevention, and spinach is one of the very best sources of this vital nutrient.

4. Pumpkin seeds - Downing pumpkin seeds is the easiest way to consume morepumpkin seeds magnesium. That’s important because French researchers recently determined that men with the highest levels of magnesium in their blood have a 40 percent lower risk of early death than those with the lowest levels. And on average, men consume 353 mg of the mineral daily, well under the 420 mg minimum recommended by the USDA.In terms of their fat content, pumpkin seeds are a good way to get both the omega 3 and 6 essential fats needed for hormone balance, brain function and skin health.

5. Beans - Much recent research in the food sciences has established that all kinds ofbeans beans are loaded with protease inhibitors, compounds that make it hard for cancer cells to invade adjacent tissue. Fava beans contain much herein, which has shown to block carcinogens in the digestive tract. And soy beans are especially rich in isoflavones, which appears to reduce the risk of breast cancer by blocking the tumor-growing influence of estrogen. Lentils also belong to the bean family, and are one of the tastiest, most versatile, and easiest to prepare beans.

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