The history of Henry Ford and the Model T illustrates a fundamental truth about leadership: leaders never outgrow the need to change.歷史亨利福特和示範噸說明了一個基本的真相的領導:領導人從來沒有outgrow需要改變。
On his way to dominating the automotive market with the Model T, Henry Ford embodied innovation and progress.他的方式主宰汽車市場與模型噸,亨利福特,體現了創新和進步。 By pioneering the assembly line, Ford slashed the amount of time needed to manufacture an automobile.由創業裝配線,福特削減的數額所需的時間製造汽車。 […] [ … … ]

by Founder, Bob Parsons由godaddy.com的創始人,鮑勃帕森斯
Of all the articles I’ve written for my Blog, this was the most popular.所有的文章我寫我的博客,這是最流行的。 I’ve received many comments from readers saying they felt that part of, or all of, this article has either helped them with either something they were dealing with, or something they wanted to accomplish.我已經收到了許多意見,從讀者說,他們認為部分,或全部的,這篇文章無論是幫助他們與他們要么被處理,或一些他們想要完成的任務。 Perhaps you will […]也許你會[ … … ]

By Keith A. Shaw由基思答:逸夫
An inherent weakness that we all have, in both our personal and career lives, is SLOW decision making.一所固有的弱點,我們都,無論在我們的個人和職業生活,是緩慢的決策。 You know you need to do something, but for unknown reasons, you procrastinate.你知道你需要做一些事情,但不知什麼原因,你拖。 Maybe it is less painful not to do something than it is to do it.也許是承受那麼多痛苦,不要做一些比它這樣做。 Perhaps it is like a […]也許是像一個[ … … ]

by Brian Tracy由Brian特雷西
There are two powers of personality you can develop that will increase your charisma and your ability to influence others.有兩個權力的人格,您可以發展,將增加你的魅力和你有能力影響他人。
Decide Exactly What You Want決定究竟想要
The first of these powers is the power of purpose.第一,這些權力是權力的目的。 Men and women with charisma and personal magnetism almost invariably have a clear vision of who they are, of where […]男性和女性的魅力和個人的磁性幾乎無一例外地有一個清晰的遠景他們是誰,在哪裡[ … … ]

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