Zen Mind: How to Declutter禅心:如何declutter

by Leo Babauta - ZenHabits.net由利奥babauta -z enhabits.net

One of the things that gives me most peace is have a clean, simple home.其中一件事使我最和平是有一个干净,简单的家。 When I wake up in the morning and walk out into a living room that has been decluttered, that has a minimalist look, and there isn’t junk lying around, there is a calm and joy that […]当我醒来时是在早上,走出去到一间起居室已decluttered ,即有一个最低限度的照顾,而且有没有垃圾随手乱丢,有一个平静和喜悦, [ … … ]

So I found this huge list over at Mallosworld.co.uk.所以,我发现这种巨大的名单在mallosworld.co.uk 。 It is a fascinating lists of sites with tons of information in it.它是一个迷人的名单地盘吨的资料。 In fact, the reason I found it, was because of a backlink back to my site here.事实上,正因如此,我发现它,是因为一个backlink回到我的网站在这里。 Cool.酷。 Enjoy the list!享受名单! Pass the word!通过字!

43 Folders 43文件夹
7Breaths 7breaths
Achieve IT!实现它!
Black Belt Productivity黑带生产力
Chief […]行政[ … … ]

By Carol Halsey卡罗尔市满市长
Have you ever spent time thinking about a task you need to tackle but keep putting off, then spend time telling yourself you just must get started and wondering when you will start it, and then feeling guilty because you are working on other tasks instead.你有花时间思考一个工作,你需要解决,但保持起飞,然后再花时间告诉你,你刚要起步,不知道当你将开始,然后感觉内疚,因为你是工作的其他任务。 Yet this one keeps hanging over your […]然而,这一个一直悬在你的[ … … ]

by Aaron Potts由亚伦家公司
Whether you have a business that is based out of your home, or if you want to maximize your efforts at your job, there are 3 basic concepts that will ensure your success.无论你是否有业务,是基于走出你的家,或者,如果您想最大限度的努力,你在你的工作,有3个基本的概念,这将确保你的成功。
By learning about and embracing these 3 simple – and free – success techniques you will not only increase your […]通过学习和接受这3个简单-与自由-成功技巧,你不但会增加你的[ … … ]

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