How Not to Talk to Your Kids如何不跟小孩

The inverse power of praise.逆功率的赞誉。
By Po Bronson由宝布朗森
What do we make of a boy like Thomas?我们如何使一个男孩喜欢托马斯? Thomas (his middle name) is a fifth-grader at the highly competitive PS 334, the Anderson School on West 84th.托马斯(他的中间名)是一个五年级学生在高度竞争的PS 334 ,安德森学校西第84 。 Slim as they get, Thomas recently had his long sandy-blond hair cut short to look like the new James Bond […]渺茫,因为他们得到的,托马斯最近有他的长期沙地金发缩短,看起来就象新的007 [ … … ]

Seeds of Family Leadership: Empowering Others种子的家庭领导:授权他人

by Denis Waitley由丹尼斯waitley
The world needs role models, instead of critics.世界需要榜样,而不是批评者。 Others know when you have their best interests at heart.别人知道的时候,你有他们的最佳利益为依归。
You are truly successful when you can extend a strong hand to someone who is reaching out or just trying to hang on.你是真正成功的时候,你可以伸出强有力的手的人伸出援手,或只是想撑下去。
Come through for others, and they will come through for you.通过为他人,他们将通过向你提供。
People who seek […]人寻求[ … … ]

Being “Too Busy” Can Cheat You Out of a Fabulous Life "太忙" ,可以作弊,你出一个精彩人生

By Joe Farcht由Joe farcht
There are probably many things you’d like to do but simply don’t have the time for.可能有很多事情,你喜欢做的,但根本没有时间。 You’re just too busy to do them!您只是过于忙碌,以做他们! Here are some changes you can make so that you accomplish the things that are truly important to you.这里有一些变化,你可以让你完成的事情,真正重要的你。
If you experience this feeling, then it’s time to sit down and […]如果你体验到这种感觉,那么,它的时间坐下来和[ … … ]

Mr. Rogers Was My Hero.罗杰斯先生是我的英雄。

Mr. Rogers goes to Washington to help get funding for Childrens Television.罗杰斯先生去华盛顿,以协助取得资金,为儿童电视。 Does he get his funding of 20$ million?他是否明白他的资金20亿元? Check it.检查它。
Man, he sure was a caring person.人,他肯定是一个充满爱心的人。 The world is a better place for having had Mr. Rogers in it.世界是一个更好的地方过罗杰斯先生在活动。

This is 6:50 minutes of someone cultivating greatness.这是6点50分钟,有人问培育的伟大。
With humbled gratitude,与谦卑感激,
Travis […]查维斯[ … … ]

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