By Ross Bonander由羅斯博南德
The art of persuasion represents the history of shrewd but diplomatic manipulation — getting people over the fence and onto your side without the use of force.藝術的勸導,代表了歷史的,但精明的外交手法-如何讓人們在籬笆上貴方沒有使用武力。 Its ultimate goal is basic, but difficult: To convince your audience to internalize your argument, then embrace it as a part of their core belief system.它的終極目標是基本的,但困難:說服你的聽眾把你的論點,然後擁抱它作為一個部分,其核心信念系統。

By Ajith Guptha由ajith guptha

There are lot of people who will use their personal network for business.有很多人會使用個人網絡的營商環境。 They will get the help of a friend or family member when they desperately need a sale.他們將得到幫助的朋友或家庭成員的時候,他們迫切需要一個有售。 Also, with the personal network you have tons of people trying to boast your career by having your business cards passed out, and […]此外,隨著個人網絡,你還有噸有人要誇耀你的事業因你的名片上通過了,和[ … … ]

Dr. Gary Bradt博士加里bradt
Time management is a grand idea when dealing with the things in your life.時間管理,是一項宏大的想法,在處理事情,在你的生活。 It’s all about organization, efficiency and getting things done.它的所有組織訓練,管理,效率和把事情做。 As a tool for leading people through change, however, it misses the mark.作為一種工具,引導人們通過改變,但它錯過了這一大關。 In fact, when leading change, the last thing you want to do is manage your time.事實上,當領先的變化,過去的事是你想要做的是管理自己的時間。 Instead, […]相反, [ … … ]

According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (an organization that promotes entrepreneurship & education) there are approximately 10 million Americans involved in starting a new business at any given time.據該尤文馬里恩考夫曼基金會(該組織促進企業家精神與教育) ,有大約10萬美國人參與在開始一項新的業務在任何特定時間。 With that reality in mind, millions of people will take their first courageous steps on the road to self-employment—only to lose their footing when […]這一現實出發,以百萬計的人會考慮他們首先勇敢的道路上前進的步伐,以自我就業,只有失去立足點的時候, [ … … ]

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