1. TV Watching 1 。看電視
Prolonged TV watching is a strong predictor for obesity1.長時間看電視是一個強大的預測obesity1 。
Recent research2 has proved that people who watch around two hours of TV per day are much more likely to be overweight than those who watched only half an hour per day.最近research2已證明的人,觀賞約兩小時的電視,每天都更容易超重,比那些只觀看了一個半小時,每天。 When you watch TV you are virtually motionless.當你看電視,你幾乎不動。 […] [ … … ]

Mountains have always captured our imaginations, calling us to scale their heights, to circle and worship at their feet, and to pay homage to their greatness.山一直被俘我們的想像,要求我們的規模,他們更上一層樓,以循環和宗教在他們的腳,並頂禮膜拜,他們的偉大。 Mountains can be seen from thousands of miles away, and if we are lucky enough to be on top of one, we can see great stretches of the surrounding […]山上可以看到,從遠在千里之外的,如果我們有幸得到再加上一,我們可以看到偉大的延伸的周邊[ … … ]

by Travis Wright由特拉維斯賴特
Back in 1995, I noticed that I was breathing incorrectly.早在1995年,我發覺我是呼吸不正確。 The more I noticed it, the more that, it seemed, it got worse.更我注意到它,越,似乎,它越變越糟糕。 Little did I know, the Law of Attraction was in full effect.沒想到我所知,法律的吸引力是在充分發揮作用。 Energy flows where attention goes.能源流向何處去注意。 My breathing got worse.我的呼吸,情況越變越糟糕。 Then stress began to […]然後應力開始[ … … ]

By: Jean Richards :讓理查茲
We are all likely to suffer from high stress levels at some point in our lives, and in today’s crowded, busy, fast paced world stress is definitely on the increase.我們所有人都可能受到來自高應力水平,在一些點在我們的生活,並在今天的擁擠,忙碌,快節奏的世界強調的是,肯定在增加。 But if left unchecked, high levels of long term stress can wreak havoc with your looks and increase your waistline for a […]但如果不加制止,高水平的長期壓力可以肆虐與您的期待,並提高您的腰圍為一[ … … ]

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