million dollars

Okay, I stumbled upon a great article. The Million Dollar Savings Club, by Bryan C. Fleming. He began this journey to save $1 in three piles every day. One for Investing, Savings, and one to give away. Read all about on his blog.

“Every Fortune begins with $1”. What a true saying. I know a lot of readers simply are unable to start saving money. I suspect it’s because saving 10% of your income is too daunting a task. So we’re going to have some fun.

I’d personally like you to join my “Million Dollar Savings Club”. What is the club? It’sa way for us to learn to save money together. Here are the rules:

- You will save $3 dollars per day in cash.
- Each dollar will be placed equally in three piles: One for saving, One for Investing, and One for giving away.
- There are no membership fees or anything like that. To be a member of the club simply set your $3 into each pile every day. We’re working on the honor system.

Certainly anyone can be a member of the club. Anyone can save $3 per day.

You might be thinking, “If I’m saving $3 per day, why is it called the Million Dollar Savings Club? ” That’sa good question and here’s the answer: The habits we learn from saving $3 per day will grow. Countless millionaires will be created from the club because some people will simply start to save more. Some people will wisely invest the investing pile. Some people will love the incredible feeling of giving money away and want to give more. The truth is, that first $3 will grow into an incredible fortune for you. It will be an amazing and exciting experience for everyone in the club.

So let’s get ready for August 23rd. That’s the kick off date. Have your $3 ready, and welcome to the club!

This seems like a fun thing to try. Feel free to begin and keep us posted with your progress.

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