by Travis WrightKill your TV

Sometimes it is just easier NOT to think. But to truly grow and move forward in our chosen path of life, we need to think optimally, and need to surround ourselves with others who truly make us think.

Its seems more and more these days, that deep thinking is a thing of the past. Most people have such shallow conversations, that it is literally mind-numbing.

“Did you watch [TV Flavor of the Season Show] Last night? Oh wow, it was so awesome and such and such did such and such with Whoever! Can you believe it! Wow, what a great show.”

Seriously, who cares? Its fantasy. Stepping into the TV realm is like checking your consciousness at the door and being 100% reliant on the cable providers to give you something nice to look at. This isnt thinking. It’s wasteful consciousness transference.

Instead of ‘thinking’ about your television shows, seek out others in your area that watch minimal amounts of television. And get together and have life enriching conversations about stuff that matters. Things that are gonna help you out along your path towards success.

Like attracts like, so if you are always wasting time, and watching TV… you will get more of the same of what you already have. And if you are like me, and wanting to improve the quality of your life, then I recommend getting off the couch and off the damn television. Turn it off, unplug the damn thing. Or, cover it up with a nice blanket or something. I used to do this during my college days… it really helped me to study with the TV covered, or I might have been tempted to turn on its consciousness dumbing downness. heh.

Yeah, so… Choose to be around smart people… people who you learn something from when you are around. Embrace their knowledge and grow. Find new people who can help you enrich your life. In turn, you will gather new found skills and knowledge that will help you enrich others lives. Its a win-win situation.

Or, you can choose to spend your free time sleeping in, and then watching copious amounts of worthless television, then logging on to read personal development blogs 20 years from now, wishing your life was better than it is right now.

If you want change…. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

-Much Love
Travis Wright

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Category : Advice / Consciousness / Cultivate Greatness / General / Habits / Personal Development
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12 Responses to “Choose To Be Around People Who Make You Think”

Linda Freedman (Therapydoc) December 24, 2023

Great idea, smashing the set, and when you’re children are little, it’s a FABULOUS idea.

But honest. A LITTLE TV can surely add to the conversations that are going on all around you, especially if you hold thoughts and opinions that run against the grain.

A little TV can’t hurt, right?

John Wesley December 26, 2023


Great post. I know exactly what you mean. TV is a killer of confidence, motivation, and intelligence. I plan to write on the subject myself at some point.

Tracy January 24, 2024

I think TV has its place as entertainment, though most shows are pitifully un-entertaining. It’s also a pretty useful casual conversation starter. I don’t know about you, but I don’t necessarily feel like debating free will or the existence of god with a co-worker at 8 a.m., before my first cup of coffee. I do, however, really like this quotation-which actually came from a Starbucks cup (perhaps we can debate the ethics of Starbucks’ destruction of local coffeeshops later…):

“Is art entertainment? Art teaches us about who we are. Entertainment tells us who to be. Art is a public service. Entertainment is a private product. Art opens our minds. Entertainment thinks for you. Art is publicly offered. Entertainment is publicly traded. Art is the words we wish to say, but lack the language to say it.”
- Justin Dillon, Tremolo (band)

Magz June 16, 2023

I find myself watching less and less tv these days. It’s such mind-numbing junk and it’s getting worse and worse. I really wonder why I bother to own a TV at all.

Magz’s last blog post..Tesco, Chickens and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

irish gift shop July 9, 2023

I too find myself not watching much tv anymore. I used to only watch documentaries on Discovery and similar but they all just seem to be repeats now-a-days.

I do spent an awful lot of time online now tho. I like to post to forums and blogs and it’s possible to get involved in some great conversations. Bad thing is I spend a lot of time sitting down in front of a computer.

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