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Travis enjoying a Cruise in the Caribbean.

Cultivate Greatness is a venture combining the efforts of Travis Wright and the submissions of many talented authors from around the world. This site was originally set upon a journey to author my first book, Cultivate Greatness… this blog will showcase the most inspiring, motivating, educating articles on the web from other authors, and showcase my own success writings as we morph them into chapters of our book.

Travis Wright has been an online entrepreneur since 1996. He got first got online in a computer lab at the School of Journalism at the University of Kansas in July 1996, and had built his first website within the next couple days. This internet thing intrigued Travis, as he continued to explore the realms of worldwide infinite possibilities.

In the past 10 years, Travis went on to co-develop a site dedicated to independent musicians, artists, filmmakers and designers called MethodLaboratories with the talented Shaun Cruther Utz. They went on to also develop a customized t-shirt and apparel store in a local Kansas City mall, called DNA Customs.

Travis Wright then set up a new business entity with Alexander Petrides, called MediaThinkLab LLC. MediaThinkLab is a web development company that has created websites for several Fortune 1000 companies.

Through this venture, they created VoteCapture Technologies, which aids political candiates in the process of organizing their campaigns more effeciently and effectively. They also created TimeCheeze.com which is an online tshirt store that showcases a BETA video search engine to find funny media throughout the web.

Travis was a top salesman for a couple of organizations, and has co-developed SalesMotivation.net with the inspirational, Dr. Gary Jones. He isn’t really a Phd. doctor, but to me, he is “the Docta”. Gary has been a successful sales professional, at the top of his game since I was but a wee-lad. Check out the site, he has done amazing things there.

Travis is also working on developing a system to educate Online Entrepreneurs with the Marketing Mastery System, via online information and offline Seminars, which will be released early 2007.

Travis Wright

Doing a bit of standup… inspirin’, knowledgizin’ & speakin’ truths. .

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