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As many of you know, I run an interactive agency in Kansas City called, Advangel. We like to spread the word about companies brands and products, and we do a great job of getting the word out about your company.

Well, people on twitter typically do the same thing, every Friday, they shout out which friends of theirs that they feel their other friends should follow. Its called #followfriday. Typically, my follow friday stream looks something like this:

As you can see, it is overwhelming the amount of tweeps mentioned in just a couple posts… now factor that times 100 or so of those that I get EACH friday, it is a stream clogger. And to be quite frank, I’d rather NOT be included in those type of messages. Does ANYONE even follow people from a 10 tweep tweet #ff? My guess is that it is quite futile practice that few gain value from, other than ego stroking.

Last night, I was looking at which topics were trending for twitter, and 90% of them were TV shows. @jeffisageek and I decided that we should come up with a fake hashtag to rock the trending topics… he suggested #hookerboots.

Twitter Pimp Genesis

Although that term was funny, it served no purpose. So, I thought, what if we were to “Pimp” your Twitter friends. It is the same as #followfriday, but it will teach the lesson of NOT overloading 10 friends on one post, which is completely worthless.

So we came up with the hashtag #twitterpimp. If it resonates well with you or not… just know that #followfriday is a good thing, but keep it to ONE or maybe TWO people per tweet so that it adds value.

Take the advice of this wise sage:

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Category : Personal Branding

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