50 Bathroom Downstairs and Cloakroom Ideas for Small Spaces

The bathroom is a very important room in the house. A place where all family members maintain personal hygiene. A good bathroom should be able to facilitate users, both children to the elderly. Besides that, the bathroom must be safe and comfortable when used.

Big or small size of the bathroom does not matter. You can make a bathroom that is safe and comfortable even though it’s small in size. Especially if your house is narrow and has limited space. Obviously you need an alternative bathroom that you can put in a small place.


Bathroom Downstairs, Downstairs Toilet and Cloakroom Ideas

Bathroom Downstairs and Cloakroom Ideas for Small Spaces

You can use the room under the stairs to make a small bathroom. The downstairs bathroom idea might be good for you. Because children and parents have no trouble using the bathroom. The room in your house does not become cramped, because it utilizes an unused room.

Before you decide what design you want to make, you should look for some references. You can search for bathroom downstairs ideas here. We have a list of 50 bathroom downstairs ideas that we have chosen. Hopefully there is something you like and can be applied to the layout of your home.

Downstairs Toilet Ideas

downstairs toilet ideas

Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas

downstairs cloakroom ideas

Downstairs Toilet Designs

downstairs toilet designs

Small Downstairs Toilet

small downstairs toilet

Small Downstairs Toilet Ideas

small downstairs toilet ideas

Small Downstairs Toilet Design Ideas

small downstairs toilet design ideas

Downstairs Toilet Decorating Ideas

downstairs toilet decorating ideas

Downstairs Cloakroom Design Ideas

downstairs cloakroom design ideas

Downstairs Shower and Toilet

downstairs shower and toilet

Funky Downstairs Toilet Ideas

funky downstairs toilet ideas

Downstairs Toilet Mirror

downstairs toilet mirror

Downstairs Cloakroom Decorating Ideas

downstairs cloakroom decorating ideas

Downstairs Bathroom Designs

downstairs bathroom designs

Modern Downstairs Toilet

modern downstairs toilet

Convert Downstairs Toilet to Shower Room

convert downstairs toilet to shower room

Downstairs Cloakroom Designs

downstairs cloakroom designs

Downstairs Toilet and Shower Room

downstairs toilet and shower room

Bathroom Leak to Downstairs Ceiling

bathroom leak to downstairs ceiling

Downstairs Toilet Sink

downstairs toilet sink

Modern Downstairs Toilet Ideas

modern downstairs toilet ideas

Small Downstairs Shower Room

small downstairs shower room

Downstairs Toilet and Sink

downstairs toilet and sink

Downstairs Toilet Color Ideas

downstairs toilet colour ideas

Contemporary Downstairs Toilet Design

contemporary downstairs toilet design

Downstairs Cloakroom Tiling Ideas

downstairs cloakroom tiling ideas

Downstairs Wet Room

downstairs wet room

Downstairs Toilet Storage Ideas

downstairs toilet storage ideas

Tiled Downstairs Toilet

tiled downstairs toilet

Small Downstairs Cloakrooms

small downstairs cloakrooms

Downstairs Loo Decorating Ideas

downstairs loo decorating ideas

Downstairs Bathroom Extension

downstairs bathroom extension

Small Downstairs Toilet Decorating Ideas

small downstairs toilet decorating ideas

Grey Downstairs Toilet

grey downstairs toilet

Small Downstairs Loo Ideas

small downstairs loo ideas

Fitting a Downstairs Toilet

fitting a downstairs toilet

Compact Downstairs Toilet

compact downstairs toilet

Tiny Downstairs Toilet Ideas

tiny downstairs toilet ideas

Luxury Downstairs Toilet

luxury downstairs toilet

Downstairs Toilet Conversion

downstairs toilet conversion

Downstairs Toilet Extension

downstairs toilet extension

Downstairs Toilet Tile Ideas

downstairs toilet tile ideas

Downstairs Toilet Wall Art

downstairs toilet wall art

Downstairs Toilet Flooring

downstairs toilet flooring

Downstairs Toilet Light

downstairs toilet light

Downstairs Shower Room Ideas

downstairs shower room ideas

Downstairs Toilet Off Kitchen

downstairs toilet off kitchen

Small Downstairs Bathroom Ideas

small downstairs bathroom ideas

Vintage Leaking Downstairs

vintage leaking downstairs

Black and White Downstairs Toilet

black and white downstairs toilet

Color Schemes for Downstairs Toilets

colour schemes for downstairs toilets

Purple Downstairs Toilet

purple downstairs toilet

Putting in a Downstairs Toilet

putting in a downstairs toilet

Tropical Scheme Downstairs Toilet

tropical scheme downstairs toilet

Downstairs Bathroom Decorating Ideas

downstairs bathroom decorating ideas

Paint Color for Downstairs Toilet


paint color for downstairs toilet

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