25 Hillside Landscaping Ideas with Low Maintenance

Hillside Landscaping Ideas with Low Maintenance and Easy Design

Hillside landscaping is often less desired since many people think that it is hard to arrange. Its landscape is also hard to walk and work on. Besides, the topsoil is risky of having soil run off and down the slope. However, it does not mean that we cannot do something to make the hillside landscape … Read more

45 Barndominium Design Ideas for Your Best Inspiration

Barndominium Design Ideas

Barndominium becomes popular nowadays. Barndomimium derives from two words, namely barn and condominium. A barn is used to be a place for people to keep their harvest. But now, people can build the barn as their home. What is actually barndominium? Barndominium means either a restoration of a previous storage barn into a home or … Read more