20 Garage Storage Loft Tips and DIY Loft Storage Plans


Is your garage full? If it is, can you do something about it? Can you add more storage in it? The good news is you can. You can add more storage in your garage for sure. How can you do it?

The answer is by having a garage storage loft. Having a garage storage loft will help you declutter your garage. According to many experts today, keeping your things off the floor will improve convenience and efficiency.

If you want to know more about building a garage storage loft, just read on. We will explain things you should know about it.


What Is Garage Storage Loft?

Today, garage renovations have become one of the most common upgrades for houses. One way to renovate a garage is building a garage storage loft. What is a garage storage loft?

A garage storage loft is basically extra storage built above the garage. A storage loft can be as simple as a simple structure built strong enough to be a storage or built as complex as an attic.

Let us ask you something. When you park your car inside the garage, where you place it? Most of the time, people park their cars in the middle area and place their garage storage on the wall. When you build a garage storage loft, you free up these spaces while leaving more room for your car to park in.

Although the garage is usually away from a homeowner’s living areas, they are still a part of the house. Thus, making the added storage from loft ideal for storing the items you don’t need to keep at the house at all times or for storing items that are used seasonally.

One of the most common spots for a garage loft is above the door. If you want to build your loft this way, you can use the door track as the place where the loft starts. That is, take full advantage of the structure that you already have.

If, however, you want a large storage loft, you can create a loft above the garage. Yes, such loft functions similarly like an attic. If you are an avid DIY person, it may take about two or three days to complete a garage loft like that.

What Can It Do to Have Garage Storage Loft?

As the name implies, the main function of a garage storage loft is to be extra storage. The main idea of building a loft in your garage is to utilize the space in the garage efficiently.

The aim is to reduce unused space in the garage. The amount of extra storage depends on the height of the garage ceiling. The higher the garage ceiling is, the larger the amount of extra storage will be available.

As we have said earlier, lofts can be simple and complex, depending on the homeowners. Some homeowners have tall garage ceilings that they can build a loft that appears and functions just like a second floor. Awesome, isn’t it?

In terms of carrying capacity, a garage storage loft can be built to be able to carry over 1.000 lbs. weight. So, not only can a garage storage loft can be built to carry lots of items, but it is can also be built to carry heavy items as well.

What other things can a storage loft in your garage do? Protect your items. How? Well, since a storage loft is placed near the ceiling, in case a fluid leaks or flood happens, the items stored on the loft are likely to be safe.

The higher the ceiling, the safer they will be. As for access, some homeowners include built-in steps in their garage to allow easy access to their storage loft.

In terms of design, there is no limitation on how you should design a garage storage loft. There are lots of garage storage loft designs out there that can suit various size and type of garage. Of course, the lofts are designed in a way that they don’t disturb the vehicle space and the garage door.

You can also add other accessories, too. For example, crates, pegs, hooks, as well as coded storage bins can be added into the lofts for even more efficient storage.

How to Build a Simple Garage Storage Loft?

Making a garage storage loft is not difficult and also does not take a long time. You just need to prepare it carefully and know the steps. To build a simple garage storage loft, you will need the following items:

  • Wooden posts.
  • Wooden boards.
  • Plywood boards.
  • Joist hangers and nails.
  • Lag bolts.
  • Bits, screwdriver, drill.
  • Lumber screws.
  • Post anchors (the size should be proportional to the wooden posts and boards).


Like any other DIY projects, the first step is preparation. In this case, make sure that you have all the needed materials and tools. We don’t include the number and the size of the timber and lumber boards as the number and the size will depend on your garage’s size as well as the loft’s size you are going to build.

Before you start the project, make sure that building a garage storage loft does not breach local laws. Also, make sure that the project will not harm the integrity of the garage and your house as a whole. This is important as there is no point in upgrading your house while at the same time harming the integrity of the garage and the house.

Measuring size properly is very important. Be sure that there is enough space left for your car in the garage. If you have a high ceiling, try to take advantage of it. If you have a short ceiling, make the most out of it.

Plan the Loft

To plan the loft, just use the posts. If required, you can also add supports to create a larger or wider loft. Leave enough space for each floor joist every 15 inches or so. Leave enough space for the boards along the four directions of the loft.

By doing the above, it will be easier for you to measure the size of the lumber you will need to build a garage storage loft. You can either purchase whole boards then cut them using a circular saw yourself or having them cut by the store at the size you want.

That is up to you to decide. If you are quite adept in cutting lumber and have the time to do it, then, by all means, do so. If not, having them cut is not a bad idea, either.

Secure the Boards

Next is securing the boards to the walls. How can you do it? Simple, using lag bolts. Screws lag bolts about 3 inches into the studs. Make sure that every wall stud is attached with a board.

After you are done attaching boards to the wall studs, the next thing to do is to attach the posts’ anchor by using some wood. Screw these posts and secure them to their positions. Attach the ledger boards and screw each and every one of the boards on the wall boards as well as the support post placed on the floor.

Install the Joists

After you the boards are secured, the next step is to install the joists. Prepare your joists nails and joists hangers. Nail these hangers on the left and right sides of the frame. Make sure that they are attached firmly. Then, slide in the joists into these hangers. The floor supports you installed previously should be sturdy and firm enough to hold and support the loft.

Add the Flooring

The final step is to add the flooring into the loft. To do it, take the plywood boards and lay them over the joists. Before you screw and secure them, be sure that the boards are placed properly. You want a loft with firm and secure flooring, so do just that.

Tips to Maximizing Your Loft Storage

The size of the garage determines the size of the loft. That being said, a garage with 8 to 9 feet high ceiling can still accommodate a storage loft albeit a small one.

When you store items, try to sort the items according to how often you use it. If you use an item often, be sure that it is readily accessible at all times. Likewise, if you use an item seasonally, you can put them behind other more needed items.

For the heavy items, place them near the rear end of the loft and move them to the ledger board. After you do so, try to spread the weight evenly across the loft. Never overload any section of the loft.

If you have a short garage ceiling, you can opt for a ladder (preferably aluminum or wooden) about 10-foot tall instead of built-in steps. A ladder will not take up space and you can move it anywhere.

Garage Storage Loft Ideas



Having a garage storage loft is always a good idea. It is an upgrade to the house. Not to mention it adds extra storage that is ready to be used at all times as well. To build a garage storage loft is not as difficult as you may think, as you have seen above. So, what do you think? Are you going to put a garage storage loft in your next DIY projects list?


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