30 Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas with Steps to Build and The Cost


Who doesn’t like a nice swimming pool in their backyard? Having a swimming pool is a luxury to have. Back then, you will need to dig your backyard to build a swimming pool.

Today, things are different. Digging the backyard is not needed. Rather than building a swimming pool under the ground, many people nowadays build it above the ground. Are you interested?

Well, if you are interested, you want to read on. Here, we will talk about above ground pool deck ideas. We will tell you about how to build it, how much does it cost to build one and giving you some examples to inspire you. Alright, now let’s get started.

How to Build Above Ground Pool with Decks?

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas with Steps to Build and The Cost

Let’s start with how to build an above ground swimming pool. How do you build it? The first thing you need to do is to plan it. It will be easier to plan an above ground swimming pool if you have inspirations.

Don’t worry, we will provide some inspirations to you later. So how do you plan it? The planning is mostly about how the swimming pool looks, how large the pool, how the pool is shaped, the patio, the decks, the furniture, and so on. Plan these beforehand.

You can also consult with above ground swimming pools builders about it. They will gladly help you in the process. You can also ask them about deck plans and a materials list as well, which they usually provide for free if you hire them.

So, yeah, you can either build an above ground swimming pool yourself or hiring a builder to do it for you. Whichever you choose, it is yours to decide. If you decide to build an above ground swimming pool yourself, you can follow the steps below.

Steps to Building an Above Ground Pool with Decks

Remember, this guide is for building a deck surrounding a pool with 21 ft. diameter. The deck is created with pressure-treated lumber. It includes a full 360-degree wraparound deck connected to a 10 x 18 ft. sun deck.

On one hand, the circular pool deck is 3 1/2 ft. wide, which allows for easy access to the pool. On the other hand, the sun deck is able to accommodate a table, several chairs, as well as several chaise lounges.

For this project, you will need 8 x 11 inch. pre-cast piers weighed approximately 45 pounds with 3 ½ inch square, recessed socket and 1 ½ wide slots molded on top of each pier.

The socket will be used to support a 4×4 post (positioned vertically) and the slots accommodate 2×6 joists. The total cost of these materials is about $2,400.

Step 1: Floor Framing

The framing process will require 18 floor-joist frames. Start the process by using the 2×6 lumbers to build 17 frames with exact measurements. The last frame will be built later to fit the rest when they are already assembled.

To quicken the process, attach galvanized-metal corner brackets onto the four perimeter boards. After that, utilize the joist hangers to install the joist that will serve as the center support.

Step 2: Piers and Posts

The next is setting the piers and posts. The joists used as floor frames will be supported by several 4×4 posts put on concrete pier blocks. To set the piers and posts of the pool, start by setting a pair of concrete pier blocks on the ground, just beside the pool. Ensure that the ground is level and even. If it isn’t level and uneven, make it level and even by using nearby soil.

Continue the process by placing a pair of concrete per blocks. Place the pair of blocks so that their center is approximately 12 inches from the pool wall. Place the next pair of blocks so that their center is approximately 18 inches from the first blocks’ center.

Mold the square sockets into the piers. Stand two 4×4 posts in the sockets. Place a 4 ft. level across the pool’s top cap. Across the 4×4 posts, mark a line. Make sure the line is level. Then, remove these posts. Prepare to measure them down.

From each line of the posts, measure down a distance that is equal to the pool coping’s thickness and add about ½ inches for expansion, 1 ½ inch for the 2×6 decking, and 5 ½ inches for the 2×6 floor frame. Mark each position and cut the posts to length.

After the posts are cut, put them back on the piers. Be sure that they are in the same positions when you put them the first time. Repeat the process above for the next piers and posts.

After you cut the second pair to size, place them into the piers and put a floor-joist frame above them. Put the deck screws to connect the frame and the posts. Keep doing this and set frames, pier blocks, and posts around the pool.

After you finish installing the 17 frames, measure the remaining space and cut the last frame to size. Put the last frame to fill the space. Screw 2×4 diagonal braces into the 4×4 posts. Set the posts and pier blocks for 10×18 ft. sun deck.

The piers should be arranged in 11 rows with 24 inches space on center. Install the floor joists (the 2×6 one) after the posts are cut and placed in the piers. Screw down some deck screws to fasten the joists.

Step 3: Laying the Deck

Cut some of the 2x6s until they are 4 ft. in length. Cut one end of each board at 80 degrees. Put the first board’s angled end under the coping of the pool. Be sure that it is ½ inch (at minimum) away from the wall of the pool.

Set the board’s log edge between two floor-joist frames that are adjoined. Fasten them with deck screws. Continue to do this until all boards are installed. Trim the overhanging boards. Move on the sun deck and ensure that the boards are installed tightly together.

Step 4: Guardrails and Stairs

To save time, purchase precut railing posts. Install them around the deck and fasten them with galvanized screws. Finish the construction by building stairs from the ground leading to the sun deck. How the guardrails and stairs are shaped is up to you.

Above Ground Pool with Decks Cost

Unfortunately, we can’t give you the exact estimate of the total cost of building an above ground swimming pool with decks. That being said, the materials needed to build the example above cost about $2,400.

This cost includes pressure-treated lumber, screws, joist hangers, as well as pier blocks. Of course, your cost may not be the same. Other factors, such as area preparation, may affect the total cost as well.

If you want to build an above ground swimming pool with decks but don’t have the time to do it, you can always hire above ground swimming pools builders. Usually, if you hire a builder, they will include free deck plans, which include instructors, cost estimator, and a detailed list of the materials required.

Hiring a builder to build an above ground swimming pool may seem costlier than building it DIY-way, but it removes all the hassle and headache you may have when you build it on your own? Is it worth it? That’s for you to answer.

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

After we know how to build above ground pool with deck, you can find some inspiration. Use it to give you advice before building above ground pool with a deck that suits you. You can see some ideas below.

Above Ground Pool with Deck Backyard

A pool with a deck surrounding it makes it appears as if the pool is separate from the house. Since the pool seems to be private, the place is perfect for occasions like sunbathing retreat or just spending the time with family and friends. This above ground pool deck ideas is perfect for small to middle size backyard.

above ground pool mini deck
above ground pool deck ideas on a budget

Above Ground Pool with Separated Deck

Who says you can only have one deck? You are not limited to building a swimming pool surrounded by a deck for sure. You can also build multiple connected decks. This design is good if you want to add other areas such as a spa or patio near the pool.

above ground pool deck building plans

Above Ground Pool with Fenceless Deck

Want to enjoy the surrounding view? If that’s what you want, you can build an above ground swimming pool with fenceless deck. Since the above ground pool deck ideas like this have more ‘open’ space, it is a good idea to have a retractable pool cover. Especially if there are a lot of trees around the pool. A retractable pool cover will make the pool easier to clean.

above ground pool tiered deck

Above Ground Pool Looks Like In-ground

You can build an above ground swimming pool that looks like an in-ground one. To build a pool like this, you will need to build a level deck and a bit deeper pool. This type of deck works better if there is no fence or guardrails surrounding the pool.

above ground pools pool wood deck

Above Ground Pool with Rustic Deck

These above ground pool deck ideas can be dreamy, too. To get the dreamy vibe, you will need to use rustic wood and artificial lights. Adding wooden fences around the pool is also a great idea. For the best result, be sure that the color of the wood and the artificial lights you are using are matching.

above ground pool deck colors
step up deck to above ground pool

Above Ground Pool with Connecting Deck with the House

This pool deck design will require more planning. The above ground pool with this design need a lot of wood deck to connect your house with your pool. Maybe it cost much money but but you won’t regret it. You can have an aesthetic and functional swimming pool near your home.

above ground pool deck layout

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