Accordion Room Divider and All You Need to Know About + Ideas


Accordion room divider, also known as folding room divider, is always needed by homeowners who want to have more privacy, especially when the house is quite large with no boundaries in every room. As the name implies, accordion room divider has the look like the accordion (one of the music instrument), it has that folded look that gives a room a unique appearance as well, besides of the privacy. This portable wall is always the best solution for privacy problem that does not have to end up with building an expensive and permanent wall. If you are more interested and want to know what an accordion room divider looks like, here is the further information you need to know about the room divider.


What is Accordion Room Divider?

Accordion Room Divider and Accordion Room Divider Ideas

Accordion room divider (or folding room divider) can be defined as a portable wall in the form of folded frames. The frames are tall and wide. When it folded, it is going to be compact and easy to move to everywhere. The room divider is not permanent furniture, so if you don’t want it, you can remove it and stored on your garage or storage room. Most room dividers in accordion style do not attach to the wall or the building in any ways. They are simply placed on the floor, unfolded, and they provide instant privacy. The materials to make this kind of room divider are numerous, such as timber, stainless steel, plastic fiber and metal frames.

Great Things About Accordion Room Divider

Talking about the good things of accordion room divider, you will find so many of them. This kind of portable wall has been used for decades in order to provide better privacy and to provide the homeowners with many other benefits. Here are some of the greatest things about accordion room divider that may impress you.

1. Highly Portable

Accordion room dividers are usually have a light weight and highly portable. They can be folded and stored easily. Indeed, this kind of room divider is not meant to be used permanently. They can be loaded into a van effortlessly and transferred to somewhere else if you need it. The high portability of this room divider makes it perfect for those who travel frequently or those who move quite often from one place to another.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

The design of accordion room dividers is very unique and beautiful. It gives a delightful look to the room. The best thing about the room divider is that they can elevate the aesthetic value of the room. It can change the plain room into photogenic room. Your room will look more beautiful with just small accordion room dividers. You can also use it as you background for your instagram photos or youtube videos.

3. Available in Many Designs and Materials

There are many materials that can be used to make accordion room dividers. The frames can be made out of timber, bamboo, stainless steel, platic fiber or even metal frames. The screen for filling up the frames are even more flexible, you can use some materials like glass, vinyl, woven fabric, and many more. Because of its flexibility, it is very easy to match up the design of the room divider with the style of the room or the design concept of the entire house.

Buying Accordion Room Divider vs. Making DIY Accordion Room Divider

Surely, accordion room dividers look incredibly tempting. If you want to have one at home, you have two options: to buy it or to make it yourself. Either way, you are going to end up with beautiful piece of accordion room divider that works so well in giving you privacy. Here is the pros and cons information about buying or making the room divider.

1. Buying Accordion Room Divider

If you a simple person that don’t want to work hard and don’t have much time for DIY projects and crafting stuff, you probably choose to buy the store-bought accordion room divider. It is widely available in furniture store and home depot, like IKEA. It is even available in major retails such as in Walmart. Buying the room divider, whether it is buying online or buying it straight from the furniture store you’ve visited, has some pros and cons. Find out what they are below.

Buying Pros:

Simpler and faster

  • There is no doubt that buying a store-bought room divider is simpler. It allows you to focus on anything else, rather than spending hours of making the furniture. Most store-bought accordion room dividers come in parts and you have to assemble it. However, it is still way simpler and faster compared to making the DIY version.

Numerous variation of designs are available

  • As stated before, accordion room divider is very fun to have. It can be made from many kinds of materials hence allowing it to have many designs as well. With so many designs of the room divider available, you will have the chance to match the design of the room divider with the theme and color scheme of your home.

Buying Cons:

May not perfectly suit the room

  • When it comes to size, store-bought accordion room divider is not going to please you so well. As it is mass manufactured, there are already standard sizes for the final products. It means it won’t fit perfectly to your room unless your room has the same exact length or width with the standard size of the divider.

May cost you lots of money

  • Store-bought accordion room dividers, especially those made out of sturdy materials, are going to cost you quite a lot of money. Plus, if you order it online, you will have to pay for the shipping fee and insurance fee as well. This can be quite expensive and that is why people are getting tempted by the DIY version.

2. Making DIY Accordion Room Divider

Many people opt to build their own DIY accordion room divider. After all, this piece of furniture is basically just a folded frames. All you need to do to make it is preparing the materials and tools. The materials are from the frame and screen. With the help of nails and hammers, make the frame. Suit the size of the frame fits to the designated room to divide. Then, after the frame is done, fill the frame with screening material. What are the pros and cons of this decision? Here is the answer.

DIY Pros:

Can fit the size precisely

  • Because you make everything from scratch, it is very easy to customize the size of the room divider. You can make an accordion room divider that fits the size of the room perfectly. It will provide better privacy for sure. You can also decide how many frames and foldings you want for the dividers. This kind of stuff is impossible to get when you buy a store-bought room divider instead of making one on your own.

Free to choose the preffered materials

  • There are so many materials to choose from when you want to make a room divider on your own. Obviously, you can have wider options and select easily which type of material you feel comfortable working with. You can also choose materials that will be easiest to find around you as well.

Saving money

  • Making accordion room divider from scratch apparently costs less than buying at the store. You do not have to pay for shipping fee and anything else if you decide to make one on your own. As long as you already have the tools required for the projects and you pick relatively affordable materials for the frame and the screen, the DIY room divider should cost you small amount of money.

DIY Cons:

Requires serious effort and time

  • Building some furniture like a room divider is not something that everyone can do. Someone needs to have skills and excperience, at least they have some woodworking skill basic and also crafting skill. Without the skills, you can’t make good room divider. All things will fall apart.

Maintaining Accordion Room Divider

Whether you buy it from furniture store or you build it, up on your own. But for sure, an accordion room divider needs to be well taken care of. By maintaining the room divider properly, the portable wall is going last longer. Here are some tips to keep the room divider clean and sturdy.

1. Dust Regularly

The frame of the room divider needs to be dusted regularly. If the dust is too thick, use soapy water to remove the dust. If the screen is covered in dust as well, remove the screens and clean it separately.

2. Grease up the Hinges

The hinges need to be greased up or oiled up to make it works well all the time, especially when the accordion room divider is folded and unfolded quite often. By doing this maintenance, the furniture is going last longer.

3. Recoat and Repaint

If you choose timber or bamboo as the material of the frame, you need to regularly recoat the frame. Recoat the frame with waterproof coat and anti termite coat. To improve the look, you also need to repaint the frame to keep the look new all the time.

Accordion Room Divider Ideas


It is now clear that accordion room dividers are very useful and very unique. You can now make a decision whether you want to get the divider from furniture store or you want to try making the DIY project on your own. Don’t forget to pay attention to the efficiency of your money and your time.


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