Barn Conversion Ideas from Old to Gold (with 48+ Barn Ideas)


Barn conversion has become a popular trend for several years now for good reason. Barns used to be used exclusive for animal husbandry. Today, barns are converted into beautiful houses with a gorgeous interior.

It may look like old barn outside but you can’t judge the book by it’s cover, right? If you come inside the barn, you’ll find a cozy dream home for family living. It will surprised you by the incredible transformations.

Everybody is dreaming to buy or build a barn house nowadays. They have a lot of barn conversion ideas to modify the old barn concepts and start build their incredible dream home. It’s time to say goodbye to the old traditional barns building, welcome to the new concept of cozy barn family homes.


Barn Conversions Ideas and Everything You Need to Know

Barn Conversion Ideas from Old to Gold with Barn Ideas

If you are looking for some interesting examples, we have plenty of them here. Get inspired by our list of barn conversion ideas to see what is possible when taking on your next project. Below, we listed various barn conversion ideas with pictures that will impress you. Let’s get started.

Modern Barn Conversion

There are many barns that are converted into a modern barndominium. Does it look good? Of course. If it doesn’t, there will not be many who did it. What makes a barndominium with modern decor interesting is the contrast between the exterior and the interior looks of the barndominium.

From the outside, the barndominium may look just like an ordinary barn. This assumption will change immediately after you enter the barn. Still unconvinced that a modern barndominium looks great? Well, just take a look at the example below.

The picture above is some of the best example. Looks really great, isn’t it? Notice that the interior is clean and without fuss. All of the furniture has its own purposes. The interior is also dominated with neutral colors, with some bright colors here and there to become the focal points.

Is modern decor limited to the interior only? Can you change the exterior to be more modern? Of course, modern decor can be applied to the exterior as well. You can change the exterior of a barn to be more modern. Just take a look at the picture below.

Although the contrast between the exterior and interior is great, it doesn’t have to be like that for every barn. Sometimes, the exterior can work well with modern decor, too.

The most important aspect of modern decor is its simplicity and functionality. As such, this kind of decor works well for people who tend to be minimalists and want a fuss-free environment. It is the application of ‘form-follows-function’ principle.

Rustic Barn Conversion

Do you like a more naturalistic look? If so, consider the rustic decor. Unlike the modern decor, the rustic decor does not contrast much with the original look of the barn.

Some barndominium owners even keep the most of the exterior of the barn intact. Some others, on the other hand, design it to make it look more rustic.

What do you think about the barndominium on the picture above? Looks quite rustic, isn’t it? It is an example of barndominiums that have been changed to look more rustic. Notice the dark gray brown color.

The dark brown color allows the barndominium to look more natural and blend with its surrounding. This works especially well if the barndominium is surrounded by a natural landscape with grass and trees around.

What about the interior? The interior of rustic barndominiums, of course, varies from one to another. That being said, they all share one thing in common: the use of earth tone colors. The furniture pieces in the interior don’t have to be all functional, unlike in the interior of the modern decor.

Take a look at the interior above. This is an example of how a rustic interior looks like in a barndominium. The interior is dominated by earth tone colors, particularly light brown. There are also bright colors here and there, but they complement the overall look of the interior.

The use of earth tone colors on the barn conversion ideas above gives a relaxing vibe, which is one of the reasons why people choose the rustic interior. So if you want a relaxing interior, consider the rustic decor.

Contemporary Barn Conversion

The contemporary decor is often thought of as synonymous with the modern decor. This is not true. On one hand, the contemporary decor focuses on what is present, what is now, and what is the current state-of-the-art design. On the other hand, modern decor focuses on functions and simplicity as it follows form follows function philosophy.

Take a look at the barndominium picture above. That is how a contemporary barndominium looks like from the inside. Notice that not all of the furniture on this interior design is for useful functions and purpose.

Rather than that, some of them are just there for aesthetical purposes. The uses of glasses are one of the characteristics of the contemporary decor, which you can see on the barndominium above.

The same principle applies to the exterior as well. Not all of the exterior accents pieces have useful functions. In the exterior of this barn style, metals and glasses are used commonly but liberally. You can see on the design of a contemporary barn conversion ideas above.

The most important thing about contemporary decor is its use of glasses and metals. Sometimes, irregular shapes are involved as well. To put it simply, contemporary decor represents the current state-of-the-art designs. It may not be as functional as modern decor or as relaxing as rustic decor.

As you can see from the examples of exterior and interior above, the barndominium looks gorgeous outside and inside. Should you consider this decor? That depends on what’s your goal.

If you want to follow the current, state-of-the-art designs, contemporary decor is your best option. On the other hand, if you prefer simplicity and functions or more natural and relaxed decors, then it may not fit your taste.

Rustic and Modern Barn

Can two different decor styles be combined? Yes, it can. In this case, rustic and modern. With the rustic and modern decor, you get the best aspects of two worlds. On one hand, you will have the functionalities of the modern decor. On the other, the decor brings a relaxing vibe to you.

The exterior of the rustic and modern barndominiums usually look just like other barndominiums. Of course, it will likely to be dominated with earth tone colors like light brown. The interior is where the difference at.

Just like the exterior, the interior is usually dominated by earth tone colors. On the picture above, the rustic aspects come from the dark brown sofa, brown chair and tables, the walls, and the ceiling.

All of these create a rustic vibe. As for the modern touch, it comes from metal and black surfaces. All of the items in the picture serve different purposes. Almost everything inside has a function, which is a characteristic of the modern decor.

Does the rustic and modern look great? Yes, it does. Should you use it? We can’t answer that for you. It is all about preference. That said, we can say that the rustic and modern decor is an ideal option. If you want the relaxing vibe of the rustic decor while keeping optimal functionalities of the modern decor, this is perfect.

Rustic and Contemporary Barn

The rustic decor can be combined with the contemporary decor as well. However, unlike the rustic and modern, this time the focus is on the looks and the vibe. In other words, functionality is not the primary concern like in the rustic and modern decor.

What do you think of the barndominium in the picture above? The barndominium has rustic and contemporary decor. Notice the earth tone colors and the number of glasses used in the barndominium. These two barn conversion ideas combine the characteristics of the rustic and contemporary decor to create awesome interior and exterior concept. Properly designed, the two different decors mix very well.

Now, for the interior. There is no fixed rule on how the rustic and contemporary should be mixed. After all, at the end of the day, it will depend on personal preference. The above is one good example of how the two decors are mixed.

Take a look at the floor. The floor is made of wood with rustic colors. The rest of the room, however, is styled in contemporary decor with lots of glasses and metals. This allows the interior not only brings a relaxing vibe, but it also enables you to enjoy the state-of-art designs common in the contemporary decor.

If you want to have a barndominium with the current trending shapes and forms that can help you to relax, consider the rustic and contemporary decor for its exterior and interior. Unlike the rustic and modern decor, you don’t have to be too focused on functionalities.

Farmhouse Barn Conversion

Last but certainly not least, the farmhouse decor. Unlike the other decors above, the farmhouse decor keeps most of the barn intact. The farmhouse decor is, after all, inspired by the farmhouses in the countryside where the homeowners often have barns as well.

As you can expect, the exterior does not differ much from a barn. Most of the design is still there with some modifications to make it more house-like. Usually, the wooden surfaces are not polished. Natural stones may be used as well.

The interior is made in a way that you feel as if you are in the countryside. Notice how the rustic colors are used in the interior above. The floor and the long table has a brown color, the chairs are black while the walls are white. All these work really well in bringing the farmhouse vibe to the room. What about the exterior? Here is some of the best example.

A farmhouse decor is an ideal option if you want to keep the style of the barn without having to change the style too much. Keep in mind that the farmhouse decor makes things look old, which may or may not be your taste. Again, at the end of the day, it is all about personal preference.


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