45 Barndominium Design Ideas for Your Best Inspiration


Barndominium becomes popular nowadays. Barndomimium derives from two words, namely barn and condominium. A barn is used to be a place for people to keep their harvest. But now, people can build the barn as their home.

What is actually barndominium? Barndominium means either a restoration of a previous storage barn into a home or building a home in barn type. It usually includes traditional wooden frame.


Barndominium Design Ideas and Type that You Can Build

The advantage of this type is an open spacious area. Besides, it requires less money to build barndominium since it does not need regular exterior maintenance.

Many people use barndominium as their second home to have a holiday from the hustle bustle of city, retreat or weekend getaway. Therefore, barndominium is built in a rural area.

There are many barndominium design ideas that you can build. Check out your favorite below!

Traditional Barndominium

It is a traditional barn with a modern touch. The color usually used in this type is red with the coastal line. It includes large glass windows that make light can come in perfectly.

It also makes the home looks bright and spacious. The interior is a combination of traditional classic with a modern twist. The unique elements of interior and exterior will delicate you and make you feel cozier at home.


Rustic Barndominium

It is this simplest design among others. However, this idea can make your home looks rustic and classic. In order to get the rustic feel, you can add outside porch, several wooden poles, batten wood or even seamed metal roof.

Give a dormer made from wood in the ceiling so you can have more light into your home. You can also add a wooden staircase and a wooden table with L-shaped sofa. For the floor, you can use a dark color, for instance, brown or dark brown.

Your bedroom can be completed with a mountain-style bedroom to give you enjoyable sleeping time. Don’t forget to give wooden furniture in the kitchen and brown floor to get a rustic design.


Classic Barndominium

This design is well-known in the United States. It has many unique structural elements. In the center, you can find a large wagon door. Usually, the entrance is more than one.

The owner usually has more than 1 door. It can be a backdoor. The wall is painted with a simple color like white completed with black windows and door frame.

The interior design is minimalist with white wood panel walls to perfect the classic feel, meanwhile, the double barn doors give rustic style. This design also uses metal for its building, so the furniture is made of metal.


Farmhouse Barndominium

From the name, we know that this type emphasizes white paint to dominate the home. This home is usually identical with white paint, large windows and glass doors. The interior design is completed with raw wood details and sliding barn doors to bring the country atmosphere.

The large garden outside the home will give you the feeling of the farmhouse. If you want to add a modern style, just give backsplash and lantern fixture.


Modern Barndominium

Is it possible to have barndominium idea with a most modern feel? Yes, it is. It only takes the barn concept but totally changes it into something new. The exterior is like the traditional barn, but the architects modified it into a modern look.

Moreover, it uses home decoration, white furniture, and white paint to give a classic feel. Besides, you still can feel the barn feel from its beams and wood. This barndominium design ideas suits you if you want to have a modern look home with classic rustic barn touch.


Silo Barndominium

Have you ever heard an idea to make a silo as your house? It may look funny, but the fact is a silo can be an amazing home addition. This idea emphasizes a traditional look that we can see from the interior and exterior.

Renovated silo is more on warm and intimate dining space. The woodwork is influenced by German style. It looks classic and elegant that makes you want to spend your time here. This house is comfortable, warm and practical.


European Barndominium

European Barndominium is a high-class barn home. The interior is spaciously completed with luxurious furniture, such as decorative woodwork and chandeliers. It looks traditional outside, but it will make everybody drop their jaw for its high-class interior.

The exterior is made with multi-level decks. It is really amazing and elegant. At a glance, people won’t notice that this house is luxurious due to its traditional exterior. The front gives traditional barn illusion, with an elegant and high-class interior beyond your imagination.


Compact Barndominium

This idea is having a barndominium surrounded by trees. Who can resist spending time in this mind relaxing and peaceful home? It is really recommended for you who seek peace and serenity after having a crazy hectic day.

You can relax here and enjoy the fresh air and the scent of the woods. It has a vaulted ceiling, in a simple way to let the light comes into your house. The wall is made of polished wood siding and pastel sand to give a sense of modernism.


Custom Barndominium

Do you want to have your own barndominum design? Why not? It is called custom barndominium. You can ask barndominium builder to custom your barn into a barn house. You are allowed to do some customizations based on your own idea and style.

By having your own style, you are free to customize it into your dream barndominium. However, you still need to consult a barn house builder who knows better about the variations of floor plans and style. Ask a builder to help you reconstruct your barn into a cozy barndominium.



Those are some barndominium design ideas to inspire you when you decide to have a barndominium. Consult to barndominium builder to help you to make the right decision. You can also mix and match the designs for sure.


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