40 Best Kitchen Floor Tile Pattern Ideas for You


Selecting the perfect kitchen tile pattern should never be taken for granted, especially when the kitchen belongs to a modern house. Even though kitchen is not a part of the house where everything has to look neat and tidy.

The design of the floor is still going to determine whether or not the whole space is going to look appealing. There are many things to consider when choosing the kitchen floor pattern. Among the considerations are the whole theme of the kitchen, the color scheme, and the overall look of the kitchen.

If you are living in a modern house and you are about to have major renovation for the kitchen, you should think of the flooring as well. Down below, there will be the exact information about the best tile pattern ideas for kitchen floor at modern house along with other related information. It will greatly help you to make sure that your kitchen flooring is going to be stunning at the end.


The Best Type of Kitchen Flooring Tile Ideas to Use in the Kitchen

Generally, there are three flooring materials considered to be the best for kitchen area. They are wood, tile (both ceramic and stone), and vinyl. The point of getting the right material to use as the flooring in the kitchen is because kitchen is such a high traffic area.

This is why the flooring material must be sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. Of course, the flooring material should also provide aesthetic value to the kitchen floor as well. Here is the further information about the best type of flooring to use in the kitchen.

Wooden Flooring

Wood has been used as the material of making floor in the kitchen for centuries. Wood is naturally a strong material. By using the right kind of wood as the flooring material (mostly hardwood), the floor is going to last for a long time, even under high traffic.

Wood is also beautiful looking. It has its natural grain and color to make the kitchen looks amazingly gorgeous. However, wooden flooring is quite expensive and the maintenance has to be done regularly. This is not a safe option for those who want to keep the budget low.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is a better option for kitchen area, especially in modern house. The best thing about tile flooring, whether it is made out of stone or ceramic, is that they are extremely strong and durable. The surface is also smooth and resistant to stain or cooking splash, which happens a lot in a kitchen.

The best thing about tile flooring is the appearance. This kind of flooring is manufactured to have different colors and patterns. It is easier to decorate the floor using this type of flooring. You can give any preferred look to the kitchen floor.

The only challenging thing about tile flooring is the installation. You may want the help of professionals to install this type of flooring in order to prevent any uneven surface.

Vinyl Flooring

For those who have a very limited budget for kitchen flooring, probably vinyl flooring is the best option. This budget-friendly flooring is very easy to install. It is also available in different colors.

The best thing about vinyl flooring is probably its waterproof feature. Spills and splashes are not going to ruin the floor and you can clean the floor very effortlessly. However, vinyl flooring is not quite durable. It is prone to gouges and scratches as well. Of course, it has big impact in the overall appearance of the kitchen.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Kitchen Floor Tile Pattern

From the three types of kitchen flooring above, it is quite understandable that tile flooring is the best. If you want to have your kitchen renovated and change the entire flooring with tile material, there is one big thing that you have to decide: the pattern.

Why the pattern is so important? Well, basically tile flooring contains numerous colors and patterns. The patterns can be arrange to form beautiful design for your kitchen floor.

You do not want to miss the opportunity to decorate your kitchen with the right pattern on the floor. This is basically why choosing the suitable pattern of the tile flooring is essential.

Top 10 Popular Kitchen Floor Tile Pattern Ideas for Modern House

If you have the difficulty of deciding what pattern to have on your kitchen floor, there are a lot of inspirations you can see down below. These examples of stunning tile kitchen floor with awesome pattern are going to show you that you can play with anything when it comes to tile floor pattern, starting from monochromatic colors to multi-size combination.

Playing with Monochromatic Colors

Basically, monochromatic color is derived from one hue. It is like one color scheme but with gradation from the boldest to the faintest. The best thing about monochromatic color is that it brings dramatic effect to the kitchen.

As you can see in the picture, the floor pattern is using monochromatic color by grading the colors from deep, dark grey to the faintest gray. Compared to the color of the stool or the white color scheme of the walls, the floor certainly looks stand out.

Bold Black and White

A modern house does not play with playful color schemes, such as pastel or neon colors. Instead, they stick on traditional color to enhance the contemporary look of the house.

Black and white is such a great combination for tile pattern. The picture above shows you how the black and white patterned floor looks cohesive with modern-looking kitchen in neutral color scheme.

Rustic “Cork” Flooring

Cork flooring is traditionally used in a farmhouse or rustic-themed houses. The cork flooring has distinctive color and a bit of scattered pattern.

Even though cork flooring is not easy to have in the kitchen, you can still get the look by choosing tile flooring with cork pattern. It mimics the cork flooring perfectly but in fact it is still the durable tile flooring.

Simple yet Fabulous Quartz Tiles

Quartz tiles pattern is very common to be found. It is like arranging two colors side by side, forming a beautiful pattern.

You can see the kitchen design above, how well it is for quartz tiles pattern to compliment the whole theme of the kitchen. It is simple yet very fabulous indeed.

Go Unique with Multi-Patterned Floor Tiles

If you like something very unique and artwork-looking, you need to go trying multi-patterned floor tiles. This kind of pattern makes your kitchen floor looks unusual yet very appealing. The usage of different patterns on the floor makes the kitchen floor seems abstract yet stunning at the same time.

Stunning Ethnic-Patterned Floor Tiles

Ethic pattern is not only suitable for conservative-themed house. In modern houses, ethic-pattern floor tiles are also quite common to be found.

The Moroccan-like design and exquisite shapes make the floor looks amazing. In the picture above, you can see how the black-and-white ethnic pattern tile compliments the white-dominated kitchen.

Go Big and Bold with Massive Patterned Flooring

If you have a relatively big kitchen, you can try having big patterns as well on the floor. Massive and bold pattern, just like one shown in the picture, makes the floor look so stunning. This kind of pattern must be used only in large kitchen, however, or else it’s going to cause the space to look even smaller.

Emphasizing on Color Contrast

Playing with two colors in contrast, other than black and white, is a great fun. It forms beautiful pattern and the color contrast basically makes the kitchen looks more appealing. In this picture, the combination between maroon and white looks really good in the middle of U-shaped modern kitchen.

Rugged-Looking Floor Tiles

If you have been in an old palace or manor, you must be familiar with this look of the floor. The rugged-looking floor tiles looks like it comes straight out of big castle.

The pattern is uneven and it makes the floor looks even more interesting to look at. This rugged-looking floor tile works so well in modern houses, even when combined with the look of metallic appliances, just like in this picture.

Multi-Size Combination Floor

The best thing about tile flooring is its endless application and combination. Basically, you can combine any shapes of the floor of any sizes to form original pattern. Take a look at the picture above.

The U-shaped kitchen looks beautiful with odd-looking, yet intriguing pattern of floor. The floor tiles are ranging from the big one to the small one. The shapes are also different. There are ones with square shapes and ones with rectangular ones.

Some of The Best Kitchen Floor Pattern Tiles Advice

Actually there is no specific benchmark for which kitchen floor tile ideas are best for you. But you can consider some of the ideas below. There may be one or several kitchen floor tile ideas that work for you. Even so you do not have to apply it like a picture of a kitchen floor tile ideas like below. You can make some modifications as you wish.

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Now you have known what to decide when it comes to kitchen floor tile pattern. There are basically so many good examples of them and the ones shown above are more than enough to inspire you.

Make sure that you understand exactly the best type of flooring to use in your kitchen and if it is tile flooring, make sure that the pattern fits the kitchen beautifully.


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