Best Living Room Windows Treatment and Curtains Ideas


Living room is positioned in the front part of our house. Living room means a room where we live. We have a guest here, we spend time with our family here, and we have fun with our friend here.

The living room is not just a room, it represents our style. Our life style can be seen in how we manage our living room. How we decorate the furniture and also the windows will impact the look.

Living Room Windows Treatment and Curtain Design Ideas

Best Living Room Windows Treatment and Curtains Ideas

Windows hold an important function for our house. Imagine a house without windows. It will be dark, damp and humid. We need windows for our ventilation and to let the sunlight penetrate our house.

Besides, windows also represent our personality Here are some windows treatments for our living room. We can adjust it with our style. Feel free to modify these ideas with your own personal touch.

White Chrome Curtain

White is such a neutral color that can go along well with other colors. Besides, white gives a clean and fresh impression. If you are a white color lover, you must decorate your living room with white color. It will be prettier if you add white chrome grommet curtains to finish off your modern living room. Choose the thick curtains so it will still keep out light in the evening without losing the brightness of the room.

Traditional Pleated Beige Curtain

You can add the traditional and cozy touch of your living room by using beige curtains on your windows. It will give a homey and warm feeling. It is traditional, yet very stylish and contemporary, even with beige curtains on your windows.

Cellular Shades Design Curtain

Cellular shades window is the right choice for people who like energy efficiency, such as Duette® Honeycomb Shades. Cellular shades windows add a layer of insulation at the window, so we can reduce energy consumption and stay comfortable all day long. Duette shades have various pleat size, color, pattern, texture, and opacities that will work with any living room decor.

Modern Twist on a Classic Roman Shade Curtain

Roman shades are an excellent way to add visual interest if your living room is neutral. You can add full-length draperies. If you want more light, you can add a pair of light filtering shade with a room darkening back panel. You can create decorative accents on pillows and upholstered furniture.

Designer Screen Shades and UV Protection Curtain

If you are aware of the impact of UV ray, perhaps you need to install windows with UV protection. Even on cloudy days or inside a room, UV rays can still come into the room and damage artwork, fabric, and carpet. It can dry out the hardwood floor and furniture, breaking down the paint or stain finished and joint sealants.

To protect it, you can use Designer Screen Shade. It provides UV protection and made of beautiful fabrics and opacities. You do not have to use solar shades for UV protection. Huntler Douglas shades can filter 75% of the sun rays when installing double glazed glass windows.

Play Up Architecture Curtain

If your living room is decorated with notable architecture, for example, high or vaulted ceiling, ornate woodwork, unusual windows shapes, then you need window dressing to draw attention to these features. We can add woven shades on the windows to make the room look high and spacious.

Painted Windows Curtain

Painted windows are a good idea for you who love the look of clean edges but lack the funds for custom cornices. Just paint the window’s mullion frame and sill. You can use bold pop color to highlight the view or dark brown or black color for a chic look.

Wood Cornices Curtain

Wood cornices are always regarded as a classic window treatment. Many people think that wood cornices are traditional since they are often used in contemporary homes. However, window cornices can create a sleek, modern look. Cornices hide curtain hardware and blend well with luxurious detailing, like crown molding, to give your home a gracious, regal look.

Swing Arm Curtain

Swing arm curtains are a unique window treatment idea. We need a special hinged curtain rod that enables us to move the curtain to stand out at 90-degree angle from the windows. Swing arm curtains are a great idea to block the light easily without having to worry about ruining a carefully plated or artfully scrunched curtain fabric.

Shutters Curtain

Shutters are a window treatment that looks premium for your living room. They offer a beauty of rich hardwood. This window treatment looks gorgeous either from outside our home or inside our home. They are good at absorbing sound energy efficiency. They range from real wood and hybrid shutters. Choose shutters that are guaranteed never to warp, crack, fade, chip, peel, or discolor, even when exposed to extreme heat or humidity.

Lace Curtain

If your living room is only for show, only for having a special occasion, you need a window treatment with elegance and sophistication. Use a window with panels fashioned from a silk and edged with colorful tassels hang from metal rods that underline the room’s crown molding detail.

Sheer Panels Curtain

Sheer panels are very popular window treatment. They look great but not pricy. They offer privacy yet plenty of light in your room can still come in. White sheers create a beautiful, calm, serene and breezy. Choose a pastel shade that works with the overall palette of the room.

Wood Blinds Curtain

Many people use wood blinds since it will work with any décor, from traditional to modern. It provides privacy, blocks the sunlight, and creates warm sense. Customize your living room blinds with a wide selection of finishes, slat sizes, and decorative tapes to complement the other elements in your room.


Those are some windows treatments for your living room. Choose one window treatment that suits your personality and style. However, do not feel to limit by one of living room windows treatment ideas. You can combine one living room windows treatment with another ideas. You can also use draperies, decorative tapes and coordinating fabrics based on your living room.


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