35 Stunning Stair Carpet Runner Ideas for Safety and Beauty


A stair carpet runner is a piece of carpet that cover the staircase but doesn’t cover the entire width, only the center of the stair. Mostly stair runners only installed over hardwood, marble or tiled stairs. Despite the fact that hardwood, marble or tiled stairs looks amazing, they are not safe enough.

When you have a kids, old parents or just a little pets, the possibility of slipping is high. That’s why covering your staircase with a stair carpet runners might be the best idea. The stair runners give a lot of grip so you don’t need to worry about it.


Stair Carpet Runner Ideas for Decorating Your Staircase

Stunning Stair Carpet Runner Ideas for Safety and Beauty

These stunning carpet runners will make you feeling like you are walking on the red carpet and still safe. You can add a carpet runners according to it’s color and your personality. But remember, the safety aspect is important too. Stair carpet runners have so many color, pattern and different widths.

If you looking for stair carpets and runners that looks stunning and safety, you can check the 35 list of carpet runners below. We add so many design ideas like classic stripes, flat color design, victorian style, etc. We’ve picked a selection of our favorite stair runners only for you.

Stair Carpet Runner

Carpet Stair Treads

Striped Stair Carpet

Grey Stair Carpet

Patterned Stair Carpet

Stair Carpet Rods

Stair Runner and Landing Carpet

Stair Carpet Roll Runner

Modern Stair Carpet

Sisal Stair Carpet

Black Stair Carpet

Herringbone Carpet Stair Runner

Black and White Stair Carpet

Dark Grey Stair Carpet

Blue Stair Carpet

Red Striped Stair Carpet

Plastic Stair Runners For Carpet

Stair Runner And Matching Landing Carpet

Traditional Stair Carpet


Stair and Hall Carpet Runners

DIY Stair Carpet Runner

Traditional Stair Carpet Runners

Red Stair Runner Carpet

Unusual Stair Carpet

Geometric Stair Carpet

Grey Patterned Stair Carpet

Decorative Carpet Stair Runners

Victorian Stair Runner Carpet

Dark Stair Carpet

Vintage Stair Carpet

Black And Grey Striped Stair Carpet

Black And White Striped Stair Carpet

Flat Weave Carpet Stair Runners

Luxury Stair Carpet

Fitting Stair Carpet


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