45 Decorative DIY Fountain Ideas to Make Your Garden Beautiful


A lovely fountain with slow water flowing down is so pretty and the ambiance is truly relaxing. But adding some fountain by a professional installation isn’t cheap as you think. You have to spend a lot of money to get what you want. Even so, not everyone has a lot of money in his pocket. You and I might be one of those people.

Don’t worry, you can decorate your garden or yard with cheap and decorative DIY fountain. Just use some materials that are around you. The materials that you can use for DIY fountain are cheap pots, vases, bamboo, stones, etc. With just a little creative ideas you can use all of these materials to make a pretty amazing DIY fountains.


DIY Fountain for Your Beautiful Garden and Yard

Decorative DIY Fountain Ideas to Make Your Garden Beautiful

So many DIY fountain designs are proof of the incredible creativity without spend a lot of money. Because something good doesn’t always need a lot of money to make it happen. These list of DIY fountains and ponds below will give you some inspiration. No need large space, you can do it yourself for your small garden or small yard too.

Just because you’ve a small space on your garden or yard, it doesn’t mean you can not add a water feature. Don’t let small space garden or yard limit you to add a decorative fountains and ponds. You can create your own DIY fountain and pond. Here is 45 DIY fountain ideas to give you an inspiration and give you some ideas for your weekend project.

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain

DIY Garden Fountain

DIY Pond Fountain

DIY Wall Fountain

DIY Rock Fountain

DIY Backyard Fountain

DIY Waterfall Fountain

DIY Patio Fountain

DIY Indoor Water Fountain

DIY Solar Water Fountain

DIY Indoor Fountain

DIY Yard Fountain

DIY Outdoor Fountain Ideas

DIY Water Fountain Ideas

DIY Pot Fountain

DIY Garden Fountain Waterfall

DIY Small Water Fountain

DIY Indoor Wall Fountain

diy indoor wall fountain

DIY Stone Fountain

DIY Urn Fountain

DIY Tabletop Water Fountain

DIY Bamboo Fountain

DIY Deck Fountain

DIY Solar Fountain Ideas

DIY Water Fountain For Deck

DIY Large Fountain

DIY Landscape Fountain

DIY Backyard Fountain Ideas

DIY Planter Fountain

DIY Bubble Fountain

DIY Water Fountain Pump

DIY Ceramic Pot Fountain

DIY Bubbling Rock Fountain

diy bubbling rock fountain

DIY Urn Water Fountain

DIY Container Fountain

DIY PVC Fountain

DIY Pot Water Fountain

DIY Concrete Fountain

DIY Flower Pot Fountain

DIY Vase Water Fountain

DIY Clay Pot Fountain

DIY Mini Water Fountain

DIY Zen Fountain

diy zen fountain

DIY Bamboo Water Fountain

DIY Colonial Fountain


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