35 Brilliant Dog House Ideas for Your Lovely Dog & Puppies


Dogs is a man’s best friend, they wants a home that is comforting and good looking. So build them a great dog house and give them a bone and milk. A great dog house can protect dogs from the hot sun and cold nights. You can build it with your own hands or just buy it. It’s up to you, whatever it is, if you give it with love it will be a good gift for your dog.

Be careful when choosing a house to your dogs. Make sure you choose the right material and the right size to keep the dogs comfortable. If you have dog house outside, choose insulated floors and walls. The material can protect from rainy weather and during snowy weather conditions. This is the ideal dog house, because it can easily to move to other place if it’s really needed.


Dog House with A Safe and Comfortable Design

Brilliant Dog House Ideas for Your Lovely Dog Puppies

Most of dog house products on the market are using plastic or metal material. They are a tons of dog house built for outdoors, only a few are made to be placed indoors. But if you’ve got a dog house indoors, it makes your home narrow. Don’t worry, there are plenty of dog house plan ideas out there. These dog house ideas will make your dogs feel comfortable.

We’ve compiled a list of 35 brilliant dog house ideas from simple and minimalist to stylish and sophisticated. You can choose one of the best that fit with your dog personalities. Let me give a piece of advice, safety comes first for both you and your family and your dogs. So if you don’t have some experienced on building dog house, you need a help from expert or just buy it.

Eco Dog House

eco dog house

Cozy Dog House

Log Dog House

Soft Sided Dog House

Outback Dog House

Cabin Dog House

Dog House Cover

Aluminum Dog House

Dog House Mansion

Solar Powered Dog House

Dog House with Awning

Large Cedar Dog House

Dog House and Kennel

Dog House for Two Large Dogs

dog house for two large dogs

Medium Indoor Dog House

Dog House Shelter

Plastic Dome Dog House

Fabric Dog House

Contemporary Dog House

Foam Dog House

Tuff n Rugged Dog House

Barn Dog House

Vinyl Dog House

Best Large Dog House

Dog House with Balcony

Wooden Dog House Large

Indoor Dog Igloo House

Dog House with Stairs

Large Size Dog House

Double Igloo Dog House

Dog House Flap

Duplex Dog House

duplex dog house

Backyard Dog House

Extra Large Wooden Dog House

Wooden Dog House with Door


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