How to Design and Install a Paver Patio (+30 Stunning Paver Patio Design Ideas)


Paver patio is the best kind of thing to occupy your backyard. The patio is just like the regular patio, but it stands on a stone-surfaced paver. This type of patio has high aesthetic value, which is great to elevate the overall look of the backyard. The patio can also bring the exact same benefits as the common patio you find behind a house. It can be used as the spot to host some guests, as the area to have outdoor party, and a place to have casual gathering.

If you have a large backyard at home and it is left unoccupied, it is better for you to turn the backyard into a paver patio. There are so many things to inspire you to get the right paver patio design. If you have never seen a paver patio, let alone having one, down below you will find the right information and inspiration you need. You can also find out everything you need to know about paver patio, starting from the common understanding about installing one to the best pattern to use on the paver.


How to Design and Install a Paver Patio

Installing Paver Patio

Installing paver patio is not something you should take for granted. There are so many things to consider. This kind of patio is pretty permanent. This is why everything related to building one should be planned way in advanced. If you wish to have a paver patio in the near future or at some points, you need to know that installing this type of patio requires these considerations:

1. Mind the Size of the Patio

The size of the patio is one of the first things that you have to consider. You need to make sure that you know the function of your patio from the very beginning. If you want the patio to personal usage only, such as for place to enjoy tranquility, stargazing, or to look at your garden, you do not need large patio. However, if the patio is built for the purpose of having outdoor area for gathering, dining, and so on, you need to build a large patio so that it can have lots of furniture and can be filled with many people.

2. Mind the Thickness of the Pavers

The thickness of the paver means everything to the paver patio. The paver is essentially the base or the foundation of the patio. It determines whether or not the patio can endure heavy burden or not. Say for example, if the patio is going to be the place where you throw a barbecue party a lot, it means that the patio will have large grills on it. The heavy objects make the paver has to be thick enough. The same case applied when the patio is going to have hot tub or immense furniture on it. On the contrary, if the patio is going to have lighter furniture, such as several chairs and tables only, the pavers do not have to be very thick.

3. Mind the Location of the Patio

The location of the patio should be well-considered way before you begin the construction of that part of the house. The location of the patio should be chosen based on its aesthetic value, as well other practical reasons, such as the one that located in one line along with the doors and windows of the house. The right patio locations mean that you can improve the beauty of the house as well as that of your backyard.

The Best Materials for Paver Patio

When it comes to paver patio, four common materials are usually emerging to the surface. These materials are very common to be used to build the paver patio. They are very easy to find, strong, and durable. That is why they are chosen as the material to build the outdoor area of the house. Here is the full list of those four materials and the detailed explanation about them.

1. Concrete

Many landscapers and homeowners often choose concrete as the material for the paver patio they build. Concrete is indeed very great for this purpose. It is relatively cheap and concrete patio pavers are available in numerous textures, sizes, and even colors. The best thing about concrete as paver patio material is the fact that they are very durable. They do not break easily and they can endure the changing of weather as well.

2. Granite

Many people love the usage of granite tile. However, arranging the granite patio pavers one by one is a good ideas. That is why they tend to choose the best quality of granite tiles, which is the granite tile with natual look and color. The granite tile has the same durability and sturdiness as the regular concrete patio paver. However, the granite tiles can be installed way quicker. It is basically like using a template to press on wet surface of concrete, leaving a beautiful pattern in no time at all.

3. Brick

Brick is a great material for paver patio. As long as the patio is not going to have heavy objects on it, such as hot tub, massive grill, or kitchen bar, you can use brick as the foundation of the paver patio. The great thing about brick is the fact that they are very beautiful, especially with the reddish color they have. However, brick can crumble over times. That is why they are not too suitable for paver patio with heavy objects on it.

4. Flagstone

Flagstone is like the art project in the world of paver patio. It offers different shapes and different colors. It makes the patio looks amazing, unique, and very artistic. The only thing that may prevent people from using flagstone as the material for their paver patio is the fact that flagstone is quite expensive. However, when it comes to the look and the sturdiness, there is no doubt that flagstone is excellent.

Preparing the Foundation

The foundation of the paver patio is very important to prepare. It is basically where the patio is going to stand on. Usually, there are four layers that you have to prepare when you are about to build a paver patio. The first layer is paver base. The paver base is usually made out of gravel. The thickness of this base is at least 6-inch thick. After the base, comes the layer of sand. Sand works as the binding material between the gravel base and the top layer. The layer of sand must be at least 1-inch thick.

The last two layers of the paver patio foundation is the paver itself. The paver is installed right above the layer of sand. The sand is compressed and then getting prepared for the pavers. The pavers are arranged neatly on the layer of sand in order to form the desired pattern of the patio. After the pavers are laid down properly, comes the last layer of the foundation, which is the polymeric. Polymeric is the binding material, made out of jointing sand. It has the function to joint the pavers (between one another) and to permanently merge the pavers with the sand layer.

Finding the Right Patterns

The pattern of patio pavers is important to choose. The pattern is basically going to define the final look of the patio. There are four patterns usually found in paver patio: Jack-on-jack and pinwheel. Jack-on-jack is the most common pattern of paver patio. It has square shape and rugged look. This particular pattern of the paver requires a very little difficulty when it comes to installation. They look genuinely like stone and they do not need lots of cuttings. That is why they are very easy to find, literally anywhere. Pinwheel, on the contrary, looks more beautiful but requires more cutting and more advanced skill to install. The pinwheel pattern is usually found on rustic-looking patio.

The Best Paver Patio Design Ideas

To help you out in finding the right design for your paver patio, here is the list of the best paver patio design examples. These examples below are clearly stunning and they can be used to make your backyard looks amazing and stunning.

Paver Patio with Pinwheel Pattern and Outdoor Firepit
outdoor pinwheel patio with Fire Pits

Leveled Paver Patio with Outdoor Dining Area

leveled outdoor paver patio design ideas with dining area
Leveled Paver Patio with Outdoor Dining Area

Simple Concrete Brick Paver Patio for Backyard

Rustic Paver Patio with Stone Firepit

Rustic Paver Patio with Stone Firepit

Stunning Paver Patio with Seating Area
Country Paver Patio Ideas

Natural Flagstone Paver Patio Design

natural flastone paver patio design ideas

Paver Patio with Wooden Walls

cozy Paver Patio with Wooden Wall design ideas
modern backyard paver patio wooden wall ideas

Paver Patio with Gravel Base

simple paver patio stone gravel ideas on a budget
stone gravel paver patio base

Paver Patio with Granite Floor Tile
Modern Paver Patio with Granite Floor Tile Bench

Paver Patio with Pergola
paver patio under pergolas

Now that you know there are a lot of things that you can do to make paver patio as well as numerous designs that you can apply, you can really consider having paver patio on the backyard. This type of patio is genuinely beautiful and elevates the overall value of your house. Your property is going to have more beauty, more value, and more appreciation when it is completed by paver patio on the backyard.


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