Extra!課外! Extra!課外! Read all about it!閱讀所有關於它! Here we are with the 9th edition of the Success Blog Carnival at Cultivate Greatness.我們在這裡分別與第九版的成功,博客嘉年華培育的偉大。

Here we are in a brand new year.在這裡,我們正處在一個嶄新的一年。 I am overwhelmed and humbled by the sheer volume of submissions this week.我不堪重負和謙卑,由單純的意見書,本星期。 No where else online can you find nearly a hundred different personal development authors collectively sharing knowledge?沒有什麼地方比在網上你能找到近百不同的個人發展作者集體分享知識? This is a great thing.這是一個偉大的事。 Thanks for making the January 3, 2024 edition of the Cultivate Greatness, Success and Growth BlogCarnival a success!感謝,使2007年1月3日版的培育偉大,成功和增長blogcarnival成功!

2007 Goals 2007年目標

Alexander Kharlamov presents 亞歷山大kharlamov禮物 How to make and keep New Year’s Resolutions如何使保持新的一年的決議 posted at張貼在 Documenting Success記錄成功 , saying, “I believe a record belongs to my friend Anonymous, who broke his resolution to quit smoking exactly 15 minutes after midnight on January 1st”他說: "我相信,一個紀錄是屬於我的朋友,無名氏,他們打破了他的第戒菸正是在15分鐘後,午夜1月1日"

Madeleine Begun Kane presents 開始時曾向凱恩禮物 It Is Hereby Resolved (New Year?s Resolution Humor)現解決(新的一年嗎? s分辨率幽默搞笑) posted at張貼在 Mad Kane’s Humor Blog瘋狂凱恩的幽默博客 .

Mark McManus presents 馬克麥克馬納斯禮物 How To Set Effective New Year?s Resolutions如何建立有效的新的一年有何決議 posted at張貼在 Build Your Life To Order ™建立你的生命,為了™ , saying, “1st article on a brand new blog - How to set effective new year’s resolutions.他說: "第一條,一台全新的博客-如何建立有效的新的一年的各項決議。 Thanks!”謝謝! "

Patricia presents 帕特里夏禮物 Start A New Habit Or Break A Bad One: Ten Steps To Guarantee Success For Anyone開始一個新的習慣或破壞一:十個步驟,以保證成功,任何人 posted at張貼在 Patricia帕特里夏 .

Mallory presents 茂蘿禮物 MissMalaprop.com Charity Fundraiser Kickoff missmalaprop.com慈善籌款開球 posted at張貼在 Miss Malaprop - independent, sustainable, eco-friendly shopping, film, art, fashion, crafts & design, from New Orleans with love小姐malaprop -獨立的,可持續的,對生態無害購物,電影,藝術,時裝,工藝品設計,從新奧爾良與愛 .

Caroline Latham presents 卡洛琳萊瑟姆禮物 What is Brain Fitness?什麼是腦健身? posted at張貼在 SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution sharpbrains :你的窗口進入腦健身革命 , saying, “Cognitive skills are something everyone can improve with a little attention to brain exercise.他說, "認知技能,是每個人都可以改進一點點注意腦部演習。 Make mental stimulation as much a part of your life in 2007 as physical fitness, good nutrition, and stress management.”使心理刺激的一個環節你的生活,在2007年為強健體魄,良好的營養,壓力管理" 。

Joshua Dorkin presents 約書亞dorkin禮物 What Are Your Real Estate Goals for 2007?什麼時候是你的地產目標,為2007年? - Group Writing Project | Real Estate Investing for Real Blog -集團寫作計劃|房地產投資為真正的博客 posted at張貼在 Real Estate Investing For Real房地產投資不動產 .

Paul presents 保羅介紹 Increasing your hourly rate in order to get rich提高你的時薪,以先富起來 posted at張貼在 Paul保羅 , saying, “When it comes to making more money, a lot of people think about working harder or working more.他說: "當涉及到更多的錢,很多人都認為關於加大工作力度,或工作更多。 They equate the amount of money you get out with the amount of effort you put in. But this isn’t really the case.”他們等於多少錢,你才能走出與金額的努力,你一分耕耘,一分收穫,但,這是不是真的如此" 。

threecoves presents threecoves禮物 The Enlightened Student開明學生 posted at張貼在 Ambitiously Inquisitive野心勃勃求知 , saying, “How to work smarter, not harder.”他說, "如何進行工作,更聰明,而不是更努力" 。

Ayesha Ashley presents ayesha阿什利禮物 Find YOUR gift.找到你的禮物。 posted at張貼在 Free yourself from programming免費讓自己從編程 , saying, “Please show my site address: AyeshaAshley.com/wordpress”他說: "請查看我的網站地址: ayeshaashley.com /在WordPress "

Mark McManus presents 馬克麥克馬納斯禮物 The Purpose Of Circumstance and How To Take Control目的情況,以及如何控制 posted at張貼在 Build Your Life To Order ™建立你的生命,為了™ , saying, “This blog entry takes a deep look at what causes the events of our lives.他說: "這博客入境需深層看是什麼引起的事件,我們的生活。 Is life random?是生命隨機? Are there forces outside of your control dictating your life’s course or are you the sole causative force in your own life.有勢力之外的你的控制支配你的生活中的當然還是你的唯一致病力在你自己的生活。 Is there a meaning to our experiences and if so….what?”究竟有沒有意義,以我們的經驗,若然…是什麼" ?


James D. Brausch presents 詹姆斯四布勞施禮物 Conversion Lies轉換謊言 posted at張貼在 jamesbrausch.com .

Laura Young presents 勞拉年輕禮物 Top 10 Things I Had to Learn on the Road to Full-Time Self-Employment前10名的東西,我的學習之路,全面推動時間自我就業 posted at張貼在 Dragon Slayer龍Slayer的 , saying, “Thinking of launching your own business in 2007 or strengthening your current venture?他說: "思想發動自己的企業在2007年或加強您目前的風險? Here are some tips to help smooth the road.”這裡有一些提示,以幫助順利的道路" 。

Barbra Sundquist presents 芭芭拉sundquist禮物 Top 5 Food Business Trends for 2007: These Will Set Your Mind Buzzing and Your Mouth Watering前5名營業趨勢,為2007 :這將設置你的心充滿了和你的嘴澆水 posted at張貼在 HomeBusinessWiz homebusinesswiz .

Silicon Valley Blogger presents 矽谷博客介紹 So Much Business, So Little Time這麼多的業務,這麼短的時間裡 posted at張貼在 The Digerati Life該頂級數字生活 , saying, “This was a goal setting exercise in November but it’s still an ongoing goal for me way into next year!他說: "這是一個目標設定演習十一月但它仍然是一項持續的目標,為我的方式到明年! Happy New Year.”新年快樂" 。

Brandon Peele presents 布蘭登peele禮物 The Economics of Self-Awareness經濟學的自我意識 posted at張貼在 GT燃氣輪機 .

Tim King presents 添景禮物 What Chocolate Says About Entrepreneurship什麼巧克力說,對企業家精神 posted at張貼在 J. Timothy King’s Blog j.蒂莫西kingâ € ™ s博客 .


Chris Studzinski presents 克里斯studzinski禮物 How to Become an Unusually Happy Non-Smoker如何成為一個異常高興,不抽煙 posted at張貼在 Cure-Alls.com萬靈丹alls.com , saying, “A great blog article for those who are truly ready to give up smoking.他說: "偉大的博客文章,為那些真正願意放棄吸煙。 Uses a law of attraction mind set to overcome the obstacle of nicotine addiction.”用法律的吸引力心態,克服障礙的尼古丁成癮" 。

Matthew Paulson presents 馬修鮑爾森禮物 Say No to Soda說不以蘇打水 posted at張貼在 Getting Green越來越綠 .

Law of Attraction吸引定律

Debra Moorhead presents 對此, moorhead禮物 Law of Attraction吸引定律 posted at張貼在 Debra Moorhead.com對此, moorhead.com .


Anna Farmery presents 安娜farmery禮物 Sharing and Giving is for life not just for Christmas!分享和給予的是生命不只是聖誕節! posted at張貼在 The Engaging Brand在從事品牌 .

Anna Farmery presents 安娜farmery禮物 Widows Quest » Making your living legacy寡婦追求»讓您的生活遺產 posted at張貼在 Widows Quest寡婦追求 .

life coaching生活教練

Wilson Ng presents 威爾遜伍禮物 Giving , Taking and Sharing給予,同時考慮與共享 posted at張貼在 Reflections of a BizDrivenLife思考一bizdrivenlife .

Ruben presents 邁入第五年的禮物 How to Bring Your Blog to Success?如何把你的博客成功嗎? posted at張貼在 Turn Your Blog Into Money Making Machine把你的博客成賺錢機器 .


Mister Juggles presents 先生juggles禮物 Hedge Funds and Love對沖基金和愛 posted at張貼在 Long or Short Capital長期或短期資本 .


Anna Farmery presents 安娜farmery禮物 Customer Experience - Making Magic Moments客戶體驗-讓魔術時刻 posted at張貼在 MabelandHarry mabelandharry .

Personal Development個人發展

Charles H. Green presents 查爾斯每小時綠色禮物 Trust Tip 26: Check Your Ego at the Door信託秘訣26 :檢查你的自我,在大門 posted at張貼在 Trust Matters信託事宜 , saying, “Trying to wrestle that last 5% to the ground is more likely to annoy than impress the client.”他說: "試圖以角力,去年5 %至地面,更可能造成煩擾比打動客戶" 。

Jake Danger presents 傑克危險禮物 The Three Kinds of Self-Discipline該三種廉潔自律意識 posted at張貼在 Lunatic Wisdom - The World According to Jake Danger瘋子的智慧-世界據傑克的危險 .

Linda Freedman presents 琳達弗里德曼介紹 On Being Late for Appointments對遲到任命 posted at張貼在 Everyone needs therapy?每個人都需要治療嗎? Lessons from a family therapist教訓,從一個家庭治療師 , saying, “When we’re late it effects everyone, not just our kids who sometimes have to wait for us to pick them up from school.他說: "當我們晚,它影響每個人,不只是我們的孩子,他們有時要等我們去接他們上學。 Sometimes WE’RE the ones who suffer, we get so anxious when we think about how we’re inconveniencing other people.有時候,我們正在那些受苦的,我們可以這麼著急的時候,我們想看看我們如何不便等人。 This post offers a few suggestions to add a little balance to the balancing act.”這個職位提供了一些建議,以加入一點平衡,以平衡法"的規定。

Evolving Times presents 時代演進介紹 A Commitment to Continuous Course Correction承諾的過程中不斷校正 posted at張貼在 Edward Mills愛德華米爾斯 .

Ronn presents ronn禮物 FUN!好玩! FUN!好玩! FUN!好玩! posted at張貼在 pigletpaper.com , saying, “I think this is a great article on the value of getting out of your own comfort zone to grow.”他說: "我認為,這是一個偉大的一篇關於價值的失控你自己的舒適地帶成長" 。

Craig Harper presents 克雷格哈珀禮物 Wanna Succeed?想要成功嗎? …. … … 。 Get Uncomfortable.獲得舒服。 posted at張貼在 Renovate your life with Craig翻新你的生活與克雷格 , saying, “As an Exercise Scientist and Trainer I have spent much of the last twenty-five years helping people change their body.他說: "作為一個運動的科學家和教練員,我花了許多過去二十五年幫助人們改變自己的身體。

Early in my career I discovered that whether or not someone achieved their desired goals had very little to do with what was possible, or their genetic potential, and everything to do with their ability to deal with discomfort.”早在我的職業生涯中,我發現不論別人達到自己的理想目標,已經很少做什麼是可能的,或其遺傳潛力,都與他們的能力,以應付不舒服" 。

Anna Farmery presents 安娜farmery禮物 10 Phrases that could change the world!十句話說,可以改變世界! posted at張貼在 The Engaging Brand在從事品牌 .

Alvin Soon presents 阿爾文盡快禮物 What Would A Modern-Day Magician Say About God?如何將一個現代兩天魔術師說上帝嗎? posted at張貼在 Life Coaches Blog生活教練博客 .

RB Wallis presents 銣瓦利斯禮物 How’s Your PMA?如何你的佛波酯? - By RB Wallis -由銣瓦利斯 posted at張貼在 Buy My Stuff!買我的東西! .

Jack Yoest presents 傑克yoest禮物 Rocky Balboa: Courage, Integrity, Faith, Victory The Movie岩石巴爾博亞:勇氣,正直,信仰,勝利電影 posted at張貼在 Reasoned Audacity理性厚顏無恥 , saying, “Your Business Blogger was in Philly recently and wondered about the Rocky statue that was briefly at the top of the 72 steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.他說, "你的商業博客是在費城,最近他想知道關於洛基雕像,這是簡單地在最上面的72個步驟,費城藝術博物館。 Since September, the statue is now at the base of the steps.自9月份以來,該雕像是目前在該基地的步驟。

So I decided to ask the man who might know, Sylvester Stallone.因此,我決定請該名男子可能知道,史泰龍。

Why?為什麼呢? I asked him.我問他。

Rocky Sly says, It’s better where it is — at the base of the steps.岩石偷天換日說,它的更好的地方,這是-在該基地的步驟。 At the top was the completion — the end — but it’s not the completion that counts — it’s the journey.在頂部是完成了-完-但它並不能完成算數的-它的全程。 The Effort; The Passion.”一抓激情" 。

Beverly Keaton Smith presents 富康keaton史密斯介紹 To You, From You給你,從你 posted at張貼在 Embrace Your Gifts and Soar!擁抱你的禮物和騰飛! , saying, “Thank you!”他說, "謝謝你" !

Alvaro Fernandez presents 阿爾瓦羅費爾南德斯介紹 Freeze-Framer for Golf: emotional management for peak performance   « Brain Fitness Revolution at SharpBrains冷凍framer高爾夫:情緒管理的峰值性能«腦健身革命sharpbrains posted at張貼在 SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution sharpbrains :你的窗口進入腦健身革命 , saying, “If your 2007 goals include an improved golf game, then this is a must-read post!他說, "如果你的2007年的目標包括改善高爾夫遊戲,那麼這是一個必須讀崗位! But if not, it provides an interesting insight into managing your emotions for success.”但如果沒有,它提供了一個有趣的洞察管理你的情緒,為成就" 。

Ted Reimers presents 泰德reimers禮物 CampusGrotto College Blog - Improve yourself over winter break campusgrotto學院博客-提高自己對冬季休 posted at張貼在 CampusGrotto campusgrotto , saying, “CampusGrotto offers students tips on how to improve yourself and get the most out of winter break.”他說: " campusgrotto學生提供提示,就如何提高自己獲得最大的冬歇期" 。

lorenzo presents 洛倫索介紹 The Seven Fundamental Guiding Laws七項基本法律指導 posted at張貼在 RealitySeeds realityseeds .

Kennubo presents kennubo禮物 Ken Nubo墾nubo posted at張貼在 Ken Nubo, PUA extraordinaire and ranting buddhist.墾nubo ,聚氨酯丙烯酸酯,非凡和ranting佛教。 , saying, “Improving the three pillars of your life: health, wealth and relationship — the Ken Nubo way.”他說, "改善的三個支柱你的生活:健康,財富和關係-建安n ubo不二法門" 。

Rory Sullivan presents 羅裡沙利文介紹 Being Taught Appreciation教讚賞 posted at張貼在 hamelife , saying, “How going for a walk with a two-year-old can open your eyes to the beauty and enjoyment of living;”他說, "怎麼去了步行一兩個歲的兒子也能睜開眼睛,向美和享受生活" ;

Ellesse presents ellesse禮物 Who Else Wants To Quit His Day Job?有誰想要退出,他一天的工作呢? posted at張貼在 Goal Setting College目標設置學院 .

Caroline Latham presents 卡洛琳萊瑟姆禮物 Smart Brains: New Research on How to Maintain a Sharp Brain聰明的大腦:新的研究,就如何保持一個鮮明腦 posted at張貼在 SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution sharpbrains :你的窗口進入腦健身革命 , saying, “More and more research is being published on the benefits of brain exercise (cognitive training) for both short term improvement and long term prevention.”他說, "越來越多的研究正在發布的好處腦運動(認知訓練) ,為雙方的短期改善措施和長期的預防" 。

Randy Yniguez presents 蘭迪yniguez禮物 Is Shedding Personal Responsibility The Norm?是脫落個人責任的規範? posted at張貼在 Randy Yniguez蘭迪yniguez , saying, “Where are we headed?”他說: "我們將何去何從" ?

Stategic Thinking stategic思維

David Maister presents 朱邁斯特爾禮物 I Need to Stop Changing My Mind!我要阻止改變我的心! posted at張貼在 Passion, People and Principles激情,人與原則 .

Josh Bickford presents 喬什比克福德禮物 Why Reach For Magnificence?為什麼達到為壯觀? posted at張貼在 Josh Bickford’s Reach For Magnificence喬什比克福德的達成為壯觀 , saying, “Travis,他說: "查維斯,
Here’sa blog carnival entry for you.”以下是博客嘉年華進入你" 。

Lyman Reed presents 賴曼蘆葦禮物 Getting Things Done把事情做 posted at張貼在 Creating a Better Life創造一個更美好的生活 , saying, “If I can remember this in 2007, it will be a great year!”他說: "如果我能記住這一點,在2007年,這將是一個偉大的一年" !

Brian Russell presents 布萊恩拉塞爾禮物 The Power of Focus權力集中 posted at張貼在 realmealministries.org , saying, “Achieving focus for the New Year.”他說, "實現重點為新的一年" 。

MGJ presents mgj禮物 How To Predict The Future如何預測未來 posted at張貼在 A Lifetime of Fulfillment by Living Consciously一輩子的圓滿生活,自覺 .


Jack Yoest presents 傑克yoest禮物 Non-Profit Corporate Governance: The Rotary非營利法人治理結構:旋轉 posted at張貼在 Reasoned Audacity理性厚顏無恥 , saying, “In the United States associations are established to promote the public safety, commerce, industry, morality, and religion, wrote Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America.他說, "在美國的協會成立,以促進公眾安全,商業,工業,有道德,信仰和宗教,寫托克維爾在民主的美國。

If Tocqueville were driving today into Anytown, US of A., the first road sign he might see would be for local Rotary.如果托克維爾被駕駛到今天任意,美國的甲,第一道跡象顯示他可能會看到會,為當地扶輪社。 And he would not be surprised at the mission of this civic organization.”他不會感到驚訝,在特派團的這一民間組織" 。

Alexandra Levit presents 亞歷山德拉levit禮物 Working at Home: Friend or Foe?在家工作:朋友還是敵人? posted at張貼在 Water Cooler Wisdom水冷卻器智慧 .

David presents 大衛介紹 Project Management Techniques for Personal Success – Part 1項目管理技巧,為個人的成功-第1部分 posted at張貼在 Worldwide Success世界範圍內取得成功 , saying, “Most people have a list of projects to work on.他說: "大多數人有一個項目清單去努力。 Many times your personal goals need to be accomplished through projects.很多次,你的個人目標,必須通過的項目。 What most people don’t know is that project management is a science and a profession.大多數人不知道的是,項目管理是一門科學,一門專業。 Some of the same tools and techniques used by professional project managers to build bridges, buildings, and complex software systems can be used by ordinary people to accomplish more mundane goals, such as finding a job, starting a business, or renovating the kitchen.一些同樣的工具和技術,所使用的專業項目經理建立溝通的橋樑,建築物,以及複雜的軟件系統,可以用普通的人,以完成更多的世俗目標,如找工作,創辦企業,或翻新的廚房。 In this article, I will highlight some project management concepts that you can use in your quest for success.”在這篇文章裡,我將突出一些項目管理的概念,你可以用你在追求成功的" 。

emigre presents emigre禮物 Oversupply of paid bloggers?供過於求的有薪攢? posted at張貼在 emigre , saying, “The paid blogging market trims the fat.”他說: "有薪博客市場的投資措施的脂肪" 。

Emmanuel presents 靈光禮物 How desperate are you for success?如何絕望的是你的成功? posted at張貼在 Comments on: There is a science to get rich評論:有一個科學富起來 .

David presents 大衛介紹 Ten Tips For Achieving Success With Your New Year’s Resolutions十大要訣取得成功,與你的新的一年的決議 posted at張貼在 Worldwide Success世界範圍內取得成功 , saying, “If you are like most people, you probably go through the annual ritual of making New Year’s resolutions.他說, "如果你是像一般人的時候,你可能要經過每年一度使新的一年的各項決議。 But how often do you succeed in keeping them?但你多久成功地保持他們呢? In this article we will provide ten tips for how to be successful with your New Year’s resolutions as well as provide some suggestions for setting goals for next year.”在這篇文章中我們將提供10個竅門如何才能成功地與您新的一年的決議,以及提供一些建議,以便制定目標,為明年" 。

Ruben presents 邁入第五年的禮物 Successful Blogger Gets 50,000 Visitors per Month Doing Blog Carnival Submission – Blog Traffic Strategy 10成功的博客獲得50000人次,每月做博客嘉年華意見書-博客交通戰略1 0 posted at張貼在 Turn Your Blog Into Money Making Machine把你的博客成賺錢機器 .


Matthew Paulson presents 馬修鮑爾森禮物 Of Diets and Dollars餌料和美元 posted at張貼在 Getting Green越來越綠 .

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