We’ve shown you how to take online classes for free, but not everyone has the patience or time to spend sitting at a computer.我們已經表明,您如何採取網上班免費,但不是每個人都有耐心或時間來花坐在電腦前。 These courses let you take your classroom with you, so you can get an education while you’re sitting in traffic or just hanging out in the park.這些課程可以讓您與您的課堂,因此您就可以得到教育的同時,您坐在在交通或只是掛出在該公園內。 Check out these courses […]看看這些課程[ … … ]

Professional development is critical to career advancements in the form of promotions, raises and new opportunities.專業發展是至關重要的職業生涯的進步的形式促銷,提高和新的機會。 A continuous quest to learn new skills and techniques is important, because it is through these new abilities that you will position yourself for offers of greater responsibilities and leadership tasks in the workplace.不斷追求學習新的技能和技巧是很重要的,因為它是透過這些新本領,你將自己的立場,為提供更大的責任和領導任務,在工作場所。 For example, since most advanced […]例如,由於最先進的[ … … ]

How many times were you told to make sure you worked hard in high school so you could go to college and get a good career job?多少次被你告訴,以確保你辛辛苦苦地工作,在高中這樣您就可以進入大學並取得良好的職業工作呢? Okay, maybe not all of you got nagged about it, but probably a good portion of today’s generation of adults did.好吧,也許不是全部,你明白nagged約,但可能是一個很好的部分,今天的這一代的成年人沒有。
It’s natural to wonder whether college is really […]它的自然不知是否學院,實在是[ … … ]

By Jim Sarris由Jim sarris
If you were thinking you could learn anything fast in just one step (maybe two), you’re in for a surprise.如果你的思想你可以學到什麼快速,在短短一個步驟(也許是兩) ,您在一個驚喜。 You see, there are 3 steps you need in order to learn anything fast (and easy, too!).你看,有3個步驟您需要,以了解什麼快速的(和容易,太! ) 。 The problem is, people (young and old), want to skip one of the steps and […]問題是,人(年輕人和老年人) ,要跳過的一個步驟和[ … … ]

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