Be Your Real True Self是你的真實真實的自我

by Yehuda Berg由耶胡達伯格
Most of us aren’t 100% real.我們大多數人不是百分之一百真實的。 We are too afraid to show our true colors, to unfurl the flag of our true thoughts and emotions.我們太害怕讓別人看見我們的真面目,打出的旗幟是我們的真正想法和情緒。 We think people would run away screaming if they saw what we really looked like.我們認為人們會跑掉大喊大叫的,如果他們看到了什麼,我們真的看上去像。 Or we think they would fire us, drop us, hate us, judge us, […]或者,我們認為他們會火我們,輟學,我們恨我們,評判我們, [ … … ]

To Be Successful in Life, Eliminate the F–Words要取得成功,在生活中,消除殲字

By William Arruda由威廉arruda

If you want to get ahead in your career, you have to stop using four–letter words that begin with the letter ‘F’.如果你想在事業上取得成功,你必須停止使用四信字開頭的信' F '等。 No, I’m not talking about cleaning your mouth out with soap.不,我不是談論清潔你的口出用肥皂洗手。 Of course, cursing your boss is probably not going to get you very far.當然,罵你的老闆大概不會讓你很遠。 But the F–words I share […]但殲話,我亦有同感[ … … ]

Emotional Intelligence For Greater Success情緒智力,爭取更好成績

By Charles A. Breeding由查爾斯甲育種

Recall the opening scene in the blockbuster movie, Forrest Gump – a feather floating in the wind, up and down and all around with no control or sense of direction whatsoever.還記得開幕式現場,在一鳴驚人的電影,阿甘正傳-羽毛浮在風中,上升和下降及遍布,沒有控制權或具有指導意義的。 I would argue that many business people feel that awful feeling of being powerless, being blown around by the latest change […]我爭辯說,許多商界人士認為,可怕的感覺,正無力,被吹靠近所最新變化[ … … ]

How to Command Respect如何指揮尊重

Via經 /博客
Some people are always listened to.有些人總是傾聽我們的意見。 What they say matter, and everyone pays attention whenever they speak.他們說的事,大家都重視,每當他們發言。 Why is that so?為什麼會這樣呢? There’s an air of authority about their every words and actions, which helps them in getting their point across, when others would not even be heard.還有的是一個空的權威對他們的每一個言詞和行動,這有助於他們獲得他們的論點,各地,當別人甚至不被聽到。
In short, they are what you and I […]總之,他們是什麼你和我[ … … ]

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