The Seven Demands of Leadership七項要求領導

by Dr. John Maxwell由專家約翰麥克斯韋
An earnest young man once approached me during a Q & A session, and asked, “What is the ONE THING I need to know to be a great leader?” as if he was searching for the hidden key to unlock the universe.一個認真的小伙子曾經找我,在一次答問會,並問: "是什麼一回事,我需要知道它是一個偉大的領袖嗎? " ,因為如果他是搜尋隱藏的關鍵,以解開宇宙。 Amused by the simplicity of his question, my answer was […]有趣的簡單提問時,我的答案是[ … … ]

From Business Survival to Business Growth.從企業生存的業務增長。

For a start, all businesses share certain commonalities.一開始,所有的企業都有一些共同之處。 Among these are what I call the “four oarsmen” of business success: survival, liquidity, profit, and growth.這其中既有我所謂的"四個oarsmen "商業上的成功:生存,流動性,盈利和增長。
1. 1 。 Survival speaks for itself.生存不言自明的。 Every living being is faced with issues of survival in routine threats to existence.每一個生活正面臨著生存問題,在例行的威脅存在。 In business, such threats can be as simple […]在業務上,這種威脅可以這麼簡單[ … … ]

Cultivate Greatness, Success & Passion Blog Carnival #018培育偉大,成功與激情博客嘉年華編號018

Extra!課外! Extra!課外! Read all about it!閱讀所有關於它! Here we are with the 18th edition of the semi-frequent Personal Development Carnival at Cultivate Greatness!我們在這裡與第18版的半頻密的個人發展嘉年華培育偉大! A great amount of wisdom to share within this edition of our Blog Carnival… many, many golden nuggets of wisdom to share… [ over 250 submissions!大量的智慧,分享在這一版我們的博客嘉年華…很多很多的黃金金塊智慧的分享… … [超過250份意見書! ]

If this is your first […]如果這是您第一次[ … … ]

Lessons From A Dot-Bomb CEO教訓,從一個斑點炸彈首席執行官

by Aaron Simmons由Aaron西蒙斯
The best “mistake” of my life taught me a lot about how not to run a business.最好的"錯誤"我的生活使我領悟到了很多關於如何不經營企業。 You see, I have a confession to make: I’ma Dot-Bomb CEO.你看,我有一個自白:我是斑點炸彈首席執行官。 Here’s the story of Midwestern Cybertising, and the lessons I’ve learned:這裡的故事中西部cybertising和教訓,我學會了:
Prior to 1994, the Internet existed as pages and pages of text, with hyperlink […] 1994年以前,在互聯網上存在一頁又一頁的文字,與超連結[ … … ]

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