by Alvin Soon由阿爾文盡快
I was reading Marc Allen’s The Millionaire Course and wondering why I’ve always seemed to have problems with money.我讀的MARC李鵬飛的百萬富翁,當然不知道為什麼我總是似乎有問題的錢。 Growing up, my family turned from being well-off to struggling and it seemed like I got stuck with this ‘poverty consciousness’ along the way.成長過程中,我的家人從正在全面建設小康奮鬥,而且好像我一直堅持這個'貧窮意識'在前進的道路上。

Then I got to wondering about difficulties at work.然後我到了令人懷疑的困難工作。 Why was […]為什麼[ … … ]

Wow, so there is a new thing that I just discovered this evening, called Social Lending.哇,所以是一個新生事物,我剛才發現,今天晚上,所謂的社會貸款。
According to Wikipedia:據維基百科:
Person-to-person lending[peer-to-peer lending] is lending done between individuals circumventing the bank’s traditional role in this process.人對人的貸款[點對點貸款]是貸款做了個人之間的規避銀行的傳統角色,在這個過程中。
Community lending had the advantage that people’s interpersonal relationships fostered increased fiscal responsibility.社區貸款有優勢,人們的人際交往增加,促進了財政的責任。 The risk was that without the benefit of diversification, […]風險是沒有好處的多樣化, [ … … ]

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States occurring at a rate of once every 79 seconds.身份盜竊是增長最快的犯罪在美國發生率一次79秒。 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that Identity Theft alone, accounted for over 42 percent of all frauds reported to federal authorities.聯邦貿易委員會( FTC )的報告說,身份盜竊,僅佔超過42 %的所有詐騙案的報告向聯邦當局。 Statistics show that the victims that suffer the most significant financial impact are […]統計數字顯示,受害者遭受最重大的財務影響是[ … … ]

Driving home from the bar one evening, my friend Marilyn confided in me that she was afraid.開車回家,從酒吧的一個晚上,我的朋友瑪麗蓮confided在我,她很害怕。 In six months, she would be graduating from grad school and her parents were going to cut her off financially for the first time in 26 years.在6個月內,她將畢業的畢業生學校和她的父母去削減她的小康財政為第一次在26年。
Marilyn works twice a week (8 hours total) waiting tables to […]瑪麗蓮工程每週兩次( 8小時,共)等待表[ … … ]

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