Mr. Rogers goes to Washington to help get funding for Childrens Television.羅傑斯先生去華盛頓,以協助取得資金,為兒童電視。 Does he get his funding of 20$ million?他是否明白他的資金20億元? Check it.檢查它。
Man, he sure was a caring person.人,他肯定是一個充滿愛心的人。 The world is a better place for having had Mr. Rogers in it.世界是一個更好的地方過羅傑斯先生在活動。

This is 6:50 minutes of someone cultivating greatness.這是6點50分鐘,有人問培育的偉大。
With humbled gratitude,與謙卑感激,
Travis […]查維斯[ … … ]

“The person who had the biggest impact on me was Freddie Laker. "的人影響最大,對我是弗雷迪萊克。 He had been an aviator involved in the Berlin airlift and had made his money flying goods into Berlin at the end of World War II.他被一個飛行員參與柏林空運,並提出了他的錢飛貨物進入柏林,在第二次世界大戰結束為止。 He started a low-cost airline [Laker Airways, in 1966] that flew over the Atlantic.他開始了一種低成本航空公司[湖人航空公司,在1966年]飛越大西洋。
“Make a fool of […] "傻瓜[ … … ]

“I am just a common man who is true to his beliefs.” – Coaching Legend John Wooden "我只是個普通的人,是他真正的信仰" -傳奇教練約翰木
After taking a position teaching high school English at the age of 24, John Wooden soon grew frustrated with the grading system he was required to use and felt compelled to help his students better understand success as a […]經過採取立場教學高中英語,在24歲的約翰木製盡快成長受挫與分級制度,他需要利用,並認為強迫,以幫助他的學生更好地理解成功的,作為一個[ … … ]

‘You’ve got to find what you love,’ Jobs says. '你要找到你的愛' ,職位說。
I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world.我很榮幸能與你們今天在你的生效日期從其中一名最優秀的大學,在世界上。 I never graduated from college.我從來沒有大學畢業。 Truth be told, this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a college graduation.真相被告知,這是最接近我已經得到了前所未有的,以一個大學畢業。 Today I want to tell you three stories […]今天,我要告訴你的三個故事[ … … ]

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