The Source of All Illnesses

by Travis Wright on December 10, 2023

By Lorenzo @

For thousands of years humans have been trying to cure illnesses afflicting body and mind. Endless types and strands of disorders seem to be ever changing and constantly mutating into more complex forms. We try hard to study and understand them with a scientific methodology, but we often have hard time making progress because our scientific models fail to describe much detail of how the human body works. While the science of health is making great steps forward, there is still a lot of guess work involved in applied medicine that often is more like a form of art based on the experience and gut feelings of the doctors, than a science with clear rules.

When we study illness, we notice the symptoms and we explore them; this research gives us clues on how to fix the symptoms, and often we discover possible causes and we attemp to attack these as well. This approach is similar to the approach we take when a car breaks, except that it is much more difficult given how complex the physical body is. It often works, but often doesn’t fix the cause, and the illness comes back to hunt us again. Many times things just resolve themselves and we have no idea what the problem was, and why it is gone.

I remember when I was a teenager I started having troubles breathing at night. I was a young and healthy, much into all kinds of sports and always active. Nevertheless, this night breathing problem was bothering me a great deal. I went to my doctor. He asked me if I had that problem only at night, which I did. He also asked me if I had that problem while in vacation somewhere else, or if I had any known allergies. I answered “no” to both questions. In fact, I could sleep just fine while in vacation, and I had no known allergies. He asked me if I spent much time in my room, which I did. That’s all he needed to hear. His prescription was “Change your room around! Move the furniture, take whatever is on the walls and change it with something new, paint the room with a different color. In short, make it feel new”. I thought it was an odd cure for my problem, but he is a very experienced doctor and I trusted him. Well, believe it or not, that “cure” fixed my problem, which never came back again. Later he explained that I had problems breathing because I was associating my room with something bad that happened in my life, putting me in a negative state of mind and stress. Changing the room around was a way to deactivate these negative memories.

He didn’t really understand all the details of why that negative state of mind was causing the problems with the breathing; he just knew that it worked that way.

What is the real cause of illness? Most important, why is the body sometimes unable to fix itself?

We know that parts of the body completely regenerate themselves every day, some parts every few weeks, others every few month and a handful every couple of years. In other words, today you have a completely different body that you had a couple of years ago. It completely regenerated itself.

The body is able to regenerate because it has a complete description of itself stored in the DNA, which is spread across all of its parts. If that description is there, and if the body can regenerate so well, why is it often not able to fight illnesses? It seems like the diseased areas should just be discarded and regenerated. Also, if your have a completely new body every few years, why do we carry physical conditions sometimes for a lifetime?

The reason is that the source of all illnesses is not inside the body, and is not in some external agent. All of these supposed causes are really just the symptoms of the real issue. The source of illness is in the mind. The Law of attraction teaches us that your thoughts create your reality, including all illnesses.
To be more specific, what causes illness is stress. When I say “stress” don’t imagine a busy day, or an exhausting run to catch a bus. That’s not stress, but just a high level of activity; in fact, you can be very busy and tired and also in a positive mental status at the same time. So, what is stress? Stress is a temporary or a prolonged coexistence of active contrasting beliefs, activated by the current situation, and clashing one against the other.

Contrasting beliefs have the effect of pulling your sub-conscious in two or more directions. The result is stress and, as a consequence, the development of physical illness.

Contrasting beliefs become stress only when the current life situation makes them active concurrently. In these cases, the sub-conscious finds itself wiuth two contrasting rules that is trying to apply at the same time, and it ends up not knowing what to do. It goes in a vicious loop that creates a negative and confusing conscious state of mind directed inward, into the body. The super-conscious takes note of this negative attention inwards and does what you are asking: it creates a negative and confusing reality inside your physical body. In other words, it generates illness.

I’ll tell you a fantasy story, as an example of how it works.

“John is a career oriented man, aiming to be successful in his profession. He strongly believes that once one reaches a certain career level, one need to work till late at night and during weekends in order to succeed. This directive was injected in his belief system by his father, who used to work really late every night; John’s father excuse was that he needed to work hard because he was at the peak of his career, and he had no choice. John is not at that career level yet, so this belief is buried deep and dormant in his sub-conscious.

John also believes that, to be healthy and productive at work, one need at least eight hours of sleep every night. This was something that his mother always told him before putting him to bed when he was a little kid. For his whole life John has been just fine sleeping eight hours every night. One day he gets the big promotion of his life, which pushes him up to a much higher position. He is now at the same career level of his dad, and all in a sudden the belief that he is required to work at night is activated by the new situation. This new active belief clashes with the one that says he needs to sleep at least eight hours every night. John’s sub-conscious falls into a vicious cycle that goes like something like this: “To be successful I need to work late every night. If I work late every night I won’t be able to sleep enough hours. If I don’t sleep enough hours I will not be productive and I won’t be able to be successful. But to be successful I need to work long hours. If I don’t do it, I’ll lose my job…”

This vicious cycle quickly builds up stress in John’s mind, who starts having negative and confusing thoughts directed inward. These thoughts create a dark shadow on his life. John’s sub-conscious starts stalling, unable to decide what to do. This confusion reaches the super-conscious, which starts moving the wheels toward a confusing and negative reality. The Law of Attraction always listens and always executes one’s commands, no matter what the commands are.The result is illness. John’s health starts degrading showing the early signs of stress. It starts with frequent colds, coughs and headaches. John treats the symptoms with aspirin, and keeps going. This degradation of health gives him even more negative thoughts.

“I am often sick” resonates in his mind, “I don’t want to be sick”.

Again, the law of attraction executes and manifests the subject of his focus: sickness. After a few years John starts having heart problems that culminate with a hearth attack.”

This story illustrates the effects of contrasting beliefs, if these beliefs are not released before things spiral out of control. Modern medicine goes back and forth on the idea that the mind has great power over the body. Many scientists and skeptics still have hard time accepting such a mind-centric explanation, but the evidence is pressing and even the blindest skeptics are starting to change their opinions.The shamans have known the power of the mind over the body for thousands of years. Without any sort of modern medication or deep knowledge of the body, they were able to cure many illnesses with visualizations and rituals aimed to create a positive state of mind, in the attempt to break the vicious cycle generating the illness. Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, and the shamans knew this simple truth very well.

Don’t take me wrong. Even if the root cause of illness is in the mind and in the thoughts you have, it doesn’t mean that you should stop taking medicines or go to see a doctor when you are sick. Not at all! Also, while imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is also important. Medications and doctors are there to help you. They can cure the symptoms, help you with their experience and knowledge and save your life when you are too sick to be even conscious.

Even if you should always see a good doctor every time you need medical attention, it is possible to learn how to prevent and cure illness with positive thinking and visualization. This should be aimed to prevent the need to see a doctor in the first place, or help the doctor once you need one, more than function as a complete replacement.

There are many documented cases of people that healed their own bodies with the power of their mind and positive thinking, while doctors were keeping their bodies alive working on the physical symptoms of the illness.

One of these cases is Morris Goodman, which at age 35 crashed his plane. The doctors said that his injures were too severe for him to survive. They stated that he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. He wasn’t able to move, breathe or swallow. He was connected to machines and the only physical movement he could do was to blink. During the months spent at the hospital he kept telling himself that he would be out of it “before Christmas”. He was completely consciously aware, and spent days and nights visualizing how it would feed to walk out the hospital with his own legs. Amazingly, that’s exactly what happened, just before Christmas.

The doctors dubbed him “The Miracle Man”, and never understood how what they witnessed was possible.

There are many other cases of people that, with the power of positive thinking and positive feelings, have eliminated tumors and other deadly physical conditions. Medicine is unable to explain it scientifically, but at the same time doctors and scientist accept it as a fact: “miracles” happen, and that’s a good thing for everybody.

Albert Einstein also said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”. Either way you decide to live, you are right. You create your reality, so if you don’t expect miracles, miracles won’t happen. On the other hand, if you focus on miracles, miracles will happen.

Illness in babies

A question that I am often asked is: “If illness is generated by contrasting beliefs, what about babies? Do they have contrasting beliefs too?”.

The answer is yes; babies have contrasting beliefs. In fact, we are not born “empty”. We are born with a baggage of beliefs that are present in our sub-conscious belief system at birth. If you accept the concept of re-incarnation, these beliefs are carried over from our previous life. If you don’t accept that, just think that you are born partially pre-programmed. Let me take a step back to explain how this works from my working model point of view.

Our conscious mind serves us only in the physical world, and it is the part of us that is in charge of making all decisions in this life, with the ultimate goal of growth. The decisions are unbiased and based only on this physical existence since we usually have no conscious memory or recollection of any other existence.

When we die, our conscious dissolves. The sub-conscious is mostly that part of us that serve our conscious and when we die it dissolves too, releasing all its memories and its belief system to the super-conscious, which stores it in the universal memory, or Akashic Records. We become once again what we truly are: a spiritual being. In this pure spiritual form we have access to the universal knowledge that we can use, if we wish to do so, to compare the knowledge we acquired during the last physical lifetime. As we work on this “revisiting of the lessons learnt”, we resolve some of the contrasting beliefs accumulated in the physical world; however, sometimes we don’t resolve them all. When we decide to live a new life in the physical world, we find ourselves in a new body, in the form of a baby. Some of the existing beliefs are brought in the new life, as a base for the new cycle of physical existence.

In the first year of life we are not able to control the body very much, because the conscious, which is the master of the physical world, is not completely formed yet. We are mostly sub-conscious, which keeps us alive and starts learning and absorbing information and knowledge from the physical environment it dwells in.

As the conscious starts growing and forming, the memories of the previous life and many of the beliefs brought into the new life start dissipating and adapting to the new environment. We replace old beliefs with new ones. This first year is crucial, and if for some reason some of the contrasting beliefs inherited from the previous life are being activated by the new physical experience, illness occurs.

Another common cause of illness during the first year of life is that the sub-conscious, which is very open, develops new contrasting beliefs that can cause stress. As we grow, the conscious mind becomes more and more predominant, and we start getting out that baby dream world, which is made out of mostly sub-conscious. Similarly to how we forget dreams, we tend to forget the first year of life, and the couple of years that follow. This happens because the sub-conscious is programmed to store thoughts that have no conscious attention associated with it, in the most remote recesses of our memory, where memories are harder to recollect.

This explains why babies are sometimes affected by illness, and why we mostly forget the first 2-3 years of life. As a side note let me clarify that these first years are stored in memory, as everything else; they are just very hard to bring to the surface, like some dreams are.

Mental Illness

Another common question is: “what about mental illness? Is that due to contrasting beliefs as well?”. The answer is, once again, yes.

Some form of mental illness responsible for visual or auditory hallucinations like schizophrenia, are caused by beliefs that have the effect of letting too much information pass from the super-conscious into conscious awareness. As described in the article about “The Four Level Of Consciousness“, if the sub-conscious wasn’t blocking most of the information available at the super-conscious level, the amount of “noise” penetrating into our awareness could easily make it impossible to live a normal conscious life. We would get overloaded, and the conscious would be unable to deal with it.

Schizophrenia, in other words, is a state in which the conscious receives too much information from the super-conscious. All that noise ends up interfering with the senses, including sight and hearing. It’s like a powerful dream that interleaves itself with conscious awareness, merging and changing it into a confuse mess.

Psychics and mediums have a controlled form of this condition, which lets more information than usual come through, in a controlled manner.

Accidents & Injuries

Accidents where the body is injured by some violent mechanical actions are slightly different, but still connected to the mind and thoughts. In fact, thoughts manifest the reality that causes all accidents. The law of attraction attracts whatever you are focusing on. If you focus on accidents or injuries, that’s what you get.


Now that you know what the source of all illness is, how do you apply this knowledge to heal yourself or prevent illness? There are many techniques that you can master.

Stay In a Positive Mindset

First of all remember that you attract what you focus on. If you are focused on negative thoughts, you attract a negative reality. Try to smile and be cheerful. Watch funny movies and laugh a lot. Catch yourself when you start being negative, and switch to a more positive attitude. You can do so forcing a smile on your face, or thinking about something pleasant.

When something happens that irritates you, catch yourself and don’t let it happen. Monitor your thoughts and make sure you don’t have any internal “wars”.

Start a “gratitude” journal, where everyday you write what you are grateful for. This helps you feel positive and blessed. Remember that it is important to FEEL positive, lucky and cheerful, and not just merely think about positive thoughts.

Discover your contrasting beliefs.

When you feel suddenly negative, or sick, something is going on in your mind. There is probably a war in your sub-conscious with two or more beliefs contradicting each other. Pay attention to your body and your thoughts. Feel and detect when things are changing in your mood. Catch it before it gets too powerful, and study the patterns of these changes. Do you feel negative in a specific situation? Perhaps you start changing mood in a specific place or while talking to a specific person? The answers to these questions should give you clues of what the context of the contrasting thoughts is. You may have several, and they could be all tangled together. Explore and discover them all.

Dig into your past to understand how these thoughts were generated. Most of the hidden contrasting beliefs that each of us carry around were installed in your beliefs system before age 7. You may have to dig back in the past to find out what’s going on. Is there anything in your life that seems to activate two or more contrasting thoughts? Study your thoughts and identify anything that seems a possible issue. Write it down and put it aside. Go back on it later, and think about it again. If you identify any contrasting thoughts you are well on your way. The next step is to release them.

Stop the war!

When you discover an internal “war”, of two or more contrasting thoughts, examine them and pick what you want to keep and what you want to release. You need to make a clear conscious decision and align all of your actions and thoughts toward that decision. Do it smiling and be cheerful for you are on your way to health and happiness. It doesn’t matter if it feels like acting at the beginning, that’s normal. Eventually it becomes natural. Don’t give up.

To bring back the example I gave you earlier, John should either stop working long hours and get rid of the silly idea that working till late at night is the only way to be successful, or convince himself that he doesn’t need to sleep all that much after all. He should pick what makes more sense to him, and stick with that decision, internalizing its validity.

Interpret illness as a reflection of your thoughts.

See life as a lucid dream that you created. You created everything in this reality, so everything is a symbol and a reflection of you and your belief system.
For this reason, when illness appears, interpret it symbolically, as you would interpret a dream. In other words, imagine that you dreamt the illness, and interpret that dream. The answers you can get with this reality interpretation technique are very powerful.

In general, interpreting reality as a dream is an excellent way to learn about yourself and the reasons why you created your particular reality.

Stay physically active

Exercising and being physically active puts you in a more positive mental state. It releases stress outward, instead of inward; this often helps with the effects of contrasting beliefs simply limiting their destructive physical effects. Staying active is not a cure, but it helps while you are working on a more permanent solution, which could take some time.

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Windows Shopper December 13, 2023 at 6:27 pm

The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven. ~John Milton

Great article, Lorenzo. Psychoneuroimmunology (seven cylinder word) is an area so many could benefit from delving into, even if they just touch the surface and employ a few of the various mind/body connection techniques instead of reaching for a pill bottle at the first signs of (dis)ease(di)stress.

Christy April 22, 2023 at 1:54 am

Great article and a fantastically easy way to let go of those negative beliefs once you have identified them is to use EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. I can’t do justice this therapy here so check it out for yourself at:

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