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Debt and Debtor’s Disease

Debtor’s disease is a silent killer. Killer of respect, marriages, self control, and families. There isn’t a part of your life that it won’t touch and destroy with it’s deadly power. Some of you won’t even know you have it for many, many years. It’s a sneaky affliction; creeping into your life and slowly but [...]

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Change Your Beliefs About Money or Stay Broke

by Alvin Soon I was reading Marc Allen’s The Millionaire Course and wondering why I’ve always seemed to have problems with money. Growing up, my family turned from being well-off to struggling and it seemed like I got stuck with this ‘poverty consciousness’ along the way. Then I got to wondering about difficulties at work. [...]

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Social Lending Networks : Loans Without Banks That Change Lives

Wow, so there is a new thing that I just discovered this evening, called Social Lending. According to Wikipedia: Person-to-person lending[peer-to-peer lending] is lending done between individuals circumventing the bank’s traditional role in this process. Community lending had the advantage that people’s interpersonal relationships fostered increased fiscal responsibility. The risk was that without the benefit [...]

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Why You Should Check and Monitor Your Credit Report

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States occurring at a rate of once every 79 seconds. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that Identity Theft alone, accounted for over 42 percent of all frauds reported to federal authorities. Statistics show that the victims that suffer the most significant financial impact are [...]

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