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The Challenge of Change

The history of Henry Ford and the Model T illustrates a fundamental truth about leadership: leaders never outgrow the need to change. On his way to dominating the automotive market with the Model T, Henry Ford embodied innovation and progress. By pioneering the assembly line, Ford slashed the amount of time needed to manufacture an [...]

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Mr. Rogers Was My Hero.

Mr. Rogers goes to Washington to help get funding for Childrens Television. Does he get his funding of 20$ million? Check it. Man, he sure was a caring person. The world is a better place for having had Mr. Rogers in it. This is 6:50 minutes of someone cultivating greatness. With humbled gratitude, Travis Wright [...]

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‘Best Advice I Ever Got’ Series 02 - Richard Branson - Founder of Virgin

“The person who had the biggest impact on me was Freddie Laker. He had been an aviator involved in the Berlin airlift and had made his money flying goods into Berlin at the end of World War II. He started a low-cost airline [Laker Airways, in 1966] that flew over the Atlantic. “Make a fool [...]

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WOODEN’S PYRAMID OF SUCCESS A Philosophy That Produced Extraordinary Results

“I am just a common man who is true to his beliefs.” – Coaching Legend John Wooden After taking a position teaching high school English at the age of 24, John Wooden soon grew frustrated with the grading system he was required to use and felt compelled to help his students better understand success as [...]

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