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The Seven Demands of Leadership

by Dr. John Maxwell An earnest young man once approached me during a Q & A session, and asked, “What is the ONE THING I need to know to be a great leader?” as if he was searching for the hidden key to unlock the universe. Amused by the simplicity of his question, my answer [...]

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23 Ways to Be a More Thoughtful Person

by Travis Wright According to my personality type, ENTP, I tend to be more logical and not as sensitive to other peoples feelings. I go about my day in a deep thinking state, but that doesn’t mean I am necessarily ‘thoughtful’. So, as we are all on the path together, I wanted to put some [...]

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The Art of Persuasion

By Ross Bonander The art of persuasion represents the history of shrewd but diplomatic manipulation — getting people over the fence and onto your side without the use of force. Its ultimate goal is basic, but difficult: To convince your audience to internalize your argument, then embrace it as a part of their core belief [...]

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If Nobody Loves You, Create the Demand - Podcast CG018 with Dr. Joel Freeman

According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (an organization that promotes entrepreneurship & education) there are approximately 10 million Americans involved in starting a new business at any given time. With that reality in mind, millions of people will take their first courageous steps on the road to self-employment—only to lose their footing when they [...]

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