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Worry is Prayer for What You Don’t Want

Sometimes, it is very difficult to NOT think of what you DON’T want. We are wired to think and worry about things that we don’t wish to happen. This is very detrimental to your success, as when you think of anything, your subconscious views it as something you would like to have happen. We think [...]

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The Essence of Business Success

By: Brian Tracy The essence of a successful business is really quite simple. It is your ability to offer a product or service that people will pay for at a price sufficiently above your costs, ideally three or four or five times your cost, thereby giving you a profit that enables you to buy and [...]

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According to Jung, Which Type of Person are You?

I came across this great site that goes over the Myers Briggs Personality test. This is a very powerful test that will give you valuable insight into your personality and what makes you tick. This will also tell you some of the people throughout history that also have the same characteristics as you. So, please [...]

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Emotional Intelligence For Greater Success

By Charles A. Breeding Recall the opening scene in the blockbuster movie, Forrest Gump – a feather floating in the wind, up and down and all around with no control or sense of direction whatsoever. I would argue that many business people feel that awful feeling of being powerless, being blown around by the latest [...]

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