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24 Daily Habits to Make the Most of this Life

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us - John Dryden I have previously written about how the habit of Exercising Every Day has helped me tremendously. Doing something every day is such a powerful way to form a habit that I thought I would make a list of 24 habits that [...]

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Make a Binding Agreement with Yourself for the Life of Your Dreams

Date: May 13th, 2008 I, the undersigned, commit and agree to furnish all materials and labor necessary to design and create the LIFE OF MY DREAMS. I hereby commit to doing whatever it takes while being honest and truthful to achieve the greatness that I know is within me. I will pay the price that [...]

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Consciously Flowing Appreciation: Developing Your “Gratitude Muscle!”

By Carolyn Beale We’ve all had days when, for whatever reason, we seem to find ourselves living unconsciously, guided by outworn beliefs and feeling stuck in lower-energy vibrations. When these times occur, you can help yourself to shift into higher alignment by remembering the power of appreciation. Gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation, blessing – these are all [...]

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23 Ways to Be a More Thoughtful Person

by Travis Wright According to my personality type, ENTP, I tend to be more logical and not as sensitive to other peoples feelings. I go about my day in a deep thinking state, but that doesn’t mean I am necessarily ‘thoughtful’. So, as we are all on the path together, I wanted to put some [...]

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